Hawaii Shores: Guided Meditation & Talkdown for the Best Sleep (with Nature Sounds)

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Aloha and welcome to Michelle’s Sanctuary.
You’re listening to Hawaiian Shores,a guided sleep meditation that will take
you on a hike through the lush fauna of a Hawaiian island before you find
yourself in a cove at sunset walking below the cornflower blue-pink skies,
reflecting on the shore. As nighttime falls you may unwind beneath the magic
of Hokulani, the majestic stars above in the seemingly endless Hawaiian sky. This
talk down will bring you to a state of deep relaxation and bliss, allowing your
mind to come down as you harness your imagination where beauty is boundless bliss. And while you were listening, as always,
you may imagine my voice to be that of a guide and friend who is here to assist
you in accessing the most enchanting and healing experiences that you may create
within. You are the architect and may decide how deep you allow yourself to go
and how vibrant and magical this journey may be. And with that, find a safe
and comfortable place where you may drift to sleep. Drifting as gently and
easily as the eastern trade winds of Hawaii. Inhaling deeply and then just
sighing it out. Pressing out your air with your diaphragm as if the weight of
your day and all your challenges is empowering this exhalation and total
release. And then inhale deeply, feeling as if a balloon is being filled with
healing sensations in your expanding abdomen before you exhale all the weightiness out. Letting that balloon float off into the night with all the worries
and concerns about today or tomorrow. That you may have focusing on right now as you inhale
and then gently exhale. Imagining as you inhale that you are breathing in the
sweet perfumed air made fragrant by the coral-hued plumeria that accentuate
the beginning of your mental holiday. The tepid gentle trade winds meet your face
as you visualize your feet stepping before you, outfitted in your favorite
colored zorries or flip-flops and landing upon the powdery red dirt of a path
carved in a state park. You’re in the midst of a decline down the curated path
in a cliffside park and your lungs have the relaxed feeling that comes after
exercise and an extensive hike. And you feel good in your body, in tune
with the lush fauna as a gentle mist falls upon your body and cools you. Although the sky above is mostly clear,
there is this small squall of the lightest rain. As you continue to walk along the
gentle curve of the path you come upon a spellbinding scene of local rainbow
eucalyptus trees. Their roots are strong and curvy, intertwined with the earth in
twists that have come from decades of being nurtured by the rich soil below
and hospitable climate. And you too feel the grounding of your own feet perfectly
balanced and in harmony with a beauty that surrounds you your feet feel firm
upon the land almost as if you are taking in the gentle vibrations of life
from all that grows around you, feeling an inner peace to be both a witness and
participant in this experience. Inhaling and exhaling, you look upon the magical
bark of the rainbow eucalyptus trees which appears as if swatches of indigo
an orange and yellow and lime green and magenta have been painted upon the bark
in long graceful brushstrokes. You approach one of the trees in this
kaleidoscopic forest and allow your fingers to run along the cool smoothness
of the bark, admiring the tree for its strength and endurance. The Hawaiians
have over 200 words for rain and this tree has experienced them all from
gentle drizzle to torrential downpours and you understand what it takes to
endure on for you too have weathered storms in your own life and discovered
your own resilience. And like these colorful trees, you are still standing
you are still growing. As the Sun is lowering and the shadows of the trees
are looming in dark shades of plum and dark green hues, you continue on the path,
descending further as you go down… down… down… Winding around as the sound of ocean
waves crashing against the shore indicates that you are getting closer to
the beach. And turning around the next bend, you find yourself coming upon the
opening of palm trees that reveals the brilliant aquamarine waves cresting and
crashing against the sandy beach, embraced in the cove by protective black
volcanic rocks. You feel as the red dirt path now changes to coarse golden sand,
looking off to the horizon as the Sun is beginning to set, igniting the sky in
shades of magenta and fiery orange. These rich colors saturate the sand, adding a
molten lava shade to the ocean as each wave acts as a chameleon before a white
crest forms and the wave crashes down. And looking out, you notice a few surfers
are further in the distance catching a wave and finding balance as they ride
closer to the shore in perfect harmony with the incoming tide. You smell the salty air and somewhere in
the distance is the smell of a campfire burning that gently hints the air as you
inhale and exhale. You remove your flip-flops and allow for the sand to
push between your toes as you approach the warm waters of the shoreline, you
come upon what looks to be a large smooth rock before realizing that it is
moving ever so gently, blowing with the tide. And you realize this is not a rock
but rather a sea turtle that bobs up and down with the tide floating with each ebb
and flow of the tide. Without resistance. Going with the flow. How nice it is to go with the flow and
surrender. And you find yourself surrendering to this experience as you
let go. As you allow yourself to be a part of this beauty without critique or
thought. You allow yourself to simply be continuing one step at a time. Thankful for all the steps your feet
have taken in this life to get you to this place of inner peace and
overwhelming beauty. It makes your lips form a smile. It is the kind of smile
that comes spontaneously and involuntarily, warming the muscles of
your face and causing your eyes to sparkle as they reflect back the warm
saturated rays of light from the setting sun continuing along the beach. The sun
disappears beyond the horizon in an orange sherbet orb. Dipping beneath the
blue seas as the sky deepens in shades of purple
and maroon and deep sapphire as Twilight greets the island with a warm stream of
air. The waves continue crashing upon the shore as you approach a row of tiki
torches that are illuminating the beach ahead with shadows flickering on the
smooth packed sand and golden light glistening. As the waves crash in and
then withdraw from the shore you hear a drum beating and voices chanting as you
look ahead and see a luau that has begun on the property where you are staying. On
a stage constructed of bamboo you notice a performance has begun and is
illuminated by a bonfire in the center of the gathering .A group of Hawaiian
dancers are energetically performing hula as their arms flow gracefully
overhead to tell a story. One of the staff members approaches you with a
plumeria in your favorite colors, welcoming you with an Aloha. You inhale
the intoxicating smell of the flower for the second time on this magical day
and find a seat in the sand beneath a tiki torch and palm tree that sways in
the breeze. Cool sand molds to your body cushioning beneath your muscles made
tired by the long day of hiking and journeying around the magical island. You
listen as the ocean waves continue to crash along the sand. So pure and clean,
they are translucent and their soft metallic aquamarine hues reflecting the
light from the moon and Hokulani above like rainbow moonstone and you are at
peace and relaxed. Inhaling and exhaling as a server brings you a coconut that
has been carved into a cup and holds your favorite beverage and a plate of local
dishes. You feel the strands of coconut husks as they tickle between your
fingers when you take a sip and you feast on the abundant meal watching the
dancers in the distance. Filling your stomach
and feeling as your body becomes warm and content as your most basic needs are
met and you feel intuitively that these stars above are meant to carry
wishes of mortals below. And so you make a wish for yourself, allowing it to float
upon a streaking white star across the dark indigo velvety sky above. Feeling
how expansive and grand the universe is and how lucky you are
to inhabit this special hospitable island. You find yourself feeling quite
tired and so you rise, allowing the gently playing ukulele to lull you into
a trance as a solo musician plays his heart out with his tiny melodic
instrument. Each chord resonates with a passion and you find a deep passion
within you is being awakened; the part of you that is unafraid to dream of a
better life and to allow all that feels right and good within you
to be nourished. And you will allow this night of respite to give wake to all
the passions in your life that deserve to come forward and thrive and allow you
to live your best life. With your flip-flops in hand, your eyes and say
good night the kind staff as you take the path that leads to your A-framed
tiki hut where you may unwind for the night. Secluded in the back of the
property, you welcome the gentle night’s breeze that meets your face as you pass
by a lush garden of Iuscious plants in full bloom in a rainbow of vibrant
colors. Behind the garden, is an outdoor shower and you open the wooden door to
lead you to the enclosure you turn on the oversized square rain showerhead. The
water comes down with a perfect temperature and pressure as you remove
your attire and hang it on a hook that is carved
into the shape of a mermaid’s tail .You stop under the shower feeling the warm
water cleanse your face and hair washing away the sand and red dirt that
commemorates the day of adventures behind you. You take the bottle of
eucalyptus shower gel and cover your body in a rich lather with a smell
reminding you of the magical rainbow eucalyptus trees that accented the air
of your earlier trek through nature. Inhaling and exhaling you look up to the
brilliant sky of a million stars and understand why Hawaii is known for its
big sky above. The clean water trails down your face as you lick the remaining
salt from your lips. Remnants of mist from the surf that met your face earlier. Feeling cleansed, you turn off the shower
and grab the clean downy large towel that’ll wait and dry off your face and
body. You remove a silk kimono from a hook
that is carved in the shape of a sea turtle and remember the glorious
encounter you had with a sea turtle, surrendering to the sea and reminding
you how good it feels to go with the flow. Tightening the rope around your waist, you ascend the steps to the lanai of
your A-framed bungalow that is open-air and constructed of teak wood and set aglow by hand made paper lanterns that hang from the high ceilings
overhead. You dim the lights down, down. Low enough for sleep as they lend soft
colors to the room but make it feel intimate and make you feel safe In the center of the room is a plush
canopy bed surrounded by sheer mosquito nets and you climb upon the mattress and
feel as though you’re in a cocoon for the night. The trade winds blow through
the space providing a gentle breeze that allows the soft netting to billow around
you. You let your head fall heavily upon the plush down pillows and close your
heavy and tired eyes, sinking into the bed as you go down down down. Feeling
heavy. Feeling tired. Listening to the sound of the waves crashing and soft
winds blowing in the distance. Feeling thankful that you have this time and
place to rest so very deeply and feel so comforted by a time to refresh. By this
time where you can let go unwind
and open yourself to realizing all that you dream
and desire in your life. Finding peace fully relaxed and content and fulfilled. Tomorrow will bring another day closer
to you realize dreams set to fly across the sky on a streaking white star
earlier. Knowing that these dreams will come back to you because you are very
blessed to have another day ahead of you to create fulfillment in your life. But
for now just sinking into the bed. Finding peace and finding sleep as the
gentle winds continue to blow and your body feels so very tired, your muscles
relaxed. Melting upon your tired and absurd bones
like wax of a candle soft and warm and everything in this moment has a softness
to it. Softness of the breeze. Soft sound of the waves crashing into the shore. Softness in your body, a soft light
dimmed overhead and the soft fragrance of nature around you of plumeria, the
remaining scent of eucalyptus on your clean skin. Inhaling and exhaling you may
let go of my voice and drift to sleep and I will count you down deeper still finding sleep as each breathe and each ocean way
brings another cleansing moment of tranquillity ten nine eight seven six five four three two one
breathing gently as though you’re already deeply asleep because it feels
so good to be this relaxed and to be so sure that everything is fine and at
peace .Falling deeper finding sleep sleep peaceful wonderful sleep Mahalo and good
night. It’s time to dream away


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