How to HEAL from narcissistic abuse and rejection begin by making yourselves very very
comfortable it is important to remember that these meditations have been created
to help you re-educate your subconscious mind and
created as an aid that allows you to develop coping skills that will help you
heal from narcissistic abuse please do not listen to these meditations while
driving or operating any type of machinery are to be used in the comfort of your
own home the purpose of TV viewing please begin by taking three deep
breaths and then exhale and how through your nose exhale slowly gently through the one
marked in through the nose and then gently bring your awareness into the bottom so
clear sheet as we begin to learn how to pull our Scopus in the direction we wish
bring your awareness into the box and so she feel the bottoms of your feet notice become mind strong many tingling
or pressure or simple awareness bottoms you know where it is through your ankles
calves feel your cats notice the ability to just fine mind to focus where it
wishes and is directed bring your awareness into the backs of your legs
feel the bed with her chair beneath you notice how your mind has the ability to
go focusing on your sheet to the back so he
likes noticed the control your mind has when
you slip into the drivers to your point bring your awareness into your lower
back or bottom feel the pressure of the chair against reply become very mindful of the nerve endings
in your skin and our experience the pressure against the chair by the bed bring your awareness through your back focus completely on the way your skin feels while healing from the rejection as your awareness notices the way your
skin feels as you become aware of anything bring your awareness into your shoulders
feel your shoulders feel your shoulders bring your weariness into the back of
your head feel your head feel the back of your school on the bed notice the way your head feels against the bed you’re sending notice happiness as you pull your attention interests focusing on the area bring your awareness into the top of
your head feel the top of your head feel your skull become aware of the nerve endings and
your school and the skin that encapsulate through
school your shoes ask your brain to relax the muscles around your eyes real
how your brain listens to your command she’ll come join us body feels as it responds to your
conscious direction every cell in your body is that your command every cell in your body is at your
command every cell in your body is at your
command relax the muscles around your mouth and
notice how willing the body is to please you captain director the master dear ones feeling is that will learning
to become the Director our own my narcissistic abuse it’s about
understanding and re-educate ourselves about trauma and the perceptions we have
stored in our subconscious minds about are worth our solidity and about
ourselves the ultimate truth sets each one of us
free at the moment of our conception be
qualified we were not at the moment of our conception when two became one can
mail stern email at game 1 when two entirely different cells
miraculously emerged became one organism you may we were you know the ultimate truth has been clouded over
my childhood programming my dysfunctional families of origin by alcoholism I try prediction domestic violence verbal abuse emotional
abuse sexual abuse sibling abuse incest foster care who are two options racism healing meditation some forms of religion some societal concepts mass marketing mass advertising music industries entertainment industries magazine ad school institutions corporations and I like the truth is difficult to see in nearly
impossible dream there when you have been an innocent child born into
dysfunctional family littered with dysfunction abuse by
Commission as well as a mission when you have been born into a family authority is narcissistic party is
codependent addicted self-absorbed advantageous withholding cruel sadistic mentally ill it is easy to forget you are a miracle incarnate when you have been a child who has been raised fan art show you grow up feeling invisible you see validation from outside the
south bag to be seen for the recovery of the abuse you don’t feel because your existence
has never been validated existence was supposed to be validated
by the authorities in our life were entrusted with our Design bodies
and minds we’re supposed to nurture us and help us feel about it when you were born to narcissistic
mother or narcissistic father or when you are
adopted into a family of narcissists or if you were fostered in two families
of Narcissus abusers is impossible to remember the truth that
you are in ER when you are explosives to narcissists you love child you are unaware of the feelings that you have about your narcissistic abuse that you love or should have been given is withheld is not given and no matter how much loved you and you can it is never returned when consistently is not returned children she’ll call and separate from
others we feel disconnected from others we should abandon rejected unworthy invalid and no matter how hard we try to flow
more love love simply never returns as adults we need to heal the wounds we are caught in the pattern the
narcissistic Lee abused child you’re caught in a cycle of believing we
need love to show who we are we have forgotten that we are loved and we are stuck and it has a believing
that love is out there and there is the only place we can receive we attract energy beings between US only
the norse assists our pass we are unaware we are seeking lost opportunity to
finally found the people we love so much hearing requires free education narcissistic abuse healing requires that operations reorganize the data
information and Stewart and the subconscious mind healing so
narcissistic abuse requires that we remember our truth and even though narcissist reject us blame us morally about us insist we are try to about us even though they create groups family and friends
and acquaintances the purpose of speaking poorly about us even the
narcissist insist with masks and the people we know 10 then don’t know this even though I’m narcissist can be cruel
intentionally hurtful intentionally cruel all even though a narcissist can be
seductive appear harmless to others we know the truth healing will require us to develop new muscles new psychological muscles new nor all associations healing from
narcissistic abuse is an opportunity to be set emotionally three healing from narcissistic abuse hits us
an opportunity to face her dependency co dependent dysfunction or believes that
we need people to see what we see 2008 what we she’ll give an opportunity to
she’ll codependency us that keeps a stock from narcissistic abuse requires us to
do our own reality of others it requires that we learn to honor how
we feel to avoid seeking other people’s
permission to shield what it is time to remember your truth it is time to see the big picture if you have been abused by a narcissist
as a child still AP seeking resolution as an adult you
may be seeking a bond or acceptance but they’re similar energy today narcissists are abusers and rejectors are incapable of having authentic
empathy for others their celebration and apathy functional we never measure delude ourselves into thinking
or believing that a true narcissus has the ability or the designer to see
others it is time to remember you are not as you move forward you will need to
remember often at your experiences matter highest yourself often how do I feel how
do I feel it is crucial to begin connecting the sensory body because so many of us to sushi and have been extremely tuned into the
emotional bodies others just time to re-educate to increase our
own psychological combatants to honor and find the Sun to develop compassion and empathy for
the summer into to you to heal and recover the ability to focus your attention on
anything you wish to hell what others think place that focus on
what we think use this masterful skill well you are you know you enough everyone is in I’m 125 you can choose to stay in it to relax or
you may choose to awaken one we go your chills too with your fingers becoming more alert
now take it deep cleansing breaths in through your nose for XML becoming aware
of the sounds in your room five open your eyes do one namaste Healing from narcissistic abuse and rejection meditation


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  1. 1OOsmiles

    May 25, 2016 10:18 pm

    Sending much gratitude and love to you, Lisa.
    I love your guided meditations. It really helps me to heal and grow little by little.
    You are so very understanding. Thank You so so much. 🙂

  2. MsEllaMint

    May 26, 2016 12:54 am

    Thank you Lisa, perfect for me, for everyone, but just just wonderfully perfect for me today. 🙂

  3. ABC

    May 29, 2016 8:58 pm

    Lisa, you are one of my Guardian Angels on Earth~Helping lead me into my own positivity and power once again! No need to feel badly @ my horrible childhood (which has been outright denied by my dysfunctional family)…I now know I know what I know happened to me! I am not crazy nor dellusional~I am ENOUGH. And, I am learning to love myself 'authentically' each & every day more & more…

  4. callynt

    May 31, 2016 12:42 am

    This brought tears to my eyes, Lisa. Cleansing tears. Thank you so much for all that you do.

  5. Deborah Collins

    June 11, 2016 11:27 pm

    Is a codependent person just as bad/guilty as a narcissist? Reason I ask, is because when it all boils down to it, we all seem to have issues. We all have hidden deep hurts we must resolve in order to be an evenly balanced person. I'd like to think that narcissist are the "worst" of the two because they seem to be the one causing most of the problems. I realize this is mostly an opinionated question and it's very broad. But I'd love to have your opinion on this! I watch all of your videos- I think your magnificent.

  6. Graceful soul

    June 23, 2016 5:33 pm

    Lisa, I really like the things you say and teach on this subject. You're very comforting and insightful. If I can give a little constructive criticism on this? I do a lot of meditation that's helped me to recover, sometimes guided, sometimes not, but I generally find that the best guided ones, even when they're about a negative block or experience, focus on the positive and that's so important because hypnosis gets into your subconscious mind. I have some discomfort with the script you used for this. It sounds like one of your non-hypnotic videos spoken in a hypnotic meter with pretty music behind it. What you say is great when we're trying to become consciously and intellectually aware of what we've been through and why from a nurturing person who understands, but in hypnosis, you want to rebuild, not remind, I think. I hear negatively affirming words too often, and while it was touching, and emotional, isn't there maybe another way to put it that builds the subconscious mind up to something healthy and happy rather than focusing on what isn't or on terrible things that happened when we were children? We have the videos for that (and thank you for the fact that we do).

  7. Azfa Awad

    July 12, 2016 12:37 pm

    I cried so much during this, my ears and pillow are SOAKED with tears, it was so painful to listen through, very, very, healing. Thank you Lisa, God bless you.

  8. C. Meagan Michael

    July 18, 2016 5:17 pm

    love this newer one. I listen to them all quite often. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  9. Davina Davina

    July 29, 2016 9:01 pm

    Is it normal to fall asleep during the meditation? I tried listening to this for several days…but somehow I never made it til the end, always fell asleep before. 🙁

  10. Tochter Kampfstrumpf

    July 31, 2016 2:03 pm

    Hey! I have a question: I'm used to meditations with positive affirmation only. This one of course has positive affirmation, but also describes why we "forgot the true message", because of narcissism, mass media, racism etc. Is it still working? Because when I listened to it, I really felt down and hurt and I'm not sure whether it's supposed to help that way or if it's getting better when I listen to it more often?

  11. Doreen C

    September 19, 2016 5:06 am

    Lisa, Dear One, touching meditation. When I watch your videos and I hear you say, "dear one," it really warms my heart. I feel connected to another human being, which I do not have much of. Doreen

  12. Kari Rakitan

    October 14, 2016 8:23 am

    Could you make one for people who are victims of narcissistic abuse in a romantic relationship but who were never abused as children?

    This is lovely, but I did not realize it was targeted at those who were victims as children until I was already deep into it. My parents provided me with a fully functional and delightful home, so many of the words fell flat on me.

    My narcissist was a romantic partner with whom I spent five years. I was with him for a little over half of college and plus some time afterwards. He was a covert narcissist and I did not realize anything was wrong with him until after I moved in with him, and then for a long time I dismissed his yelling at me as occasional mood swings. It wasn't until he came home on meth that I finally left him, and even then I gave it another month. I believe now that he had a meth habit he hid from me for all those years because beforehand, he was urging me to visit my parents. I didn't want to because of work. Later, he said, "This never would have happened if you had just gone to visit your parents like I told you." I think that in the past, he had been on meth every time I went to see my parents.

    I left him about two years ago now and moved back in with my parents, who now treat me as an adult and respect my autonomy as such. New boyfriend wants to spend the night? OK, just help clean the house!

    As I view more material on narcissistic abuse, more things click into place and I came to more realizations of how he sabotaged a few career paths for me and kept insisting that I should work in a coffee shop even though I did not enjoy going to coffee shops as a customer and apparently one needs to be a regular at a place like that before being considered for a job. He was more than twice my age and played the age card often in such matters. He told me to never take an unpaid internship even though my parents were still willing to support me through that. Little things like how he probably hid my test scores when I needed to send them in for verification to that teaching credential program I got accepted to and could not find them are just now dawning on me.

    I think my biggest problem now is that I feel stupid for not seeing him for what he was sooner and for staying with him as long as I did, because it was completely my choice to stay with him. I thought I would be there to care for him when he got too old to care for himself. I didn't want him to die alone.

    Thanks again for making this and for listening to me if you read this far!

  13. charakterkopf

    January 30, 2017 1:45 am

    I listened to this now the second time and it is SO good. I appreciate your work and I feel so much better listening, I feel so understood and guided to becoming a better person. just through listening to myself! Some phrases just touch me so deep. Pull your attention towards yourself to realize what your feeling.
    I will listen to it another time to remember and find more details.


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