HEALING AFFIRMATION – Guided Meditation for Health (10 Minute)

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I realize in this moment that there is only
one life, one energy, one intelligence, one being. That life intelligence and being is whole,
perfect, complete in its infinite essence now. There is only one ocean of divine being expressing
out of itself all of the myriad forms of life. Every form containing the master plan, the
spiritual prototype of divine life’s perfect pattern. One. One life. One love. Joyously unfolding itself retaining its integrity,
its perfection, its action… One. One beautiful life. Infinite in scope. We touch the hem of the garment of the realization
of this life and our hearts overflow. I know that this moment and I and this beautiful
life are one life. My life is an extension, a unique opportunity
and adventure of the divine. My life resonates with the quality of divinity
and harmony. For who I truly am is the integrity and light
of truth and being of God. I rejoice to realize that I express the life
of God in my own unique way. I release anything that is, in my awareness,
less than that which is divine. I release fear, anxiousness, the concerns
of human calculation. I release heaviness. I release human verdicts. I release any sense of obstruction or scarcity
and my consciousness commingles with the divine and holy one and I am infused in this moment
with the expansiveness of spirit. The wholeness, the light, the truth, the enrichment,
the renewal of spirit. In these quiet moments I bask in and absorb
the truth, to the core of my being. And as the sun dissolves the fog, just so
my acceptance of life and truth in this moment dissolves all pain and any disruption of the
highest and best activity in this my precious body temple. I realize that every activity, every cell,
every organ, every function is animated by the living spirit. And I now permit my body to receive the flow
of this perfect spirit and to harmonize with it. Oh, i realize that the perfect mind of God
is the mind in which I know and think. I confirm and know that divine mind now directs
my thoughts, sustains my being and heals my body, revealing the ever present perfection. I affirm and know that healing intelligence
and light flow everywhere within me, renewing every cell and activity of my body after the
divine pattern of perfection held in the mind of God in this instant. I know that my whole being manifests the life,
love, harmony, strength, peace and joy of the spirit which indwells me, which is my
entire being. And I love my body. For it is the intelligence and substance of
God expressing, clothing me in perfect action and embrace. My body is a glorious vehicle for the furthurment
of my spiritual unfoldment and I honor its magnificence. My body is total vitality, total energy, unlimited,
infused with life in pure being and so I give thanks. Oh deepest thanks for the silent power that
sustains and enlivens me. There is no other power, no other presence,
no other life. Therefore all the life there is is blessing,
harmonizing, restoring and vitalizing me, right now. Thank you, thank you, dear, perfect spirit,
for the health and vitality and the great service of my body, I am grateful. This consciousness is released into the perfect
corresponding of the divine law. Moving forth already imprinting every cell,
function and activity and aspect of my body and the body of my greater experience for
good. In harmony and peace, I release this now,
letting it be so, for in truth, it is so and done right now. And so it is.


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