Heal Your Relationship with Money: Guided Meditation For Abundance Using Laws of Attraction


Hello and welcome to Michelle’s Sanctuary. You are listening to a guided meditation
to help heal your relationship with money and manifest abundance. This meditation has the option of being listened
to while you fall asleep or alternately when you have a time during the day where you may
step away from the outside concerns and find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Please do not listen to this recording when
driving. And as you find a safe place… feeling warm and relaxed, breathing in and
out. Gently closing your eyes… feeling the warmth
of your eyelids resting down. Like shades on a window during a sunny afternoon. Inhaling as your belly rises, and exhaling
as your belly falls. And you may feel inclined to try a breathing
exercise that I will guide you through. This is your meditation and you can choose
to follow or choose to just continue breathing deeply in and out. Belly rising and belly falling. And if you would like to alternate nostril
breath, try this, take your right hand and you are going to leave your thumb and your
pinky pointed upwards as you relax your index finger, your middle finger, and your ring
finger. You may allow these middle fingers to slightly
bend and allow them to rest on your third eye between your eyebrows. Take a breath in and out… And you will take your thumb to your right
nostril press it closed as you inhale through the left nostril. And now use your pinky to close your left
nostril as you exhale through the right. Now inhale through the right before you close
your right nostril with your thumb and exhale through the left nostril, releasing your pinky. Now inhale through the left, bring your pink
down and release your thumb as you exhale through the right. You may continue this pattern. Or if you prefer, just continue to calmly
breath in and out…. and in and out… coming to the present moment. Aligning and balancing both sides of your
mind… both sides of your body. And if you will… imagine you are feeling
lighter, you are floating higher above… floating to the space where abundance exists. The feeling you may have felt when your needs
and desires are met. When you are plugged into source… when you
are vibrating on a higher level. With little effort, you can bring yourself
to this frequency, resonating to this aspirational place… this place where you may wish you
could always exist. And maybe you feel a warm wave of contentment…
you feel gratitude… and connecting with what is. Right now. That enables you to abandon thoughts or concerns
that get in the way. Focusing on the harmony you feel with all
that is around you. In this very safe place… you begin to feel
fondness for money. It is okay to feel good things towards wealth
and abundance. In today’s society we need money to afford
us the basic essentials for survival and to even enjoy material pleasures that go beyond
the basic needs. And maybe you find yourself feeling resentment
towards money, or you feel only certain people have it… and these lower level energies,
these feelings of envy or poverty… of guilt… they can all just drift away. Right now it is okay to feel good about money. About wealth. To feel good fortune… letting your mind
drift to a time when you truly wanted something and somehow managed to earn or receive the
money that was needed to make this memory happen. And feel how good it felt… attracting that
feeling right now… and healing your feelings… knowing its okay to desire and seek to attract
money. You are just as worthy and as deserving as
anyone else in this life. You do deserve wealth. You deserve abundance. And you can give yourself a wave of appreciation,
just washing over you, feeling gratitude for this moment right now that you are giving
to yourself. That you rightfully deserve. To align yourself with the positive laws of
attraction, and to focus on what it is you desire. And as you are in this space… I want you to think about someone in your
life who may have affected your relationship with money. Someone who may have caused you to feel financial
worry or concern, or a feeling of lack. And I want you to take this time, right now…
to honor that experience of your past… and to release it. To just let it go. To disconnect from that experience… to allow
whatever ties you had to let go… because now you wish and seek to tie yourself to a
healing feeling towards money. That like the salt water waves in the ocean…
money is constantly flowing… it is not stagnant… it grows, it exchanges hands… it moves freely. Just envision yourself… and money flowing
to you… and when it is time to let it go… whether it be for something you desire or
something you need… to just feel gratitude for this exchange… to know that money will
flow back to you with the same ease that you are allowing it to flow out… and just inhale
and exhale… and inhale and exhale… And now in this space… this healing and
restorative space, you are going to imagine someone who you admire in how they handle
money. Perhaps they do not stress ever about money. Wealth and abundance comes easy to them… always come across fortune and lucky breaks. And you feel happy for this person… releasing
any feelings of competition or anxiety that it may have given you in the past. Instead, just feeling that this is possible
for you as well… that this person is an example of all that is possible for you as
well. And it feels so invigorating… and uplifting. And you inhale and exhale. And there may be times you find yourself feeling
stuck. And when you feel this, imagine the road behind
you… the road that brought you to right here. Right now. And you feel gratitude for being alive…
for learning along this road. And you may see this road continuing ahead. And there may be anxiety or fear that your
past will continue. But imagine all the green fields around this
continued road, imagine yourself making a change… deciding to plow through the lush green grass
and creating a new road. And with this change opens the opportunity
to more wealth and abundance. Because no matter where you are, you can always
visualize the open fields around you that are yet to be paved or plowed. You have the choice and the freedom to clear
and start a new road. It is your birth given right. And whatever you may have been told or whatever
you have feared or whatever you have held onto simply out of habit does not need to
be. The future is still the future. It has not been completely shaped. Thinking on your current financial situation,
let’s take a moment to take away some of the blocks that you may have. And maybe there is a physical block you feel…
a tightening in the throat or jaw… a heaviness over your heart center. A tightening of the muscles in your body. When you here the word “money” and when
think about your fears about this… we are going to change the conversation of the mind. And whenever this happens, you are going to
just let those concerns float away… think of them as balloons with ribbons you are holding…
and whenever your muscles and body get tense… you see the tension occurring in the ribbons
connected to these balloons. Each balloon contains a stress or concern…
and when you feel the tension, just unwrap your fingers and open your palms and let go. And watch how these balloons float away into
the bright blue sky over head, drifting towards the white fluffy clouds. Releasing the physical tension in your body…
just letting it go. And now that these physical manifestations
of these blocks can let go, you can be free to be your creative and open self. Just visualize what it feels like to have
the freedom to live your life as you desire. Asking the question– what if? What if all I needed was easily provided? What if I seamlessly received abundance and
was able to live the life I desire? Asking these positive questions are raising
your energetic calibration… bringing you to a higher level, skyrocketing you above…
elevating you to the place where you may attract all you desire. Your mind is like a magnet, your focus is
like a vortex, attracting and bringing in the matching component. So continue asking yourself positive things. What if I had more money than I ever needed? How does this feel? Knowing and resting in the contentment of
being cared for by the universe… and this feeling of fulfillment begins with caring
for yourself… as you are doing… right now. You may realize that the big moments in your
life, thinking on a time when everything magically came together. A moment when all the working components went
above and beyond the capabilities of planning… something so big and wonderful and monumental
that you could not imagine or even plot out such a feat. And just feel what this is like, just enjoy
how great it feels to be taken care of, to have done little more than just believe or
desire this occurrence playing out. And if only for the reason of how wonderful
you feel right now, in this present moment… feeling the warmth and the light… feeling
an electrifying energy that travels through the crown of your head, all along the tingling
nerve endings of your body to the ends of your toes. This is what feeling alive can be. Joyous… present… thankful… strong…
resilient… inspired. And when you step towards this fulfilling
path, you suddenly have an openness towards opportunity…your mind is becoming acutely
aware and intuitively aligned with opportunities and decisions that bring you money freely. And it feels so liberating… so easy… as
if you had a scarf tied too tightly around you and now it is undone and billowing in
the breeze. And any time you find these thoughts come
up that make you judge yourself, or judge others, when it comes to money… this judgement
is recognized as just cultural conditioning. It is not truth. It is just another idea, or another thought
that happens to get in the way and you may let it go. We are going to take a journey to a place
where you have met your goals… and you are just going to enjoy this experience. Whatever money, whatever material needs you
are currently seeking have arrived… and you are experiencing this moment…having
connected to your life’s purpose, which goes beyond money and working and paying bills. And fulfilling this life’s purpose has brought
you to this future moment of abundance. And you see perhaps a bank statement revealing
a number you have thought of as being an arrival point… liking the feeling of having these
easy access to financial freedom. And you are in the place you want to be as
you look around and feel happy… feel the smile on your face for getting here. And you approach a mirror, and you look into
the reflection and see the future version of you having manifested all this. Knowing that it did not need to take a lot
of time, or a lot of effort, just the belief and alignment with forces that are much bigger
than you… a gentle shift… a newly plotted road through a green and untouched pasture. And you inhale and exhale. Feeling all of this wonder. And as you go through the days that come,
you will feel the gentle nudges from the universe and with your higher self when you see signs
or interact with people, or hear a certain song or take in a piece of news… your alignment
with this helps you in your waking life to better fulfill your desires for abundance
and financial success. And
whenever stress or concerns or worries concerning money come up, you recall the feeling of the
ribbons of balloons in your hand, feeling taut, holding on harder than you need to…
and you open your palms and release… letting them go. And with your palms open, you may look at
them in your waking life… you may focus on your palms being open to possibilities
and attracting abundance. You are on the right path. You are doing all that you need to do. You are exactly where you need to be right
now. Finding peace. Finding grace. Finding abundance.


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  1. Shane Sincennes

    March 13, 2017 6:22 am

    Hey Michelle. Another great meditation! I know you have already done one of these meditations on "your best-self" but for next week can you do one on self esteem and confidence. I feel that those who have financial problems also have self esteem and confidence problems as well.?


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