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uh… it was a gentleman who had parkinson’s okay and he came for several sessions [Integrated Energy Therapy]it seemed to help them poem i’ve lost touch with him mostly because the office i was working
out of closed so was not convenient for him to have to travel further but hopefully and do hope you found
someone to continue to help them because that was from what he told me
was making a difference with his being able to walk more normally and keep this energy
levels up still you are going to take us through a
process called a heart link if i would love to ok how long is that
actual process it’s only a a couple of minutes to describe it to teach it even at home and which you can keep the hard line
going on your own as long as you want canals is something you do out in the
public irregular it is it’s actually the basic on connection that i start any i_e_t_ session with
okay omg what anybody can learn it anybody can use that you do not have to
know i need to be in order to do a heart link okay some parents but still it ect flex occurs in that is our inclined i
have a headlight or you can keep ’em up it doesn’t matter basically all i want
to do is just relax okay take what i think the friends just
have to sell for less and focus your attention on your heart and then in a way that is perfect and right for
you just send a prayer of gratitude compared to say a prayer predicated and i want to picture cord going from
your heart up through your throat shocker through third are shocked when i was
trying to cram and just send that white court of light just up hard as you can imagine with the
intention that it’s going to connect with your angels you need to know who your angels are
’cause they don’t you just ended up with an intention to connect up to them send that feeling of gratitude that you
just created send that up that heart leapt up debt court to the
angels and asking just to return they’re loving
energy to you and just feel that energy come back to
you tenfold that down that cord and distillate feeling your heart
filling your whole body under surrounding him and that’s the heart mind so is that a way of connecting with rain
filled venice herself and taz take ice crystal light
right now and take a leaflet the other thing to while i was doing
that i set the intention shortcut so anybody that that did practice time omg if you remember the steps that’s
fantastic but if you don’t all you have to do is put your thumb and your middle finger
together them both and that’s going to create your part one on those honest something cute selma
sophie if you think and if you don’t remember all the steps just remember nominal finger so let me get this straight from having a bad day just had an
emotional moment atkinson thence you know and remember that link insinuating tools now again even if you don’t remember the
steps if you can remember your thumb and middle finger put them together and that creates that same connection
for you thank you so much that was fantastic ny and i think i think in shined a few hopeful photograph here at this is shacks in hardly make the exercise that we just then that it’s a depiction you know just characterizes the heartland actually would look like if you could see the
energy flowing ok goods could you explain that a little bit more well actually uh… although height is busy using that picture because it is a perfect representation
for hurtling it was actually that dry was created omm in nineteen forty two and it’s a depiction of saint germain with his angel and it also depicts the violent flame
which is the purple around yeah concentrating on the bottom eric
and the energy color the i_t_t_ bet on energy vibration is
violent okay so these are little bit more advance information about ac integrated energy therapy right that someone could obviously look up on
the internet if they were really interested in finding out more absolutely that sounds great for someone still has never experienced considerate and east they’re seeing however actually go about finding someone to take them through that process i have a website that they can look up uh… there’s also there is some and i_t_t_ website which is simply learn
i_t_t_ alka dot com i and they can go there they can get a
lot more information about an eighty they can get more history and how was created but
there is also a page where they can look for instructors they can look for
practitioners they can look for instructors in their local area as well instance like i said it’s twenty-five it’s
available in twenty-five countries around the world com so you can look at
the state you can look up a practitioner or an instructor fifth summoning nadine’s and put her on the
fact that apec uh… less well was the last time you had and emigrated energy therapy sessions
under for yourself actually spent several years hazard okay sell maybe now we might be
interested in hitting one for yourself not the answer i would love to and on akshay health benefits what do you think that he practitioners
is a very busy taking care of the people in a lot of times they don’t take care of
themselves but use some other mortality to take care of yourself and that’s not
right you know i’m attracted to medications there’s also one of the
things you learn with i_t_t_ is to do five minute empowerment overall and that’s just something that the practitioners doing themselves poem because again it suppose take five minutes i usually
take fifteen but it’s just a way of getting all the
integration points in the justices energy burst it’s refreshing to hear that you are
caring for yourself and the exact manner that you are caring for others slide to
congratulate you on that and some for everyone out there again
i’d like to thank you for joining us fun energy healing techniques i’m so excited
to be taking you continuously and journey on thank you have so much for being here
with us to take a certified love happening house fantastic maybe we could have u_n_
on again sometime in you to take a step five minute exercise sure okay and i would be great c_s_x_ eight face did deaths he there


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  1. wetlazer

    May 9, 2011 6:38 am

    Can you call it something other than Angels? It has a religiosity to it which some may not connect with.

  2. Melania's Healing Edge

    August 10, 2011 12:13 am

    All is as it is! At this point there are so many different kinds of energy work, that you just have to connect with the one that fits you. If someone can not connect with this energy technique because it sounds religious, then so be it- apparently its not for them.


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