Guided Sleep Meditation Fall Asleep Quickly, Spoken Meditation


Welcome to 24Relax I am delighted to guide you into a very deep
state of physical and mental relaxation, giving you ultimate stress relief. Please be sure you will not be distracted
by anyone or any nearby device. This time is very important for you, so there
is no need for any interaction with the outside world. Get into in a very comfortable position now,
with your favorite pillow or under a blanket if you wish. Let your eyes close… You are in a very safe and secure place, fully
able to let go of the outside world… This time right now is entirely yours… Nobody needs you….. you have nowhere to
be and nowhere to go, so just be grateful for this moment exclusively for you. This occasion of rest and relaxation is to
nourish you, from the inside out. You deserve this break from the busy world
around you. Any judgements you have about yourself, or
critical things you usually think in your mind can just fade away. Good. Letting your arms feel heavy by your sides,
become aware of your breathing now, follow it and don’t change anything about it…. Bring awareness to your belly and just observe
it rising and falling with your breath. …
Whatever feelings you are having right now, just notice them, as if you are an observer
sitting and relaxing on the beach, watching the great and powerful ocean that represents
you…. You can only see the surface of this ocean,
sometimes it is rough and sometimes it is calm… The rough waters represent stress, which always
pass and turn back into smooth waters that represent peace and tranquility. Watch the ocean as if you are watching your
thoughts. You are just a witness of the beauty of the
passing changes that represent you…. Right now, your body and mind are accessing
their natural stress-relieving capabilities, and you don’t have to do a thing. All you need to do is relax, and observe…. Just look out upon your ocean, and know that
all is well, and all is being taken care of. All the ocean needs from you is your kindness
and trust… So, trust yourself and extend kindness…. Very good… Allow yourself to relax even more now, by
feeling the warm gentle sun caressing your skin as you rest on this magnificent beach…. Feel your feet in the sand and notice how
soft and soothing it is…. Perhaps you can even hear the waves crashing
on the sand…. You are fully able to let go here, there are
no desires, no feelings, no thoughts, you are just completely present in this moment,
enjoying watching your ocean and knowing that you don’t even need to see what’s going
on below the surface… All is well in the great blue waters that
represent you. Wonderful. Gently allow yourself to become aware of your
surroundings and the present moment. In your own time, open your eyes and
feel how peaceful you are right now…


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    October 14, 2019 1:44 pm

    It's a fantastic video.
    I feel like I'm going to fall asleep by myself.
    Thank you for the good video.


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