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Welcome to this Higher Consciousness Guided
Meditation to Build Your Intuition and Connection. A Becoming A Better You Meditation by Skeed. This is a very powerful meditation for anyone
looking to increase their Intuition and higher consciousness. You will also reach a deep relaxation level
to release and tension and stress you have. It will not only help you build your intuition,
it will help to protect yourself and heal yourself from the modern afflictions like
stress, depression and anxiety. It will help you build your intuition and
attune your senses and to evolve in your journey with your higher consciousness. You will increase your powers of manifestation,
intuition and self mastery as well as your connection to source. This guided meditation will take repeated
sessions to do. Don’t think after one session your intuition
will have grown much, don’t think you are going to increase your higher consciousness
exponentially in one session. It takes time… Listen to it to at least 30 times over 30
days and I would recommend you come back and use it as often as you need in the longer
term to stay connected to your higher self. I would also recommend you use headphones
so making sure all distractions are away and that you will not be disturbed by anything
for the next while….. Get comfortable, I would recommend lying down
for this meditation but you can also do it sitting comfortably as long as your spine
is straight. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in. Inhale into your diaphragm, your ribs, your
lungs. Hold it for a second… and let it out. Become aware of how you are breathing. Breath in, and out become aware of your stresses,
you have right now. Breath in…And as you breathe out let all
your stresses go. See how slowly you can make your breath. Become aware of your body and the stress in
your body and as you breathe out let them go. Breath in and let your breath go. Imagine you are on a beach. There is a gentle cool wind. The sun is shining, there are very small waves
breaking on the sand. The crystal clear water, the bright blue sky,
soft sand. Feel the gentle breeze on your skin. Hear the waves gently breaking on the shore. The crystal clear water… The nice cool sand… Feel your body relaxing on the beach. There’s no one in sight, you are all by
yourself. Safe, calm and relaxed. Now as we are here bring all your sensations
to the toes of your feet. Now move that sensation to your feet and as
you do, your toes disappear…. Move the feeling up to your ankles and become
aware your feet have disappeared. Move the feeling up your lower legs… slowly
towards your knees and as it passes through… it disappears below… Your lower legs are disappearing. The sensation is at your knees. Bring it up to your thighs as your knees disappear. Bring it up to your pelvis as your legs disappear. Bring it into your internal organs as your
pelvis disappears … Up to your chest… up to your shoulders… your chest disappears. Hold this feeling here. Feel the same sensation in your fingers…. And as it moves to your hands, your fingers
disappear … up to your wrists.. Up to forearms to your elbows. Up your upper arms to your shoulders as all
your arms disappear. Combine the power of the sensations of relaxation
in your shoulders. Move it
up to your neck… As your shoulders disappear. Move the feeling into your jaw as your neck
disappears…. Your tongue, the roof of your mouth, your
cheeks, your ears, your temples…. The back of your head. Your brain and your scalp…. Let the sensations float above you as your
head disappears…. For those of you here that do ADD I hope you
have taken my guided meditation for ADD so you know what to do here. For everyone else…. you are in your mind,
your consciousness now….. So we are going to let it go, now. We are going to walk down ten steps to a path
which leads to a gate. 10 down the first step, down one step and
as you step down you relax further now, softly, safely, relaxed. 9… down we go, relaxing further and further
into the energy of the universe, further feeling our bond, our connection with it. 8 down we go again, relaxing more now, more
relaxed than you have ever been in your life. 7 times deeper now, 7 times more relaxed. 6, softly, deeply, gently. 5… half way down now. 4 times deeper still. 3…. Relax…. 2….. 1…. We are at the bottom of the steps at the top
of the path that leads down to a gate and with every step we take we relax further. Start a slow gentle walk down the path to
the gate. Relaxing, disappearing… Soft gentle…. The gate is getting closer. We are nearly at the gate… So relaxed… So deep… So calm. As we come to the gate it opens for us…. As pass through …. And you enter a safe
place. The safest place you have ever been. Full of a calm relaxed positive omnipotent,
all powerful energy a higher consciousness. Now we are here, we are going to start using
this energy of higher consciousness. We are going to use it in 2 ways. I want you to become aware of your body ever
so slightly that you made disappear before. Feeling it and see it from afar like on a
cinema screen as you are still in this safe place of higher consciousness beyond the gate. Stay surrounded by this positive energy. See your body on the screen. Now imagine a magnetic energy, it is not just
magnetic in fact… it is …. electro-maganetic energy… it looks like a cool flame but not
a flame of heat. It is a spiritual flame like those taught
in various religions, a flame of baptism the flame of higher consciousness this flame can
also be understood better by some as a beautifully coloured smoke so take which better fits you
and see it, feel it rising up through and around your feet of your body on the screen. Up the backs of your legs… Through and around your buttocks and genitals. Through and around your spine and abdomen. Up and around your back and chest… Up it goes. A powerful magick like energy, a healing energy… It comes up and it passes around and through
your shoulders, neck and head, passing through your pineal and pituitary glands, where your
third eye is said to be …. And out above you. Feel the flow of this powerful omnipotent,
all powerful electro-magnetic higher consciousness energy flowing all the way from the bottom
of your feet through to the top of your head and out into the universe. And now become aware of another source of
energy above you. This energy is the energy which is the source
of light. Not light itself as light is but a reaction
to this energy I mention. Now bring this energy in through the crown
of your head and as you do your head reacts to this energy and starts to become bright
with light. Let it fill your head… neck…. Shoulders….chest…. And arms…. Abdomen…. Hands…. Pelvis…. Thighs … knees … calves …. ankles and
feet. This light shines out out your fingers and
toes and starts to fill the enter space you are in with light. The light expands out of the palms of your
hands and the soles of your feet… it spills out of your skin moving up your legs and hands….. Torso and head….. You are now the light, filling the space you
are in. You are the light now and also the flame. The first flame or smoke energy combines with
the light energy. They combine to become brighter and more powerful
than a star, than the sun, than sirius A and B combine, brighter than the star at the center
of our galaxy…. So bright and powerful that your connection
to the underlying power of the universe the omnipotent power, higher consciousness starts
to become stronger. Stronger and stronger it gets….. You are the light and the flame combined just
keep merging with the higher consciousness, all knowing energy, more and more and more. All your hidden frequencies for intuition,
healing and more become attuned to those of this great power of source and higher consciousness. You are becoming aligned with this power,
in balance with it so your intuition can increase your power of healing can increase and all
your other powers can increase. Keep connecting until there is no yes and
no no, no black and white, no light and dark, no duality at all. There just is…. now. You have right now the power within you, you
are your higher consciousness now. To use it to the advantage of the universe
and source and the higher consciousness. To grow your experience of higher consciousness. And while you use it for the growth of source
you can maintain your connection to the higher consciousness. When you wish to use it to grow your intuition,
to experience better intuition, to manifest for the growth of your higher consciousness
it is yours to command. So you are healed now of anything you consider
right to be healed from, if it is in your nature to do so. To be able to help the universe grow in strength
and power. Everything is in tune now right here, right
now. And understand you know the way to get it
back anytime you feel it fading, for whatever reason it may fade. So take this time now to be grateful to yourself
for taking the time to make this higher consciousness connection, be grateful to the connection
itself. Be grateful to the present moment. Here and now. Stay here in gratitude for a few moments feeling
and pondering this new connection you have until you hear my voice again…………… And now it is time to go back… so know,
right now, that when you are back you will be positively energized, rested and full of
energy and free from the old stresses and strains of your old life. That one you had before you took this journey. When you go back it will be as though you
are a new…. So bring yourself back to the safe space beyond
the gate….. And now see the gate and move towards it…. Pass through the gate. Float up the path to the ten steps. Up we go now, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
back now to the beach…. Take another look at this mighty place…… And as you do, start to become aware of your
body…. Feeling your body once more, your eyes, and
head…. Neck and shoulders… arms and hands……
torso…… legs and feet….. Become aware once more of your breath and
your breathing…… move your eyes under their lids…. Wiggle your toes…. And your fingers….. And when you are ready, open your eyes…… Namaste.


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