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– Hi everyone. Welcome to Home,
your 30-day yoga journey. It’s Day 21, boost. Let’s get started. (upbeat gentle music) Alrighty, my darling friends, let’s begin today’s
practice laying down. Come on down to the ground. And we’re gonna start
with just a nice big stretch. So extend the legs out long. Reach your arms all
the way up and overhead and find your breath here
as you spread the fingertips, spread the toes. You can close
your eyes here, feel the skin of
the belly stretch. And keep breathing here. Just a couple I love
you breaths in and out, in and out, in and out. Wiggle your fingers,
wiggle your toes. And on your next exhale, you’re
gonna take a S-H sound out through the mouth
like this (shushes). As if you were
lovingly quieting someone. It’s like that scene from
the “Music Man” and Marian, the librarian.
(shushes) So take a deep breath in. And again, just test it out.
(shushes) And as you find this exhale,
think about your navel contracting down, down, down
towards the earth and just notice. if anything, if that
does something to the pelvis. And you should feel
this like contraction, this connection in your
center as you breathe out. And then, of course,
we find that lift and that expansion as we breathe in. Keep the fingertips spreading,
energy in the feet, here we go. Big inhale. Exhale. S-H sound out through the mouth. (shushes) Empty, empty,
empty, empty, empty. Feel that connection in center. And then big inhale. Again, just experimenting here. Exhale, S-H sound.
(shushes) Contract, contract, contract. Empty and then big inhale. S-H sound, let the
low ribs get heavy here. Feel that contraction
as you breathe out. (shushes) Let the muscles of the
abdominal wall turn on. Then try to maintain this
connection in your core as we slowly bring the knees up,
either both at the same time or one at a time but
from that place of connect. Great, then wrap the
arms around the shins. Give yourself a big hug here as you squeeze the
knees up into the chest. Try to keep the
shoulders relaxed. Breathe here, feel the expansion
of your belly as you breathe in. You can kind of maybe feel
it in the tops of the thighs. And then just reinforce that
contraction as you breathe out. Squeeze the knees up
in towards the chest, feel that pressure
in the low belly. So today’s practice, a little
boost for the internal organs, a little boost
for the immune system. You got to bring the breath. Inhale in again. This time on the exhale,
peel the crown of the head up. Try to keep the shoulders
relaxed here as you lift, lift, lift, nose
towards the knees. Just go as far as you can. Scooping tailbone up, squeezing, feeling that gentle
compression in the belly. Again, massaging the
internal organs today. Inhale in. Exhale to slowly release head,
neck, shoulders to earth. Great, we’re gonna
hold onto the right knee, extend the left leg out long. Inhale in. Exhale again,
nose toward the knee. Pause here.
Breathe deep. Try to keep the
shoulders relaxed. I’m flexing
through both feet here. Really nice and firm through
the top of the left thigh. Great, inhale in. Maybe lift a little higher. And then exhale to slowly,
gently lower down. Great, we’re gonna
take that right knee now, guide it across the body over towards the
left side of the mat. If you want, you can shift
your hips to the right side. Nice supine twist here. No need to push or force,
just let it unravel. Turning on to your right ear,
maybe turning your gaze towards your right fingertips. Breathe nice, big belly breaths. Inhale in deeply. Use your exhale to
slowly melt back to center. And we’ll take
it to the other side. Left knee comes in. Right leg extends out. So nice and active in the feet. Tuck your chin just
slightly here to start, squeezing left knee all the way
up towards your left shoulder. Relax your shoulders.
Find your breath again. Here we go, big inhale. Exhale, peeling the nose
up towards the left knee. Feeling that connection in
your belly as you breathe in. And that contraction
as you breathe out. Nice deep breaths. Skin in the face soft. No pain in the neck. Good, take one more inhale. Maybe lift a little higher,
maybe Eskimo kiss your knee. If you’re not even close,
don’t worry. And then on the exhale,
we gently lower. Great, guide the left knee now
across the body over towards the right side of the mat. You can shift the
hips over towards the left if that feels good. And we take this nice,
supine twist on the other side. Maybe you turn on
towards your left ear. Don’t push it or force it here
at the beginning of practice or really ever (laughs). Just nice, easy unraveling. Use your breath to
find what feels good here. And big inhale. Navel draws to the
spine on the exhale, that’s what brings
us back to center. We’ll plant both feet,
knees up towards the sky. Press the palms into the earth. Snuggle your shoulder blades
underneath your heart space. Inhale to lift the hips up. Press into all four
corners of the feet. Lifting, lifting, lifting
hip points up towards the sky. You can interlace
the fingertips, draw the shoulder blades
a little closer together. A gentle Bridge here. Shins forward. Hips up high. Keep breathing.
Breathe into your belly. Chest lifts to your chin. Then chin lifts to the sky. Great, take one
more deep breath in here. And on the exhale, let that be
your cue to slowly release the bind and with control,
release hips to the earth. Awesome, hug the
knees back up into the chest. We’re gonna rock and roll up and
down the length of your spine. So you can bring the hands to the backs of the
thighs if that helps you. Here we go,
moving with your breath. Massaging up and
down the back body. Eventually we’ll come
all the way up to a nice, comfortable seat of your choice. So that can be cross-legged. It can be on the knees. Sit up nice and tall. We’ll take the left palm bring
it to the belly here and then right palm to come on top. Loop the shoulders,
lift ’em up and take ’em back. Creating space
in the heart, the chest. Nice, long, beautiful neck here. So we’re going to work
with a little breath of fire, a little Kapalabhati Breath. If this pranayama is new to
you, I do have a video just on Kapalabhati but you can
play with it a little bit today. I will guide you. Find that upward
current through the front body. This lift we’ve
been playing with. Ground through the back body, maybe taking the shoulder
blades down, down, down. So we’re gonna inhale in and
just practice this sharp exhale, drawing the navel
in towards the spine. Then the next inhale’s passive
and we work on this sharp, short exhale drawing
the navel in each time. We’ll pick up the pace, but let’s just give it a
couple of practice rounds. So big inhale. Exhale, sharp navel draws in.
(sharp exhale) Inhale. Test it out.
(sharp exhale) And you’re gonna feel your hands
moving out on the inhale and then a sharp
drawing in on the exhale. Try to keep your
shoulders relaxed, particularly if you’ve been
practicing with me for a while. Let’s keep upper
body nice and soft. Lots of awareness. Alrighty, here we go. Deep breath in to start. Exhale, just let everything
out, relax your shoulders. We’ll inhale into
begin Kapalabhati. (sharp exhales repeatedly) Pets love Kapalabhati so if
your pet is coming up to now, try to stay focused. It’s okay to
have a little smile. If you get off
track with the beat, just pick it up again. Nice and easy in the
shoulders and in the face. (sharp exhales repeatedly) Keep it going,
you’re doing awesome. And release. Big inhale,
here we go all together. Nice cleansing breath
out through the mouth. Now seal the lips. Pause, keep breathing, observe. Notice how you feel. Awesome. Then release
your fingertips to your sides. Open your eyes. We’re gonna extend
both legs out long. Inhale, when you’re ready. Send the fingertips
behind the ears. Reach, try to reach
whatever this means to you from your waistline here. So we’re reaching
all the way up, connecting waist to
shoulder to elbow to wrist, all the way up, reach,
reach, reach, reach, reach. Inhale in. Exhale, bend the knees. Belly comes towards the tops of
the thighs and we’re gonna drape over here nice and easy. Relax the weight
to the head over. Listen to the
sound of your breath. In time, you can work
to straighten the legs. Now think of what we often
call this directional breath. As you inhale, the breath
travels down into your belly, towards your guts, right? You can feel
that inhalation here. You can feel the belly expand. And then on the exhale, it comes out and up
through the nose and mouth. So here you can practice
that directional breath, that belly breathing. Breathing in, sending that
air down into the diaphragm. And then feeling
the breath rise up and empty out
through the nose or mouth. Then take one more
deep belly breath in. And empty it out. Sweet, tuck the chin.
Ground through the sits bones. Slowly begin to roll it up. Go ahead and
catch your right knee. Bring your right
foot to the earth. Sit up nice and tall. On an inhale, left
fingertips reach all the way up. Exhale, big twist here. Outer edge of
the left arm coming to the outer edge
of the right knee. Right fingertips or
right palm comes behind. Nice and active
in that left leg. If this is just too twisty,
too pretzel-y for you, doesn’t feel good then let’s
back up the truck and hug the left elbow into the
right knee and work here. Great, drop your
chin to your chest. Inhale in. Exhale, slowly lift
head all the way up, back in alignment
with the heart, chin parallel to the earth. Inhale, belly breath. Exhale,
relax the shoulders, twist. Good, inhale, belly breath. Exhale to unravel. Come back to center and switch. Benji’s working real hard today. Here we go.
Lifting the left knee up. Big breath in to reach
the right fingertips up high. Keep this lift, think up and over as you come
into the twist here. So outer edge of
the right elbow coming to the outer edge
of the left knee. Left fingertips
or left palm behind. Modification to just hug that
right elbow into the left knee. Alright, find that
directional breath. Breathing down into the belly, into the diaphragm
on the inhale. And then using that exhale
to recreate that contraction, that navel drawing in and up,
moving into your twist. Imagine you’re pressing your right foot into an
imaginary wall. Now gently draw the
chin into the chest, bow your head,
take a deep breath in. And exhale,
lifting chin back up. Inhale, lengthen
through the crown. Exhale, journey into the twist. One more, big inhale. And exhale to
bring it back to center. Awesome.
Send both legs out long. Inhale to reach for the sky. Exhale, think up and over,
reach towards your toes. Doesn’t matter if
you can touch them. Doesn’t even
matter if you come close. Just reaching
forward, forward, forward. Relax the weight
of the head down. Just one cycle
of breath here in. Breathe in to the belly and out. Empty, empty, empty. Great, slowly roll it back up. We’re gonna cross the ankles,
come through to a seat. Send the
fingertips out in front. Take the fingertips down. Zombie arms, should feel good. Nice stretch here. And then plug the shoulders
back as you lift your chest. Breathe here. Head over heart,
heart over pelvis. Again, you got to
bring the breath today. Mhmmm. Alright, bend the elbows, grab opposite elbow
with opposite hand here. Sit up nice and tall. Okay, moving with the breath. Inhale, lift the
elbows all the way up. Kind of a peekaboo
moment here. Hey. And then exhale. Elbows in line
with the shoulders. You got this with your breath.
Inhale, lift it up. Exhale, lower. Inhale, lift. Exhale, think
about drawing navel in, finding that contraction. Inhale, lift. Exhale, contract. Inhale think long, puppy belly. Exhale, think hollow body,
hollow front body. Three more, inhale. Exhale. Stick with it.
Two more, inhale. Exhale. Last one. Alright, stay here
in you’re kind of “I Dream of Jeannie” arms. You’re gonna lean back,
listen carefully, we’re gonna bring the soles
of the feet to the ground. Stick with it, stick with it. Keep lifting up
through the chest. Inhale in again. Exhale, find that
contraction as you come back into this little Boat variation. You can keep the big toes on
the ground or you can lift shins parallel to the earth. Check it out, inhale in. Exhale, twisting to the left,
extending right leg. Inhale, come back to center. Exhale, twist to the right,
extending left leg. Inhale to center. Exhale to twist. Inhale to center. Exhale to twist. Inhale to center. Exhale to twist. Inhale to center. Exhale to twist. One more on each side,
you got this. Inhale to center. Exhale to twist. Inhale to center, last one. Exhale to twist. Inhale to center.
Slowly, with control, soles of the feet
come to the earth and, yep, draping over,
relaxing the arms, head relaxes and take
a second here to chill, to rest. Breathe deep. Relax, any tension in
the shoulders, the neck. This would a great opportunity to choose to let go
of any stress, any worry. These things that we
carry around with us. Maybe you said
something you didn’t mean to. Maybe something embarrassed you. Maybe you’re
angry about something. The longer we hold onto them,
the more they kind of, right, manifest and
turn up in the body. Inhale in deeply. And exhale to
slowly lift the chin. Bring the palms to the earth. We’re just gonna
windshield wiper the legs left to right here. Excellent, and then
nice and slow all the way back
down to the earth. When you land there, give yourself a
nice squeeze, big hug. Knees into the chest. Alright, we’re gonna
finish with a Texas T. So send your
fingertips out left to right. And if you don’t have a
room for the full wing span, you can bend the elbows like so,
come to cactus arms or you can stay in the Texas theme and
come to football goalpost arms. Alright, actively scoop the
tailbone up so you feel this connection with the
lower back and the mat. Feel your abdominal
wall turn on here. So we’re gonna end
with this Reclined Twist. But the difference today
is really play with that contraction on exhale. Let’s give it a go, big inhale. Exhale. Slow and steady navel draws in and we’re gonna melt
the knees to the left. Slow and steady. Inhale in. Exhale, contract,
navel draws in. Come back through center. Inhale. Exhale to the right,
navel draws in. Beautiful.
Inhale. Exhale, navel draws in,
come back to center. Good, inhale. Exhale, knees fall to the
left and this time stay here. You can turn on towards your
right ear and breathe deep. Left hand can come
to the outer edge of the right thigh
if that feels good. Maybe close your eyes here or soften your gaze
unless you’re like me looking at the beautiful
white clouds and the blue sky moving super fast today. Maybe you enjoy
something like that here. The leaves moving outside. Inhale, find
that balloon breath. Exhale, navel draws in
and we come back to center. Inhale. Exhale to the right, same thing. Maybe right hand comes to the
outer edge of the left thigh, turning onto the left ear. Try to keep your
left shoulder grounded. Breathe deep. Enjoy. And then big balloon
breath here, inhale. Navel draws in,
come back to center. Last time,
give yourself a big hug, wrap the arms
around the shins, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. And then exhale
to let everything go. Extend the legs out long. Sorry, buddy. Let your arms rest
gently at your sides. Tuck the chin to
lengthen the neck. And close your eyes here. Take a rest. We already know this but just taking a moment
here to lean into this beautiful moment where
we allow ourselves permission to do absolutely nothing. Letting the body be still. Recognizing that
we need this time. Of rest each day. Conscious stillness. So that the
system of the body get a fighting
chance to be well. To work for you. So even if it
feels a little difficult, take three more breaths here
to just relax the weight of the body completely into the earth. Begin to wiggle the fingers,
wiggle your toes. Start to rotate
the wrists and the ankles. And when you’re ready,
take a deep breath. Bring your palms together,
thumbs right to the third eye. Day 21, incredible. It’s an honor and a
pleasure to be on this ride, this journey with you. This walk home. Hope you have a beautiful
rest of the day or evening, and I look forward to
seeing you mañana, tomorrow. Take a deep breath in. Exhale to relax your
shoulders and we whisper Namaste. (upbeat gentle music)


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    Today was really difficult for me. I was just not in the right mind set but I definitely came out on the other side feeling a lot better.

  43. Lea Jacobsen

    January 22, 2020 7:36 pm

    HOME – day 21/30:
    It’s turning out to be a pretty shitty week, but at least I get to see my friend Adriene at the end of the day. Thanks for another awesome practise.❤️

  44. Erica mee

    January 22, 2020 7:41 pm

    Haha just as you said pets love the fire breathing I opened my eyes and got a big kiss right on my face from my dog 😂 laughed my way through the next bit x

  45. poczwarka85

    January 22, 2020 7:42 pm

    This was so challenging for me on so many levels. I’ve tried my best not to get frustrated and just accept this practice as it was. Thank you for including these breathtaking techniques ❤️❤️❤️

  46. Francesca Simonato

    January 22, 2020 7:57 pm

    This slow and sweet practice was so needed😍I did a face mask and I kept touching my smooth cheeks during the practice😂

  47. allegrojesse

    January 22, 2020 8:13 pm

    Thank you so much for this beautiful (breath) practice. Looking forward to seeing YOU tomorrow. Namaste Adriene <3

  48. Amber Rose LOVE

    January 22, 2020 8:15 pm

    Hello! It was quite funny today because as we were in the boat pose my body did a bit more steady today. But the last one started to feel like I was misaliging everytime I turned my arms to the right side. I have always had neck/spine/back issues since I was a kid. I use to go to a chiropractor for it and come to find out get really bad headaches beause of the misalignment in my neck. I think this practice was really eye opening. important for starting to realize the areas of the body that are causing problems for me.

    Namaste <3

  49. Margaret Casey

    January 22, 2020 8:22 pm

    Greetings from snowy Milwaukee! The emphasis on breath in this program is EVERYTHING! I even managed to stand on one leg yesterday for the longest time ever (a challenge for a 68-year-old!) – discovered I'd been so uptight about this for years that I had literally forgotten to breathe and stay calm while attempting it. Day 21 in the books. Woohoo!

  50. Huang Yizhou

    January 22, 2020 8:25 pm

    I can't believe it's Day 21 now! Thank you Adriene. You are the best yoga teacher. I recommend your channel to my Korean friends in Canada! I just want to spread love and positive energy. Namaste. 🙂

  51. Debbythechocoholic

    January 22, 2020 8:51 pm

    We were matching hairstyles today haha. Loved this relaxing practice. I'm still a little uncomfortable with Pranayama, but I'm glad you make us try them.

  52. Sadaya ST

    January 22, 2020 9:08 pm

    It was so difficult today. I followed from Day 1 and that was so great and powerful, I was proud of myself thanks to Adriene's lessons and love. But today… Awful. I'm afraid I've lost the "thing". I know Adriene has "our back", I don't want to give up ! Sometimes you can't boost your self-love… Cheer up Friends !

  53. Pretty Thoughtful

    January 22, 2020 9:14 pm

    Today my body and breath really synced up. I was feeling it and got into the mindset of being active and then resting to feel the benefit of the movement. 🙏

  54. anamuinelo

    January 22, 2020 9:22 pm

    After a 5-hour train ride today this was simply delicious!! Day 21, can you guys believe it? Sending love to everyone, we've made it so far ❤️

  55. Connor

    January 22, 2020 9:34 pm

    Back into my practice in the morning. Feeling incredibly present, blissful and detached from negativity this morning! This was an awesome boost as I am getting over bring sick. This whole times being sick I really wanted to stay present with my body so I didnt take medicine like I usually do. I did yoga through my entire sickness (resting and listening to my body when needed) and I'm feeling so much better than if I had taken meds. The body knows exactly what to do and I feel so lucky to have the awareness that I do! I'm honestly just stoked on life today so and this extra boost is exactly what I needed to start my day! Divine timing, inner listening and trust have been some of my greatest teachers lately! I couldn't ask for more as I feel I am exactly where I need to be today: motivated, curious, open and just a little sniffly 😋 namaste dear friends! 🙏

  56. Sam Kingsford

    January 22, 2020 9:49 pm

    I already knew breath of fire was going to get my dogs excited! Sure enough, five seconds before you said “pets love this one, they may join you”, Dixie my chocolate lab was in my face like “hey mom what are you doing and can I play too?!” Namaste to all the pets who joined us all on the mat today! 🐶💜

  57. claudia di stefano

    January 22, 2020 9:52 pm

    When I saw that this practice name was boost I literally thought "that's it I'm gonna die today". I expected something like day 6 but this was honestly amazing maybe my fav practice so far
    I feel so calmed and relaxed 😍

  58. Linda Leith

    January 22, 2020 9:58 pm

    I can't be the only one who laughed while doing the shh- breath out, I was so not expecting Adriene to say that xD, thanks for this fun and playful practise, can't believe we're 21 days in <3

  59. Claire Miller

    January 22, 2020 10:09 pm

    Again, great practise today! 🧘‍♀️🙏❤ Sending lots of love to all the fellow yogis! 😍

  60. Yvonne -

    January 22, 2020 10:10 pm

    This is the first one I just couldn’t complete. Just too much pain from a cyst that had me crying 😢
    I loved what I did manage though. X 🥰


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