Guided meditation


so bring your full attention inward be aware of your body beware of the stillness in your body feel and connect with that stillness in your body now be aware of the silence in your speech feel the inner silence feels a sense of deep peace in that inner silence connect with that rest in that gradually be aware of the spaciousness in your heart feel and be like a sky a crystal-clear sky in the desert be aware of that space in your body in every cell in your body particularly everywhere you feel blocked not able to feel or be aware of space areas of your body in your breath in areas of your mind like when you’re feeling sad fill the space in that sadness feeling fear fill the space in that fear gradually be aware of unbounded space with that stillness arising of awareness in that silence a warmth in that spaciousness three inner refugees pemko zoko to go unbounded sacred space a pure awareness a genuine warmed spontaneous effortless presence of warmth beware of these three refugees when you’re aware be fully in it with a recognition and confidence and certainty that creation is already here success is already here result it’s already here looking and longing and waiting for something it’s no longer necessary it’s here feel some certainty with that sense fruition it’s manifested in you in this moment so those you cannot fully be in that state then be aware that your connection is already here feel that sense of refuge like a priest to Christ the Hmong the Buddha was shaman to the sacred mountain when these people encounter these beings all or more nature how would they feel something they wait for long time lifetime unexpectedly the encounter unimaginable joy a spontaneous devotion real fruit real fruition real result it’s already here particularly those who are caught up in the idea of being stuck not feeling moving not feeling growing not feeling developing not feeling finding it’s here you have grown found perfected present Phil the recognition feel that sense of settling containment now for a moment also be aware these internal refugees or inner refugees these internal qualities a state of pure consciousness it’s not just a passive state of our mind it is the source of all qualities clarity inspiration of fire drive creativity enlighten activity drive for social transformation be aware how much one can how much you see changes in in people’s life in your own life from that openness how much connection recognition realization you have made through that awareness how much conflict pain challenges you have host in that warmth and heal them that the proof of it is not passive it’s a power transformer life changer when fully realize the changes transformation effortlessly naturally happens when sometimes when we struggle that these fires are not coming that means we are not fully connected that means sometime it’s okay to recognize the fire participate with the fire allow witness the fire cultivate the fire and take step of actions with the fire and witness changes with that fire and see the transformations with that fire and drive but other times you don’t do anything you see it’s happening you see changes in a life you hear your enlightened voice you see your enlightened activities you feel and you are your being in that state of pure consciousness


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