Healing and Self-Renewal: 10 Minute Guided Meditation (Day 6)

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Hello and welcome to Michelle’s Sanctuary.
I am Michelle and you are listening to a guided ten-minute daily meditation for
healing and renewal. This may be listened to on its own or as part of a seven day
meditation series. Nearly ten minutes a day of meditation has been shown to
dramatically reduce stress and anxiety and boost immune function, You may listen
to this at any point of the day when you have the time that you may set aside
just for you. So find a quiet place you may close your eyes if you so desire,
turning your attention to your breath. Because everything begins with breath.
Consciously taking over this automatic function to go deeper into a state of
openness and relaxation. If you have any holding in your body. Now is the time to
let go. Exhale out all your air… as your diaphragm and belly fall.
And now inhale deeply for the count of three and exhaling for the count of six. And inhaling for three, maybe holding
your breath at the top before exhaling for six, as the air cascades down down
down… continuing with this rhythmic breathing a few more times however it
feels right to you because this is your time and only you know what your body
needs. Right now. Feeling total appreciation for the
ability to breathe in and out and to have this special time for self-care and
renewal. And you may return your breath to normal. And just like at night while
sleeping, your body may heal and renew itself so too may set aside time in your
day to heal and renew and re-energize. Paul Cezanne once said, “Genius is the ability to renew one’s emotions in daily experience.” In each day,
you have this opportunity to be renewed. The body is more than capable of
self-renewal and self-healing. You may even have physical scars that are
reminders of wounds that the body has healed. And you have the power to choose
to focus on the majestic healing process instead of what may have inflicted these
wounds. This choice brings abandonment of the weight and tension and pain that may
be holding you back or you may have wrestled with. So take this moment now
to notice if there is anything you wish to let go. Anything that is not serving
you. Visualize, if you may, that you are alone in a grassy meadow in the bloom of
spring. You’re standing atop a hill. The gentle warm winds blowing the grass
against your bare feet. And in your palm is a deflated balloon in your favorite
color. And you bring it to your lips, feeling the rubbery texture as you begin
to inflate it with deep breaths from the deepest part of your belly. The air fills
the balloon and this air carries thoughts and negative feelings or
emotions that you have been carrying and no longer need. Exerting all your energy,
yet somehow you begin to feel lighter and lighter as you fill the balloon with
anything that comes to mind. That has been plaguing you. Relationships
or obstacles. Your work or finances. Whatever it may be, you may exhale into
this balloon. There are no limits to what you may release with your breath. Right
now. Taking the balloon away from your lips. You seal a- knot and then you tie the
balloon to a ribbon, holding this ribbon in your hand.
As the balloon begins to blow in the breeze, you loosen your grasp on the
ribbon. Letting go. Letting all your worries and concerns float away with the
balloon towards an endless sky. Remembering the feeling of this loose
ribbon as you let it go and the balloon drifts off to a place where all things
go when they are no longer needed. And as you watch the spectacle, you feel lighter
and lighter. Almost as if you could float away too. And in this lightness, the
feeling is accompanied by a cool current that feels like fresh water flowing
throughout your body. Refreshing and renewing you from the inside out. Energizing you. Invigorating you. The sense of ease and peace taking over
your body then giving you a clarity that you will take with you throughout the
rest of your day and the days to come. Knowing whenever anxiety or tension
attempts to creep in or whenever triggers come, as you try to maintain
equanimity, you may simply visualize your balloon filled with all that doesn’t
serve you. Floating against the backdrop of a blue
sky and white puffy clouds, you may start to come back and tune back into your room to the
present moment. Taking a few sharp breaths in and out and in and out.
Wiggling your fingers and toes. Feeling as if your day has been given a boost
and a reset as you flutter open your eyes and come back present, in tune, and


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  1. Stacie Johnson

    May 21, 2018 2:36 pm

    Cannot thank you enough for these. Listen to you every night with my daughter and these short ones are a beautiful and refreshing way to start my day! Thank you


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