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The most shocking thing in this world is that
everyone is walking around starving for more and real intimacy, and yet we’re all ashamed
of that natural desire. And we’ve all been taught to numb and to suppress
this desire for intimacy and connection on all levels of our relationship, from being
a parent, to being a friend, to our families, to sexual relationships being more sacred. And everyone is so hungry, and yet there’s
such a huge taboo that it’s the last thing that we talk about. And so I see people doing all this work to,
you know, open their hearts or open their minds, but everyone is still stuck in their
heads, and you’re not going to make real and lasting breakthroughs until you actually include
your body. And Tantra is this tool that I learned, and
I studied all around the world. I went searching because I had a very deep
wound and trauma around connection and intimacy. I had come from abuse and sexual abuse, and
it had made me feel broken and abandoned. And so I had put a wall up around my heart,
and that may not be as extreme for you but I promise you 99% of the people in this world
have these intimacy blocks, and have these walls up whether it’s something in your childhood
that encoded a abandonment, fear, or whether you’ve been in relationships where you felt
a betrayal or disappointment, or you feel like you’re the one who ended up being guilty. We all have these shame blockages that are
keeping us from being real and from being able to move, from being stuck in our heads
and really awakening into our hearts and our bodies, and tapping into our natural desires. And Tantra is awakening through the senses. Now I’m going to teach you a little magic
tool that I traveled around the world to learn. I literally got on a plane and flew to Istanbul
because I wanted to study with a Sufi master there, because Sufism is the path of love
and opening your heart, and I knew how shut down I was from my traumas and from my intimacy
blocks. And I felt like I was living my life in black
and white, and I knew that there was so much more that my spirit came to experience in
this world. And I knew that I wanted to be able to connect
to other people with deeper intimacy, and being able to just be myself. And now that I teach, I’ve taught tens of
thousands of people, and so many of them have this feeling that their life is so small compared
to what it could be, that they’re just cramped up inside this life that they could be living
and they’re not able to follow their dreams and their desires. And they even have shame around their dreams
and their desires. And so I went all the way to Istanbul to study
with this sufi teacher, and he taught me the most beautiful meditation I have ever learned,
and it helped me to break through something so deep in myself. And so I want to share that with you in this
video and it will only take a few minutes of your time. If you do it with me right now it’ll change
your day. It’ll give you a huge, “A-ha,” moment where
you’re stuck in these intimacy blocks and not being able to open your heart to receive
and to connect more deeply. And the thing about that, right, the surprising
thing about always trying to protect yourself is the main person you’re hurting is yourself
when you’re holding back so much. And then you’re not actually keeping yourself
from pain like you think you are. You’re actually living in that same moment
of pain for the rest of your life, because whatever that moment of pain was for you of
abandonment, of betrayal, of disappointment, that frozen side of you and not wanting to
feel that has crippled you from having new experiences and actually experiencing what
you want, which is intimacy, which is authenticity, which is love. So this meditation my teacher taught me, I
felt like it took me from living in that black and white to living in technicolor. And I see this happen all the time. I teach workshops and I’ll just see a woman
come in with all this self-doubt and it’s literally, you know, like, her skin is gray. She has a little cloud over her head, and
you don’t even know. You think that’s who that person is. She walks around her life, everyone meets
her, they go, “That’s who she is,” but that’s not who she is. And after we just do this meditation in less
than five minutes it’s like they have this completely glowing from the inside because
their spirit wakes up. So I’m going to teach you this amazing meditation
that’s going to help you with that same experience in less than five minutes. But I want to first tell you that real change
like this, you know, it’s not just like some bumper sticker. I hear people say all the time, you know,
“Move from fear to love, and everything is a choice between fear and love.” But what I see those people doing is trying
to escape their pain and make everything okay by getting addicted to these high feelings
of bliss or love, and you can’t love someone enough or anything enough to not feel your
pain, to escape your pain. And because I think what we’re really doing
is redefining a deeper kind of love and intimacy that actually involves being able to hold
these contrasts and struggles of a human experience to be able to feel all of that pain in a real
way, and even though you felt that pain, to let it go and to love beyond that pain. And to let any pain you’ve experienced actually
open you up to such a deeper kind of compassion and intimacy. And I would say the first gift is you let
go of all those things you’re holding onto and all the shame you have around that, and
the first thing you’ll experience is actually having a breakthrough in loving yourself and
being intimate with yourself, which you might not have been for a very long time if you’re
always trying to be in control or trying to be perfect. So we’re going to go through this exercise
and the other thing that Tantra brings us is the idea that we can be magicians. That you can take pain and turn it into compassion,
and intimacy, and vulnerability. And there’s a Tantric saying that everything
in this world is poison or medicine depending on how much you take and what you use it for. So I’m going to teach you to be a magician
and to take these moments in your life where you experience pain that shut you down and
shut your heart down and got you locked in this fear in your mind. You’re so afraid you’re going to experience
the same pain again that you don’t leave yourself open to anything new, so therefore your whole
life is simply repeating that same pain. That’s the opposite of what you want. And I’m going to teach you how to take that,
that little bit of that poison from that pain. Just like a vaccine, you take a little bit
of a poison that actually helps you to build up that immunity and resilience to resist
that disease. So we’re going to go back and experience just
a little bit, and allow yourself to feel that pain that you froze. And by feeling it your heart will finally
be able to unthaw, and open, and let go, and be available to new experiences and to new
intimacy. So this meditation, the Tantric Heart Meditation,
there’s a very powerful visualization. So I want you to just close your eyes and
put your hands on your heart. Now one thing in Tantra that’s also important,
this is a different meditation than the other meditations you’ve probably been doing, because
all these programs and all these meditations, they’re always working with your mind. And they say, “Oh, your mind is so powerful. Your mind is creating all your beliefs.” But what they’re bypassing is your body. Your body is real, and your body never lies. Your mind actually is very clever and it will
make up all kinds of stories to avoid feeling, but your body feels all the time. And in fact, most of you, your body is screaming
for you to feel, screaming for you, “Remember me?” Your body is like, “Hey, remember me?” And when you find yourself trapped in moments
of depression all you have to do is tap into your body. Your body is joyful. Your body is grateful to be alive. That deeper place in your soul and spirit
is so grateful to have a body. I literally wake up every day and I say, “Thank
you, God, for my body, which is beautifully and wonderfully made.” And through this body I can connect to other
people. And yeah, sometimes it’s painful, and yeah,
sometimes I get disappointed, but that’s the experience of being alive. Don’t you want to feel? I always tell people, “Imagine that you went
to a movie theater and you bought a ticket to watch a movie, and you walk in and it’s
just somebody staring back at you totally calm, totally peaceful, right? That’s how we think we’re supposed to be. That’s how we think we’re supposed to be in
every moment, controlling our experiences, controlling our reactions. Or we think that’s what we’re supposed to
be in meditation. But that would be a really boring movie, right? You would be mad that you paid the price for
that ticket. Well, I want you to imagine that your spirit,
your soul bought a ticket for your lifetime in this body, and this body is literally that
vehicle to help you experience the world, to go on this ride, this movie of your life. And just try and remember when you go see
a movie and something horrible happens, or there’s a love scene, or something cheats
on somebody, or there’s betrayal, or abandonment, you feel something. And maybe you cry, or maybe you’re stirred
to being angry, but you remember it’s just a movie. It’s like a great song or music. We pay for these experiences of movies and
songs to help us feel, so just start doing that every day. Let go of the control of shutting down your
heart through your mind, and get out of that fear state and back into love, this deeper
kind of love that can feel pain and experience more. There’s actually one of my favorite quotes
is, “That which is to give light must be able to withstand burning.” So I want you to burn with the desire to feel
more in your life, to have a more intimate, vulnerable, sensual life, and to be more connected
to yourself, your body, to your family, to your friends, to your lovers, to your partners,
to have something sacred in all of these sensual connections and to flip the script on all
these ways you’ve learned to be ashamed of being human and to feel, because that’s actually
your real power. And to tap back into that power you have to
let go of some of that control, get out of your mind, and get back into that place of
feeling. So the Tantra Heart Meditation, we’re going
to go through it and I want you to know you can do this with me in the full form in the
video and also use it any time on the spot when you feel yourself shutting down and locking
down from fear, and helping you move through that feeling into love, and into compassion,
and into intimacy. So I want you to take your hands and just
close your hands and touch your heart, so just touch. I call this the Tantra Touch. Just touch gets you out of your head and back
into your body. We have so much shame around our bodies, so
just letting go of any shame of just your own body and falling in love with your own
body again. Your body is here to feel and to experience,
and there’s nothing more beautiful in this world than two human bodies connecting. Something that we’ve been taught to feel ashamed
about is actually our most sacred and beautiful experience that our spirit and our soul can
feel through our fingertips and feel through these magical nerve endings. So just touching your heart, I want you to
feel how that begins to release oxytocin, which is scientifically proven. That touch around the heart releases this
love and bonding hormone, and what oxytocin does is it tells you, “I am safe to love. I am safe to bond.” Most of us have been broken in our ability
to be vulnerable and to create healthy, loving bonds. So with your hands here at your heart, and
feel that oxytocin filling your body, if you don’t feel it, don’t worry. It just means you need to practice this a
little longer. I’ve worked with thousands of people who’ve
had amazing breakthroughs, and sometimes on the first day you just have to feel your numbness
and have no shame around that. Touching your heart I want you to take an
inhale and an exhale just letting go of any tension. You feel silly for doing this exercise or
silly for anything just…the sound is like a thief that steals the tension from your
body. Now I want you to visualize in your heart
is your soul, so in this Tantra visualization your soul is the king, or the queen, and the
ruler of your life, and as the ruler of your life your soul should make all the decisions,
especially the important decisions about relationships, or making changes in your life, or taking
risks in your life because your soul is fearless. Your soul is connected to that infinite source
and it knows that you live forever, so it has no fight or flight in your soul. And your soul is sitting here in the throne
room of your heart. So just visualize your soul, the king or queen,
the ruler of your life sitting on the throne of your heart, the throne of emotions, and
feeling, and connection, and bonding. And guarding the door to your heart to the
throne room is your mind. Visualize your mind as the servant whose job
is to guard the door to open and close your heart. But the problem is for most of us our mind,
the servant, has locked the door to our heart, and now our mind, the servant, is making the
choices for our life. The problem with that is our mind comes from
fear, and survival, and fight or flight, and your mind can only make decisions based on
past experiences. And for most of us in our past we’ve had moments
of abandonment or disappointment that taught our mind to shut down and to lock this door
to our heart. But the problem is every day and every new
moment we treat and re-enact that same moment of abandonment or pain because we’re too afraid
to step forward and try anything new, or to unlock our hearts and be vulnerable again. Think about how that affects every new opportunity
in your life if your mind is too frightened and just lock the door to your heart. So I want you to just visualize talking to
your mind that’s guarding the door to your heart and saying, “It’s okay.” I want you to first let go of any shame for
the pain you may carry from the past, any abandonment, any ways you’ve learned to shut
down and numb yourself from feeling or being vulnerable. It’s okay, you did that for a reason, but
now you’re here and you’re stronger, and you’re ready. Say, “It’s okay, mind.” Unlock that door, turn the doorknob, open
that door, open my heart. And as you open the door to your heart take
a deep inhale and feel your heart expand and exhale just letting go. All that pain and control from holding onto
the past, and inhale, open the door a little wider, feel a little bit more, feel it safe
in this moment to open your heart and feel. And exhale, just let that go. And inhale, I receive, exhale, I give back. Inhaling I receive love, and exhaling I give
love back. Now I want you to take this moment to do something
very powerful and flip the script on your past and on your reactions. I want you to visualize the person who you
first felt abandonment with and first learned to shut your heart down and lock this door. And visualize them as if they’re standing
right in front of you, and feel how your body shuts down. Your body never lies and you’re not going
to change this by just trying to change your beliefs and your thought patterns. You’re going to have to go back and feel where
you became frozen in your body. I want you to take an inhale and breathe in
what that person elicits in your body, inhale. Maybe it’s sadness or grief where you tighten
up. It’s okay, whatever you feel, even if you
can’t feel. If it’s too scary breathe in, that’s what
it feels like, that it’s too scary. Breathe it in and give yourself permission,
and exhale, let it go. We’re going to take three breaths right now,
inhaling, I breathe in this difficult feeling or emotion for everyone else who’s ever felt
this way, and exhaling, I send cooling relief to everyone else who’s ever felt this way. I’m not alone, I’m not isolated in this pain. Inhale, I breathe in this difficult feeling. I let it open and melt inside me, and exhale,
I send cooling relief to everyone else who ever felt this way. And inhale one last time, inhale, I breathe
in. So if that person’s standing right in front
of me and I retrain my body, it’s okay, it’s okay. I don’t have to shut down or put up a wall,
and exhale, sending back that cooling relief. Good, now I just want you to take three new
deep breaths. New energy inhale, I’m worthy of receiving
new love, and vulnerability, and intimacy, and exhale, I’m worthy of giving love back. Inhale, breathing in. Now that you’ve opened the door to your heart,
I’m worthy of receiving love, and exhale, I’m worthy of giving love back. Then inhale, I’m not afraid of new experiences
and happier future, and exhale, I can give and share. I want you to just take a moment now and open
your eyes. Do you feel different? I feel really different. You know, I teach this because this is what
I had to learn. And in my life all the time, even as a teacher
I feel when I shut down and I try and be a good teacher or a powerful person, and I forget
these moments when I just put down my guard and let myself be intimate with myself, that
those are the most powerful…that is what makes me powerful, and that is what makes
you powerful. And so if we can, together, begin to create
a world, or instead of isolating around these stuck places in ourselves and these intimacy
blocks, instead of having shame, just let go of all that shame around the body, and
the feelings, and the emotions, and just know that we’re here to have this deeper love,
deeper intimacy that comes from being able to feel pain and love beyond that pain. I know that sometimes you have to make boundaries. And my teacher said, “There’s some people
you have to love at a distance with an arm’s length out, because you can see who they are,
and that’s wisdom.” Sometimes wisdom is not wishing people were
who you wanted them to be, or that abandoned little child and you’re always waiting and
re-enacting unhealthy patterns, that pain you know over and over again, waiting for
someone to come save you. And instead, take this moment, do the Tantra
Heart Meditation, give that love to yourself. And by doing that you’ll be able to share
such deeper intimacy and vulnerability with everyone you meet, whether that’s your children,
or your friends, your family, or even people at work, or if it’s, you know, a romantic
relationship, and learning to actually drop all that shame and experience sacred centrality
and sacred sexuality. Again, flip the script on all the shame that
has been programmed into you, because I know just even talking about these things can be
controversial. It’s so crazy to me that this is controversial,
that actually being real and authentic about being human, and having desires, and living
in these bodies, and having sensuality, that this is what we’re ashamed of? You know, we’ve gone crazy. This shouldn’t be controversial. And I want you to know, Tantra, people have
all these misconceptions of Tantra is about, you know, something unachievable, or ancient,
or having sex for nine hours. It sounds great, and it is possible, but that’s
not what it’s about. For most of us this is about getting out of
your head into your body, letting go of shame, letting go of that madness of being ashamed
of our bodies and ourselves, and actually owning our desires so that we can live the
life that our soul came to live in this world. And go from living in black and white, and
go from living in the smallness to living in technicolor. And I work with thousands of people, and when
they fall asleep on their life, when their mind shuts, or their heart, and their soul
falls asleep, there’s real repercussions. They have chronic fatigue, they get illnesses
in their bodies, they get depression, anxiety, they can’t connect with their family. They’re losing all that time in their life. So you have a lot to lose by trying to always
be in control. You have a lot to lose when you don’t wake
up your soul. So this Tantra meditation, this Tantra Heart
is going to help you to have that breakthrough. And I promise you when I say living your life
in technicolor, that means living your dreams, whether that’s success in your career, or
going after the things you want, or attracting the right partner, or finally feeling worthy
of being loved, or being a better parent, whatever it is this is going to bust that
door open and break down where we have shame and help you to have that deeper intimacy,
and that deeper mind, body, spirit connection that you can reclaim. So enjoy this and do it any time that you
want to have this amazing, amazing feeling of intimacy, and love, and connection. I’m Psalm Isadora.


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    I love your magical flame and I wish you are living your life in rainbow colours wherever you are now angel 💙🙏 #openup

  33. Rozalka Ola Boga

    February 10, 2019 11:13 pm

    Why are yoz so fake then?? Why do you look and behave fake? Look natural move natural stop the shooooowwwwwwww

  34. David Chong

    February 13, 2019 10:31 pm

    It feels so strange when she conceptualized what I've been going through all these years. I'm breaking down crying.

  35. Matías De la Pantera

    February 15, 2019 12:17 pm

    Psalm, You were a beautiful Angel and a Goddess among misery. Thank you for everything, your soul is eternal and I love you! 💕🌈✨🌹

  36. Filosophie29

    February 24, 2019 11:18 am

    She is a real angel, I love her and so thankful for her beautiful heart what kept teaching us. Thank You so much, I love You 💜 You are already in a better place, shining your beautiful soul…

  37. pragya kc

    February 24, 2019 3:43 pm

    I llove you psalm..you are truly very strong a beautiful soul. This is message to all that you are never abounded but you are always loved

  38. Alistair Milner

    May 11, 2019 9:59 am

    Come off it people, is it really likely she ended her own life early, she joins a long list of people that brought something to the world, are a genuine inspiration from Bruce Lee to JFK to Jesus Christ, write the list yourselves, the common thread is an inspiration and a force for Good and yet they die early, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela etc, its all a bit unlikely, not saying everybody but like I say there is a common thread, Tupac, is a long list. RIP great Lady.

  39. Salomon Glory of God

    June 17, 2019 6:30 am

    Namaste Isadora in this life and beyond : OM MA NI PAD ME HUM HRI, OM MA TRI MU YE SA LE DU , AH KAR AH ME DU TRI SU NAG PO DHI DHI MAL MAL SO HUM

  40. brett f

    August 12, 2019 6:47 am

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! I've done plenty of meditation, yoga, reiki and so on but I've never had an emotional shift like this meditation. It made me cry which I wasn't expecting and shows that it worked to clear stuff for me. So much love for you for sharing this with the world. Can't recommend highly enough. DO THIS MEDITATION!!!!!!!!


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