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– Hi, everyone. Welcome to Home,
your 30-day yoga journey. It’s Day 19. Drum roll, please. (drumming) Balance. Let’s get started. (upbeat gentle music) Alrighty, my friends, let’s begin in a
nice, comfortable seat. Welcome back. As your ready,
sit up nice and tall. Close your eyes and just
take a moment here to tune in. Notice how you feelin’ today. Go ahead and use this moment
to acknowledge whatever it took (chuckles) to get here. Some days a bit easier. Some days a bit more difficult. But perhaps it is true that
the hardest part is now over. You’re here,
you’ve pressed play, you’ve landed and you can allow
the practice to do its thing, simply be present as best you can along the way. We’ll, of course, use our breath as a tool to anchor one present moment
leading to the next. Take a deep breath in here. Inhale, big, big, big, big, big. And exhale nice and slow,
long breath out. Inhale, big, big, big, big, big. Lift your heart, lift your head. And exhale long,
slow breath out. And one more cycle, this time just notice where
you might be clenching. Just kind of a
pattern or habitual thing, or maybe it’s really a bit of tension
in the body today. Big breath in if
you haven’t already. And then use your exhale to
really soften any areas that you might feel like you
are holding or clenching. Cool. Then we’ll
slowly open the eyes. We’re gonna bring the
fingertips to our sides. We’re going to bring back
this little synchronization. Pull the pinkies back
and when you’re ready, inhale, here we go,
lifting the arms up halfway. So wrists are in
line with the shoulders. Exhale, palms come together. Today as you bring the palms
together think about lifting your sternum up
to meet your thumbs. So we’re reinforcing that lift. Chin to chest keep
the sternum lifted, even though
you’re bowing the head. And then inhale, reach
fingertips all the way up. Think about reaching
from your side waist. Side waist to the shoulders,
shoulder to the elbow, elbow to the wrist, wrist
to the fingers and beyond. And then exhale,
press it down with energy, here we go. All the way to the earth. Inhale. Fingertips reach out. Exhale, hands come together. Namaste. Chin to chest.
Reach behind. Inhale, long puppy belly. Think long
belly as you reach up. Exhale, float it down. Inhale. Fingertips left to right. Exhale, palms
together in prayer. Chin to chest, reach behind. Inhale, all the way up. And exhale float it down. Marrying the
action to the breath, the breath of the action.
Reach it out, breathe in. On your exhale
palms come together. Chin to chest. Keep the heart lifted. Inhale all the way up,
listen carefully, reach, reach, reach. Exhale, we’re gonna
take a twist to the left. Right hand to the left knee,
left fingertips behind. Try to keep the
heart lifted here. Tuck the chin slightly. Inhale to sit
up a little taller. Exhale to draw the navel in. Maybe gently look
past your left shoulder. Inhale in again,
lift your sternum. And exhale, slowly release,
come back to center. Fingertips on the earth,
at your sides. Here we go, inhale. Send them out left to right. Exhale, palms come together. Namaste. Chin to chest.
Reach behind. Big inhale. Long belly reach, reach, reach. On the exhale, twist to
your right, nice and slow. Ooh, my shoulder. Inhale to lift the heart. Exhale, little bit of
a journey into the twist. I’m gonna keep reminding you
there’s never really any need, I just don’t see it to crank
or push in these twists so keep it nice and easy.
Work from the inside out. Take your time.
Keep finding that grace. Alright, inhale. Use your exhale
to bring it back. Awesome, bring
the palms together. Let’s bow the head to the heart. Inhale in deeply here. Exhale, empty it out. Pause here.
Notice how you feel. So sometimes a path to balance is not in the doing all the things that we’re told to do for our
well-being but in the listening or the undoing even. So taking these moments to really pay attention. Again, notice where
you might be gripping or holding anything at all. And then inhale, drop that
breath down into your belly. Exhale to release
and come forward, Downward Facing Dog.
Take your time. If you want to sneak in some
little Cat-Cows before you head up that way, you know I’m all for that. Take your time. Start to amp up the breath. Make that inhale
a little bit longer. See if you can
extend the exhale as well. If you’re working in some
spinal flexion in Cat-Cow, go ahead and make
your way to Downward Dog. Start to ground
through the fingertips. Remember, upper arm bones rotate
out and then we’ll balance that external rotation with the
inner rotation of the femurs, the thigh bones,
knowing of course, that starts at the feet,
the ankles, the shins, the knees, the hips. Here we go.
Inhale in deeply. Exhale, melt your heart
towards the tops of your thighs. It’s okay to bend the
knees generously here. Good, make sure you’re not
holding in the head or the neck. So it’s one thing if
you want to peek at me, I got you, but then make sure you take a couple
solid breaths here. Each practice in
Downward Dog, do check in. Make sure we’re not
gripping or holding in the neck, cutting off that flow
of energy to the crown. You’re here for one more breath.
You’re doing great. Excellent, tuck the chin. Slowly shift forward into Plank. You got this. Walk the toes out.
Take a nice wide stance. Make sure you’re
not too narrow here. Hips, excuse me, toes are as
wide as the hips or wider. Wrists underneath the shoulders. We’re gonna puff up
through the upper back body. We’re gonna send
the heels out, way out, crown of the head
reaching way forward. Inhale in deeply here. And exhale, bending the elbows, lowering all the way to
the belly with control. Great. Press into
the tops of the feet. Drag the hands in
line with the rib cage. Squeeze those
elbows into the side body. Tuck the chin, inhale, press into the pubic
bone and roll up, Cobra. Keep it nice and low. And exhale,
forehead kisses the mat. Tuck the chin, think
about uncurling here. Press the pubic
bone into the earth. We rise up, breathe in. Maybe Cobra
grows a little taller. And exhale
forehead kisses the mat. Keep squeezing those elbows in. Claw through the
fingertips and again, inhale, we rise up,
Bhujangasana. On the exhale it
crests and falls. Forehead kisses the mat. Beautiful. Nice and easy here, you’re
gonna press up to all fours. Inhale in, exhale,
Tabletop Position. Walk the knees
underneath the hip points. Wrists still
underneath the shoulders. Oh, what’s up creaky old floor? Are you there? Nope. No, okay. (floor creaks) Oh, there we go. Alright, that’s for like O.G. Yoga with Adriene community. Alright, here we go. Front body lifts up.
(floor creaks) (laughs) Now it’s
really coming into play. Front body lifts up to meet
the back body and peek at me if you’re confused
about what that means. So here I go of my beautiful
natural curvature of the spine doing its thing with gravity. I’m gonna draw my navel up, hug
the little ribs so that my lower back can lengthen and it’s this
feeling of kind of sucking up my front body to meet my back body. It’s a bit of
an odd image when you’re not like in
the room together. So, here we go. Tabletop Position. Inhale, kick the right foot out. Keep the right toes on
the ground here to start. In fact, let’s do a little
sawing motion front and back just to reinforce
this connection to Dunda. Start to strengthen
through the wrists. Great, then
we’ll find stillness. You’re gonna inhale. Exhale, lift the right heel up. Think about keeping
your right pinky toes dialed down towards the ground. Adding the left arm, inhale, left thumb up towards
the sky, pinky down. Reach forward as if
you’re shaking someone’s hand. And exhale, bring it all in.
Rounding through the spine. Good, inhale. Extend, expand. Exhale, draw it in. Pressing into the top of
your left foot for stability. Inhale, extend. Exhale, navel
draws up to the spine. Beautiful.
Inhale, extend. And exhale, draw it in. One more, you got it.
Inhale, extend. And exhale, draw it in.
Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Try to touch your right
heel to your right glute. Good and then release. Take a second here if you need
to rotate the wrists, you can. Okay, don’t give
up on those wrists. You know, maybe you’re not used
to being on your hands so we can’t expect it to just be
like, oh, sensation free. We’re gonna build some
strength and stability there. Alright, resetting,
finding that Tabletop. When you’re ready, inhale in. Exhale, navel
draws up to the spine, neck nice and long. Inhale, kick the left foot out. Let’s keep the left toes
on the ground here to start. We’ll find that rocking
sensation front and back here. This is a great time to just
check in with your hands too. Also make sure that the upper
arm bones are rotating out. You want your elbow creases
shining towards the front of the room rather than being here. Just nice, mindful of placement. Then press into the
top of your right foot. Here we go.
Inhale in. Exhale, lift up. Left heel, left toes dialing
down towards the ground so that hip can stay somewhat level. Lots of awareness here. We’re not leaning into
the right side of the body. We’re pressing
into both palms evenly. And then we can stay
here working just the leg or let’s add that right
arm if you’re ready. Inhale, extending forward. Try to keep that
right shoulder plugged in. Hug the low ribs up and in. You’re doing great.
Inhale. Exhale, bring it all in. No need to rush here.
Inhale, extend. Exhale, bring it in. Inhale, extend. Press into the top
of your right foot. And exhale navel draws up. Inhale, extend. Exhale, draw it in. Inhale, extend. Exhale, draw it in. One more, finish strong.
You got it. Inhale. Exhale, squeeze and lift,
squeeze and lift. Definitely defying gravity here.
Squeeze and lift. Try to reach your left
heel towards your left glute. Strengthening that hamstring. Yeah, baby.
Come back down. Awesome. Here we go.
Bring the big toes together. Knees as wide as the yoga mat. Send the hips back. Reach the fingertips forward. We’re gonna tent pole the palms. That just is a phrase that means
put a little pole in the center of your palm,
lift your wrists up. Keep your fingertips
on the ground though. It’s almost as if
you’re clawing into the earth. And then from here, we’re gonna
draw the chin into the chest, but keep the wrist lifted. Should feel really good. Press into your pinkys. Even if the forehand doesn’t come towards the earth,
that’s alright. Just allow the weight
of your head to go here. Breathe into the low back. Breathe into the belly. So active arms. Beautiful, press in
to the tops of the feet. Plant the palms,
slowly rise back up. Walk the knees
underneath the hip points, curl the toes under
and as you’re ready, follow your breath,
hips up high and back. Downward Facing Dog. Inhale in deeply here. Exhale, nice cleansing breath
out through the nose or mouth. Good. Bend your knees. Inhale to look forward. Exhale to make
your way to the top. You can crawl,
baby step, hop, float, ragdoll. Feet together today,
really together. You’re gonna zip
up through the legs, feel this connection from the
arches of your feet all the way up through your inseam. Then bend your
knees just slightly. Listen carefully, think about
lifting your hip creases up towards the sky so you feel a
little more spaciousness in the backs of the legs. Then clasp opposite elbow with
opposite hand and take a second here with the legs zipped up so you have to
hold on to your balance. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Take it to one side and
then the other, nice and slow. Keep thinking of lifting your
hip creases up high towards the sky, zipping the legs together. Protip, slow it down. Alright. Back to center. Go ahead and release it. Bend the knees generously. Tuck the chin and
slowly roll it up. Enjoy. Squeeze the legs together. Open the palms forward.
Lengthen through the crown. Take a deep breath in. And use that exhale to relax your shoulders
down, down, down. Great, lead with a thumbs here. Inhale, palms facing each other
as if you were holding a big beach ball up and overhead. Volcano pose.
Zip through the legs. Thumbs back,
pinkies forward. Go ahead and open up here once
you land so you can create more spaciousness in the shoulders. Now zip up through
the legs, inhale in. Exhale, nice and
slow palms kiss together. We’re gonna slice
right down the midline today, returning to
this so nice and slow. Inhale halfway
lift your version. Pull back with the hip creases,
reach forward with the crown. Exhale, soften and fold. Step the right foot back.
Just the right foot. Back knee lowered or lifted. Inhale, we rise up. Palms facing each other.
Reach for the sky. And then exhale, check it out, we’re gonna send the
fingertips to the ground. Pull the left hip crease so
both legs are straight here. Then bend your
right knee, step it up, come into that Pyramid Pose. Inhale to find extension. Lengthen the spine,
gaze forward. Exhale to soften and fold in. Take one breath here. If this is a little too much,
you can return to this runner’s stretch that we know so well. Alright, big inhale in and out. Then we’ll use the fingertips
on the earth and a connection to center to come right
back down to a nice low lunge. Inhale, open the chest,
look forward. Exhale to plant the palms,
step it back to Plank. Inhale to look forward,
come forward on the toes. Again, remember, you can
always lower the knees here, but nice and
strong in your core. Deep breath in. Exhale to lower all
the way down to the belly. Inhale, Cobra, let it grow. And exhale to soften and fold
back down towards the earth. Curl the toes under inhale in,
keep your gaze down. As you exhale,
press up to Plank. Super strong. Deep breath in. Listen carefully, exhale,
lower all the way back down. Inhale in, stay here. Toes curled under. Exhale, press up to Plank. Inhale in. Exhale, lower down to the belly. Last one, you got this.
You are strong. Inhale in. Exhale, power up to
Plank and Downward Facing Dog. Nice work. Shake the head. Smell your armpit. Stay present. Alright, bend the knees.
Inhale to look forward. Exhale to make
your way to the top. Feet together, really together. Zip up tight. Inhale halfway lift,
your version. Nice, long, beautiful neck. And then exhale
to soften and fold. Fingertips come to the earth.
We step the left foot back. Back knee lowered or lifted. Inhale to rise up
strong with your breath. Big inhale. Exhale, float it down. Fingertips to the earth. Peel back with
the right hip crease, straighten the front leg.
Take your time here. When you’re ready,
step the back foot up and in, Pyramid Pose. Again, other option here would
be in your runner’s stretch. Nice and grounded
through their feet. Inhale, look forward,
find extension, a little bit of length.
Open up through the chest. Exhale to fold in. Nose toward the knee. That’s just like the intention.
Don’t worry if it gets there. Cycle of breath here,
in and out. Stay grounded through the feet. Then find a bend
in that front leg, fingertips come to the earth. We kick the left foot back
into that nice low lunge. Keep your core lit
here as we open up, inhale, look forward. Exhale, plant the palms,
step it back. Shifting forward,
belly to Cobra. Nice and slow. Use an inhale to
open your heart, lift up. And using the
exhale to slowly lower. Okay, here we go.
You can do this on your knees. Curl the toes under. Inhale in. Exhale, navel drives up
to the spine as you press up, Plank. Top of a push-up. Great, inhale in. Exhale, slowly
lower with control. Inhale in. Exhale, press it up. Inhale it at the top. Exhale, slowly
lower with control. Inhale in. Exhale, press up, power up. This time quietly
whisper to yourself, “I am strong.” I am strong. Downward Facing Dog. Inhale lots of love in here. Exhale lots of love out. On your next inhale
lift the right leg up high. Exhale, step it all the way up. Pivot on the back foot.
Warrior II. Leading with the left
fingertips forward, up and back. Sink into that front leg.
Take up space here. Find your breath. Then inhale, reach the right
fingertips forward, up and back. Keep that front knee bent.
You got this. Strong and steady.
Peaceful Warrior. Listen carefully,
hug the low ribs in. Right elbow’s gonna come to
the top of the right thigh, left fingertips to the
sky whenever you’re ready. Big breaths,
strong legs, reach it up. Good, option to
take their right fingertips to the inner arch
of the right foot. Option to take the left
fingertips all the way forward. Nice bright line
from the outer edge of the left foot
to the left fingertips. Breathe deep wherever you are. Inhale, wiggle
the left fingertips. Exhale to bring it
all the way back down. Find your twist by taking the
right fingertips up towards the sky as you breathe in. And then use your exhale to
bring it back to the lunge. Plant, step the right foot back. Straight to Downward Facing
Dog or moving belly to Cobra, Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog. We’ll meet in
Downward Facing Dog. Hips up high and back. You can also take Benji’s version of Downward
Facing Dog right now. (chuckles) On your next inhale, let’s take the left leg up high. Exhale to shift it forward,
come all the way up. Pivot on the back foot. Lead with right
fingertips reaching forward. Front knee stays bent,
up and back, Warrior II. Strong. Back toes are turned in. We’re working on this connection
from the base of the spine to the top being in a
straight vertical line. So if you’re
leaning forward here, pull it back, my darlin’. Press into the outer
edge of your back foot. So strong foundation. Now that we have
the strong foundation, send the left
fingertips forward, up and back, Peaceful Warrior. Tuck the chin slightly,
hug the low ribs in. Then navel draws in from center. We bring the left elbow
to the top of the left thigh. Right fingertips
up towards the sky. Extended Side Angle,
your version. You can stay here or maybe
bring the left fingertips down. Maybe right
fingertips all the way up. Creating a nice line from the
outer edge of the right foot all the way through the side body
and out the right fingertips to infinity and beyond. Take a deep breath in. You got this.
Wiggle the right fingertips. Use your exhale to dial it all
the way back to the lunge right in to your twist. Right hand to the earth. Left fingertips towards the sky. Big breath in. Open your heart. And then exhale all the way out. Plant the palms,
step the left toes back. Big breath in here. Exhale with control,
lower all the way down. Squeeze your elbows in.
Here we go. On the breath,
inhale, rise up, Cobra. And on the exhale, it crests and
falls with control. Awesome.
Slowly press up to all fours. You’re gonna
walk your knees wide, walk on the toes together,
and then curl them under. Then walk the hands in and we’re
gonna slowly lift up knees wide, toes together. Cool? Alright, so we
have options here. First option
everyone should take, which is just
to lift the corners of the mouth just a hair. Take a deep breath in.
Long breath out. Notice if you’re dumping
all of your weight into your fingertips, start to
light up this energy that we’ve been cultivating
through this whole journey. You got it. So the first thing you can do is
just to start to light up that energy and stay with like one
or two fingers on the ground. You might get to a place where
you bring your palms together, squeeze the heels together,
lift up from the pelvic floor, and we come here to a toe stand. Check it out. So we’re here
just working, working. Here working, working. Squeezing, squeezing, squeezing. Remember the
squeezing of the legs right from that first Mountain?
Find that here, that lift. You can even lift your center
a hair and that might actually help, even though it
seems counterintuitive, seems harder. Okay. And then we can
take the palms forward. Third option and work in
an arm balance, Bakasana. So nice wide
stance with the hands, upper arm bones rotate out. We’re gonna send
the gaze forward. All this work we’ve been
doing of Dunda lengthening, lengthening, see ya, Benji! Love you. We want to keep the gaze out. If you keep the gaze in then you’re gonna do a somersault. So we’re breathing here. We’re gonna work
wherever we feel good today. And I’ll guide you through
the practice of Bakasana if we want to
get a little taste. So upper arm bones
rotate out, gaze forward. We lift the center,
we walk the knees close into the armpit chest. All the work we do in the feet
so good for these asanas, right? It’s not just your
core and your arms. Alright, so wherever you are,
keep breathing. Nice, long, smooth,
deep breaths. If you want to give Crow a try let’s walk the knees
up towards the armpit. Keep the toes together and just
keep your gaze forward as you find this sawing
motion front and back. Front and back. And maybe this is
all we work with today. Working up a bit
of tapas, a little heat. And then maybe you find, maybe
one foot comes off the ground. And then maybe the other. Keep breathing. You got it. Just notice where you
are today and then maybe, maybe we lift the toes up. Play around just for a bit. And if you need to take
a break, that’s alright. Deepen your breath. And then if you’re
working in the Crow, Bakasana, go ahead
and come back out. If you’re in the toe stand,
let’s meet everyone with the hands back on the earth. Then walk them out, out, out. Feel the stretch
in the low back. We’re gonna slowly bring the
knees back into the center, press into your toes. Protect the knees. Here we go, knees kiss, soft
landing and then we’re gonna swing the legs to
one side, any side, and send the legs
out long and in front. Good, take the palms
to the tops of the thighs, sit up nice and tall
as you loop the shoulders, excuse me, forward, up and back. Deep breath in as you
flex your toes with your face. And then exhale, point the toes,
slide your hands all the way down and bow inward. So we’re not really going for like the peanut butter
and jelly move. That’s like O.G. yoga. Just going for
a bit of a reverent bow and a gentle
curvature in the spine. You can totally grab a hold,
go for the gold, but find what
feels good, for sure, here. Okay, a few
closing breaths here. If you have a little extra
time after today’s practice, you might try
ending with Nadi Shodhana, alternate nostril breathing. Particularly if it’s
towards the end of the day or if you’re just
feeling a bit anxious. I will link to it. Take one more deep breath in. Use your exhale
to slowly roll up, rise up. You can either come to lie flat
back position or cross at the ankles and sit up nice and tall. Take a second to scan the body. Notice how you feel. Then slowly
bringing the palms together. Thumbs up to the third eye. Inhale lots of love in. And exhale lots of love out. I love this idea or just I love
when I remember on any given day that balance is
my natural state. So this idea of
coming home really to me, it just makes a lot of sense. I’m not trying to
achieve my balance. I’m trying to return back. Back to it. Balance is my natural state. Let’s take one
final breath in together. Here we go, big inhale. And exhale to bow. Namaste. (upbeat gentle music)


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  18. Chryssoula Myers

    January 21, 2020 2:16 am

    Please come and teach a class in Jacksonville, FL!!!! You're the best! Another amazing day! Thank you! 🙂

  19. Eva-Maude Lussier

    January 21, 2020 2:18 am

    I managed to squeeze in 4 days of HOME yesterday to come back to the routine and end up doing Balance today ! ❤ Went by so fast and I felt like I was shaky but balanced and focused on the task. I remember telling myself during this practice that Balance is key with my daily life (4 university classes, working full time as a social worker technician, squeezing in sleep/food/chores), I really need yoga…it has helped me so much this past year (and 20 days)😉!!! Much love to everyone doing this wonderful yoga journey….we all got this!!🙏💜🙏

  20. Jason Tribela

    January 21, 2020 2:37 am

    Everything seems to be falling into place naturally day by day, well balanced. Thank you Adriene for sharing such a wonderful practice of yoga with us. Namaste 🙏

  21. Maggie Woolford

    January 21, 2020 2:37 am

    After a fairly lazy weekend, where I struggled to really get into Day 17 and 18, today was just what I needed. A great combo of deep breaths and stretching paired with lunges and planks that woke up my body. Thank you Adriene for reminding me that I am strong!

  22. María Paz Domínguez

    January 21, 2020 2:38 am

    Day 19, check!

    This one was hard. It has been really hard days, especially when suffering insomnia. 🙁

  23. driverdown789

    January 21, 2020 2:48 am

    I had to pause this video twice and had to rewatch and practice for another 8ish minutes before I was finally satisfied with the last move 🙃 what a way to discover new things about yourself, huh? Lol. Love it!

  24. Dark Light

    January 21, 2020 2:54 am

    I had a little emotional release at the end. I must have moved some kind of block. Thank you Adriene. ☯️

  25. Lisa C

    January 21, 2020 3:00 am

    Fighting with my RA today, twinges in wrists, back and hands. was able to finish feeling a better. Yoga helps to keep the tendons and joints less stiff and am building strength. Thank you Adriene and community for supporting each other. This journey is healing and wonderful ❤️

  26. missheniki

    January 21, 2020 3:09 am

    I’m looking for some optimism/encouragement : Is it possible to work your way up to the Crow – even if it takes months and months – after a number of wrist surgeries? I have very little of my right wrist capsule left, and have a lot of weakness in that joint… I struggle to do some of the moves on my hands (I go on to my knuckles), but I have noticed some slow improvement in the last 19 days.

    Thoughts, suggestions, personal experience?

    I love this community ❤️💙

  27. Candace Toms

    January 21, 2020 3:26 am

    I’m so glad I showed up today. Yesterday was hard and I was worried I would struggle again today, but I felt strong instead. I even took the time to follow up with the breathing practice, which was so calming and comforting. I feel I am getting more out of this 30 day Home challenge than I expected, and am grateful.

  28. Hope McLellan

    January 21, 2020 3:29 am

    I love balance practices!! And crow was one of the first poses I learned when I did yoga for the first time! (I was about 13) it's been really fun to re-learn that one!!! Namaste!!

  29. Rolanda Wilkins

    January 21, 2020 3:30 am

    The past few days I’ve had more energy after practice. When I saw the thumbnail on this one I was like oh no she don’t think I’m doing that. I got on the mat and did everything by the crow. Then I set a goal for 2021 to learn how to do the crow. Keep on going. I at least did the squat for a long time. Growing strength. Thank you.

  30. Lockheed

    January 21, 2020 3:43 am

    Day 19 completed . . Pushed myself hard and did the posture not perfectly but felt good to do the posture for few seconds .. thanks #adriene namaste 🙏

  31. 24K Healing

    January 21, 2020 3:43 am

    Loving this daily practice, 2nd year I've committed to the 30 day journey.

    Off topic, I noticed Benji twice in the last week when he gets up. His right hind leg seems stiff, walks with a bit of a limp? Maybe it's just me?

  32. Maria Elliott

    January 21, 2020 3:45 am

    Once the 30 days are over, what is the best way to continue doing yoga? I feel like it is really making a difference and I want to continue!!

  33. itsawildbella

    January 21, 2020 3:56 am

    I had a lot of struggles in this practice today, but I also had some successes!! I was finally able to bring my legs straight from downward dog into a lunge without having to hop it up! I am realizing that I tend to work harder than I need to, and move faster than I need to, so my focus for these next 11 days is to soften, slow down, and focus on returning to my balance.

  34. Jane Daniel

    January 21, 2020 3:58 am

    reaally seeing the results from doing yoga every single day in today's practice. I felt so strong and capable and I "remembered my vocabulary" and applied what I could to make everything feel much better. I have been doing yoga for six years and I haven't felt as good doing it as I do now.

  35. Maryann Santos

    January 21, 2020 3:58 am

    Can anybody say CROW? I feel as though I can one day get this form…I feel the foundation setting. CAW CAW

  36. Savannah Bownds

    January 21, 2020 4:03 am

    I enjoyed today’s practice. I was able to hold crows pose for just a few seconds! I’m loving this journey and will be sad when it ends.

  37. Sarah Barlass

    January 21, 2020 4:17 am

    My son now procrastinated bedtime be doing “oga” 😂 he is 2. Tonight I told him about Benji and he got REALLY excited! ❤️🧘🏻‍♀️👦🏼🐶

  38. Anthony Retodo

    January 21, 2020 4:51 am

    In the process to achieve balance and control the wobble, I now understand to not fight it and accept where I am now. Suddenly my soul is still and peaceful and having fun.

  39. Andrew Jacobson

    January 21, 2020 4:52 am

    Finally realizing how important breathing is, it really helps with balance. Yesterday my nose was a little plugged up and I really struggled with balance. One of these days I’ll figure out crow for more than a split second before I end up on my face. Thank you🙏🧘🏻‍♂️ ps I’m now practicing the Benji version

  40. Carolyn Tucker

    January 21, 2020 5:15 am

    The suggested alternate nostril breathing directly after was a friggin' gift. Thank you. What a 'heady' charm before bedtime. I hope my dreams are as intensely luscious.

  41. Silent Herald

    January 21, 2020 5:47 am

    Great day 🙂 I needed to stop video to check Google translator what "sternum " is, but everything beside that I made fluently 🙂

  42. balltavorb

    January 21, 2020 6:02 am

    I'll be honest I almost called it on this one just because I saw the thumbnail and was like "…Nah. Adriene please people can't actually do that it's impossible". But here I am anyway. I think Benji agreed because he saw that pose coming at 25:35 and was like "aight, ima head out". Same Benji, same.

  43. Tonya Ballman

    January 21, 2020 6:17 am

    Adriene, I've been following your channel for a long time and have heard you say "peanut butter and jelly" so many times. I understand what it means, but what is the origin of that phrase?

  44. Elizabeth Engel

    January 21, 2020 6:31 am

    I actually was able to get both feet of the ground for a split second while doing crow pose today happy dances Balance. Half believing and half doing. Thank you for a wonderful practice, Adriene! Namaste 🙂

  45. Marcela Lanz

    January 21, 2020 7:11 am

    It was the tailored session for me since I woke up a bit anxious and its helping me find my balance again🧘🏻‍♀️.May we all have a wonderful day in balance🙏🏻Thank you Adriene, Namaste 🙏🏻💗✨💫🌟

  46. Tony Maynard

    January 21, 2020 7:42 am

    I've been feeling really defeated on the mat for a few days. I had two really hard weeks and a weekend full of work between them, and I've been trying to shake that off this weekend. I was really, really tired doing yoga yesterday and felt so jealous of all the comments saying how good everyone felt because usually I'm one of those commenters. Today I was feeling a bit of the same way, very tired (wake up at 11:30am and take two naps shortly after kind of tired) and trying not to push myself too hard. Crow pose turned my night around! I got off the ground for, I don't know, less than a second probably? But it made me feel like a little kid, like I was playing, just having fun. So that's how Day 19 went for me. I think I did return to a state of balance, even just for a little while! I feel like I'm back on track!

  47. Mammon

    January 21, 2020 7:58 am

    Today was a struggle. I still got on the mat and did my best, though. My arms and shoulders were having some random aches and my bad knee was twingey.
    Attempting crow probably was something I shouldn't have done, but I'm still glad that I tried.

  48. Ludmila Koronakis

    January 21, 2020 8:21 am

    I am not trying to archive balance;
    I am trying to return back to balance;
    Balance is my natural state.

    So perfect!
    Thank you, with tears of joy!

  49. Cherryl Thomas

    January 21, 2020 8:39 am

    Balance for me is difficult to achieve or return to and I didn't try Crow but I loved the practice, thank you again, Adriene!

  50. Al Orange

    January 21, 2020 8:54 am

    I love these small snippets of wisdom we are getting in home. Balance is my natural state. Find a flash of surrender. easy to remember when things get tough, and yet simply and beautifully profound. Cheers mate.

  51. isabelleyab

    January 21, 2020 10:44 am

    I was really tired today but still rolled out my mat. How could I resist Benji’s cuteness ? I struggled to focus for the first half of the practice (nothing to do with Benji !) then suddenly like a wave of energy sweeping over me, I felt strong, focused and relaxed. It was so weird and wonderful ! I’m so glad I did it.
    I still can’t do crow though 😅 but I keep trying !
    Namaste 🙏🏻

  52. Kate Smith

    January 21, 2020 12:07 pm

    I was able to do crow pose for the first time today (3 seconds or so) after YEARS of trying! I was (and am) thrilled. Thank you for encouraging us all. Sending so much love, love, love..

  53. Kaitlyn Burton

    January 21, 2020 12:41 pm

    Doing this a day late but reminding myself that it's ok. Challenging practice today, but it feels good!

  54. Evelyn Soares

    January 21, 2020 12:42 pm

    I think it’s beautiful how we can hear Adriene’s heart beating. It makes me feel so connected 💖

  55. susi huber

    January 21, 2020 12:44 pm

    Wow, after you‘ve been advising us to turn the elbows in for what seems like forever I finally got it. And it really did make a difference in crow pose! Before I could only jump intoniert for a millisecond, but today I could actually hold it for 2 seconds.
    Does help to find the balance inside as well!
    And that was 30 Minutes long? Certainly didn‘t feel like it! Just so enjoyable!

  56. Aparna Samarakoon

    January 21, 2020 1:54 pm

    Omg omg omg!!! I managed a few attempts of a nano second each of the CROW POSE! I now have the belief that i can work on it and not fall on my teeth! Thank you Adriene!!!

  57. Megan Horvath

    January 21, 2020 2:44 pm

    A day late, but I wanted to share something that I discovered in this particular practice that Adriene helped guide me to. I've combined this lovely 30 day yoga series with a journal prompt. So yesterday my prompt was "balance". When Adriene mentioned that balance isn't something to achieve, but something to return to, I was like whooooooaaa. Totally. It makes balance easier and more compassionate. It makes it easier because it takes the "do" or the work out of it because there is nothing to achieve. And it makes it more compassionate because it takes the failure out of it. You can't fail if you're not working towards achievement. Well, maybe you can, idk. Anyway, I just wanted to share that and say thank you to Adriene and this community.

  58. Robopecha

    January 21, 2020 2:44 pm

    crow is still.. i dont understand it. where do i put my knees? my upper arms feel bruised right now and i cant find a spot on them that feels like i can put my weight onto it.

    is this pose even explainable with geometry and physics? or is it some spiritual magic thing?

  59. Rio Mae Blanco

    January 21, 2020 5:09 pm

    Do it when you feel it and undo it when you think you should be 😉 Thank you so much Adriene 💗 Namaste 🙏🏻✨

  60. Agnieszka Pięta

    January 21, 2020 5:13 pm

    First time I did my crow pose too! I'am so proud of myself. Thank you Adriene for every good feeling and state you help finding in us! Lots of love from Poland! <3

  61. LadyMartinson

    January 21, 2020 5:42 pm

    I'm going through a very rough time in my life, I've been rejected by a huge school I tried to get in, I don't have a job, I'm feeling worthless and my anxiety is back and stronger than ever, but I'm trying to stick to this 30 days yoga journey even when I'm tired or feeling blue, and actually I never missed a day thus far.
    Today I was finally able to do a full crow pose and I started screaming and laughing with joy. Adriene, you have no idea how much joy and happiness you brought into this boring day of mine. I didn't even think it was possible for me to achieve that pose, yet I did it and it felt like I was flying. It was freeing, it was beautiful and you just filled me with so much love and lightness. And this journey with you is giving me a little purpose for myself, I'm tryna take care of my body and mind each day and it feels so good. It's like having a sweet, fun friend by my side, it's motivating and every day I can't wait for the next one.
    Thank you.

  62. bloody floss

    January 21, 2020 5:53 pm

    There is always something new to learn in each yoga practice. Whether it be a brand new concept, a deeper understanding of one, or something else!

    During this video, we were instructed to use the breath, and uddiyana bandha, as a source of power between cobra and plank. A simple push up. Before much mind-to-body connection, this has resulted in me using my arms to drag the rest of the body along with me. Slowly, I’ve learned to use the muscles of the legs to lift the lower body, the muscles of the upper back and chest to help lift the upper body. Today, in my practice, I took the instruction of the Uddiyana Bandha with a sharp exhalation of breath, and applied this in this transition, to bring the core up along with the rest of the body. It “clicked”, that deeper understanding was found and put to work. No more dragging, the body is "one moving part", as Adriene has taught.

    This perhaps isn’t a difficult concept to some. I’ve been practicing for a little over two years, and that may not be a long time. To me, before today, it seems like perhaps plenty of time to grasp onto that concept. What the experience tells me, is that the "simple" things are worth going deeper into, because our understanding of these things are perhaps never complete. That seems like hope, to me.

    Thank you, Adriene, and YWA community 💙 Namaste

  63. Stacy Arseneault

    January 21, 2020 6:59 pm

    I almost not showed up for the second day in a row (thanks for the loving encouragement word from the FWFG community, that’s the reason I showed up!)
    I did the beginning of the session, and when it came to the flow, I just was in child pose. Until I wanted some low baby cobra, and right after it was crow pose. Ironically, I lasted the longest time I have ever lasted in balance in crow pose. And then I went to far forward and fallen. And laughed so hard I had tears over my eyes.

  64. Sister Joyous

    January 21, 2020 7:11 pm

    What's the OG (I think?) Adriene refers to in this video? As in, 'creaky old floor – for OG yogis' reference and 'we're not doing the PB & J version of this pose, no, that's OG yoga …. Old Group? Old Girls? Oh God, will I ever do crow?! Thank you, YwA hive mind! This practice was tough for me but We Showed Up. Yesssssss :0)

  65. Susan Wood

    January 21, 2020 7:58 pm

    Thanks for your videos! I have NEVER exercised consistently and I have been doing yoga with you for 3 months now! My 1 year old and 4 year old work out with me (truth time: my 1 year old just crawls over me while I work out and my 4 year old questions why my body is not in the same position as yours, or he asks where Benji is 😊) Thanks for your positivity and talent and for inspiring me to try yoga and keep at it!

  66. Martha Copper Cauldron Art

    January 21, 2020 7:59 pm

    Yesterday I was completely stunned to find that I can touch my feet while keeping straight legs – I thought I had become unflexible but apparently my body is returning to its bendy state! also, I was so happy to find myself in crow pose – I had never even heard of the pose but somehow it worked for me, and I remembered doing something similar as a kid. I just thought I was too "un-fit" and not strong enough but with each day of yoga I notice more about my body and how well it actually works! I'm so grateful for your sessions Adriene <3


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