Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Sound Sleep | AUstralian Mathew King

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I’m Mathew King and I’ll be your guide
for this deep relaxation and mindfulness meditation to sleep deeply, peacefully and to restore
you. Improved sleep helps to recharge your body
and mind, helping you to feel more energetic, happy, relaxed and confident, and less irritable
and fatigued. Not only does improved sleep help reduce stress
it lowers inflammation, makes you more alert, focused and mentally sharp, improves your
memory and reduces risk of depression. With better sleep you’ll get sick less often,
look better and feel better, be more creative, be smarter, be at a healthier weight, be more
productive and live longer. Meditation is one of the most effective ways
to improve sleep quality. Meditation can help you feel relaxed which
can assist you in falling asleep quicker, and can lower anxiety and depression which
can lower your sleep quality. Meditation lowers those arousal centers of
the brain that prevent you from falling asleep. To start, please make sure to turn off your
cell phone or anything else that could cause a distraction. You can choose the position either seated
or lying down that is most comfortable for you. Please find your most comfortable position
now. Close your eyes now and notice your breathing. Feel the air entering and leaving via your
nose or mouth. Without judgement or trying to do anything
simply observe your natural breathing pattern. Visualize the flow of air as it enters your
body and circulates through your airways and belly and then leaves again. Imagine the air reaching all the parts of
your body. Into your arms and legs, reaching right down
into your fingers and toes and into head and neck. With each exhalation you become more relaxed. Every exhale you release tension from your
body. We’ll do an exercise next that will help
give you a deep relaxation throughout your whole body and mind by tensing and relaxing
parts of your body one by one. Continue to focus on your breath as you breath
in… and out. With each inward breath you become more relaxed. With each exhale you release tension from
your body. If you feel any discomfort with any muscle
group then simply skip that step or don’t tense as hard. You have freedom to do this exercise as it
best suits you. Now starting with your feet, tense and stretch
all your toes and hold that for 5-10 seconds. Then relax. Throughout this exercise feel free to visualize
each muscle tensing and then an overwhelming feeling of relaxation and calm flowing over
you as you release that muscle. Next tense your calves as hard as you can
for 5-10 seconds…. and then release. Now tighten the back of your legs, your hamstrings. Hold that tightening for 5-10 seconds… and
then release. As you do this exercise feel a calming sensation
wash over your entire body and mind. Tighten the front of your legs, your thighs
and hold for 5-10 seconds… now relax. Next tense your buttocks as hard as you can…
hold for 5-10 seconds… then release. Continue to breathe normally and notice how
each exhale relaxes you. Take a big breathe into your belly and then
hold your belly tight and tense it… hold for 5-10 seconds… then release. You can feel the tension being releases from
your body now… and waves of relaxation continuing to wash over you. Next make a fist and hold it as tight as you
can… for 5-10 seconds… then release. With each exhale mentally let go of tension,
stress and anything you are holding onto. Next tense your biceps… as hard as you can
for 5-10 seconds… then release. If you notice your mind wandering then bring
it back to the muscle you are tightening and relaxing. Progressively notice your overall body deeply
relaxing. Now tighten your chest… as hard as you can…
hold for 5-10 seconds… then release. Notice and accept each sensation you feel
through this exercise… if you feel any discomfort then perhaps touch that area of your body
and transfer peace and kindness to your body. Imagine warmth flowing through your body. Next tense your neck… hold it for 5-10 seconds.. Then let go. Feel free to generate an inner smile of happiness,
appreciation and gratitude. Allow each sensation to be as it is… Next tighten your jaw… hold that for 5-10
seconds… then release. Give your body a feeling of appreciation and
gratitude… see if you can create a feeling of relaxation from deep within that flows
throughout your body. Next tense your forehead by raising your eyes
up… hold that for 5-10 seconds… then release. Now tighten your eye muscles… hold that
for 5-10 seconds… then release. Continue to focus on your breathe… breathing
in relaxation… and breathing out any tension. Allow your body to experience a sense of deep
relaxation and peace. Letting go of any stress now… Next we will take 10 deep, diaphragmatic breaths. Feel free to place one hand on your chest
and another on your stomach… if this feels right for you. In this breathing exercise the idea is to
keep the hand on your chest as still as possible while moving the hand on your stomach – which
is just below your rib cage – as much as possible. You will breath in through your nose and out
through your mouth. OK take a deep breath in… the hand on your
stomach will expand while the hand on your chest will be as still as possible. Really feel your belly stretching as you take
a deep breath in… As you exhale imagine releasing every small
bit of air from your lungs. The hand on your belly will feel your stomach
go completely in. Enjoy the feeling of relaxation from this
deep breathing. As you exhale make the conscious decision
of letting go of anything that happened today. Now take another breath… this second breathe.. See if you can make it just a bit deeper than
the first breath. Give yourself permission now to fall asleep
deeply whenever you choose to. Imagine a thermometer that instead of heat
measures how much relaxation you can experience on the inhale. Now on this third deep breath you expand your
belly higher than on the first two breaths while keeping the hand on your chest still. As you breathe deeply in your nose you aim
to get the thermometer as high as possible through flowing relaxation throughout your
whole body. As you breathe in.. invite comfort, peace,
love, happiness, tranquility deep into your soul… You are giving yourself permission to have
a deep, restful, rejuvenating sleep. On this fourth breathe…. Breathe even deeper in. Really feel your belly expand as you suck
in some extra air. Spend an extra few seconds squeezing some
extra air into your lungs. You accept now that you did all you could
today to embrace your dreams and you did all you could today. Tomorrow you will start again… after a peaceful,
deep sleep. Now on breathe number five… you take a deep
powerful breathe in. You choose to close this day with love, joy
and you’ve earned your rest for today. Completely empty your lungs on the exhale…
have less air in your lungs than ever before as you really push the exhale. On this sixth breathe take even more air into
your lungs… feel the hand on your belly rise as you stretch your stomach. The hand on your chest stays still as you
breathe in more deeply than you ever have before. Whenever you want to drift into a really deep
sleep that is up to you. Completely empty your mind. Release all your thoughts for the day. As you exhale feel your hand fall as your
belly completely empties with air. Make your belly squeeze out each and every
drop of air. Quality sleep is important for your health,
happiness, memory and to feel refreshed. On this out breathe release anything needed
for you to have a deep, restful sleep. Now we are on breathe seven you can breathe
even deeper into your nose and make the hand on your belly rise higher than it ever has
before… take extra air into your lungs… Visualize the relaxation thermometer rising
as high as possible… cause relaxation to flow through all your body as you squeeze
extra air into your lungs. Squeeze just a little extra air in your lungs…
more than you thought your lungs could take. This is an extremely deep breathe that gives
you permission to release all your thoughts for the day and experience peace and calm. As you breathe out slowly and calmly exhale
all the air out of your lungs. Imagine squeezing out each and every drop
of air… the hand on your belly contracts right in, more than ever before. If you choose you can feel your eyes getting
heavy… and you can sense yourself wanting to sleep… and your body being ready. Now on breathe eight you breathe in a deep
sensation of relaxation throughout your whole body. You can see the relaxation thermometer get
higher than before. The hand on your belly rises just a touch
higher than before. You can take in just a little extra air into
your lungs. Perhaps you squeeze in just a bit more than
before. Now breathe out an extremely strong exhale. Imagine exhaling every stress you have. Squeeze every drop of air from your lungs. Even more as the hand on your belly goes further
in than ever before as you squeeze even a little extra air from your lungs. With breathe nine you take in more air than
you ever have before. More than on the previous eight breathes. And with this in breathe you feel grateful
about what you did today and now it’s time for rest. Feel the hand on your belly rise higher than
ever before. Squeeze in extra air. Even a little extra air now. Sense that relaxation thermometer going to
the max as you wash relaxation throughout your whole body and mind. As you breathe out you push out any tension,
stresses, worries… push out every last drop of air. Feel the hand on your belly go in as far as
possible. Even further than you think is possible. With this focused intense exhale you let go
of anything you need to let go of. You are able to settle into your body’s
natural cycle of sleep. On this tenth breath you take the deepest
breath of your life so far. The hand on your belly goes higher than it
ever has before. You breath in a level of relaxation that is
new for you. It washes through you and refreshes your soul. Squeeze in some extra air now. Even more… Even more… Even a little more now… Now breathe out. Pushing all your stress, tension, thoughts
out. You squeeze all the air from your lungs.. Even more… Even more… Now even just a little now. Take a moment now to feel how relaxed you
are. If you notice any tension in your body…
then release it. Notice where in your body you are most relaxed. We will do a sleep countdown now from 50 to
0. At 50 you feel relaxed, sleepy, peaceful…
drifting off. Count to 49… and feel even sleepier and
more relaxed. Feel your mind letting go and your body feeling
heavy. 48 – your eyes are heavy, your concentration
is turned off, you feel less conscious 47 – peaceful, calm, tired, exhausted… ready
to sleep 46 – drifting off… Count yourself down now for a few moments… Peaceful.. Calm… Letting go. Deep, peaceful, relaxing breath Drifting off… With each number you count down you get more
relaxed. You surrender to the deepness of sleep. Count all the way down to zero slowly. Counting slowly. You are in a safe, peaceful, relaxed place. You feel yourself drifting down. Deeper… and deeper. Counting down. Dreaming… Thinking of positive things.. That make you happy and relaxed. Counting down further… slowly. Enjoying this feeling of drifting off. Content. Calm. Peaceful.. Counting down further. Dreaming now. Any thoughts slipping away. Counting down more now. Floating gently into the world of sleep. Drifting deeper. Slowly count down. The heaviness of sleep feels so good. Not a care in the world. Counting down. Drifting off. Comfort. Relaxation… Counting down one by one. Deep sleep. Heavy eyes… Heavy body. Continuing to count down. Falling asleep.


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