“How Can I Be a Blessing?” Healing the 2nd Chakra Ep 207

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hi I’m Julie Geigle international
psychic medium– and spiritual teacher over at HeavenSenthealing.us
and today I’ve come to share with you a beautiful chakra healing forecast and
the card I picked for you this week is service and so I love service you know
one of my favorite mantras I say every single day are prayers if you will is
use me Lord for purpose greater than myself and may I be a blessing may I
serve other people and be a blessing and so the question I want you to be
focusing on this week is how does this idea of service inspire me in my own
life so one of the keys to manifesting is not only having your intention or you
know what it is that you desire to bring into your life but also the other
component is what are you going to give how are you going to show up for others
how are you going to show up to serve humanity if you will and one of my
favorite ways to do that is pray for people I host a prayer chain every week
and I daily daily spend time in prayer you know from my email list for the
people that I work with and that is one of the easiest ways that we can show up
and serve but also a very powerful way so this week Mercury retrograde ends so
retrograde mercury goes direct and so we start to have that forward momentum
movement this week and then on you know next week we’ve got the Newmark new moon
with fresh starts and new beginnings so this week we’re still in that reflecting
reevaluating reunion mode and still trying to really bring it out bring it
home right because retrograde brings a lot of stuff up for us so this week
we’re working on healing the second chakra which is all about eye
deserve to be happy and we are opening again opening up another portal the 11 –
2 portal coming on Friday is going to be really exciting really really exciting
but this week we’ve got the legend of honey Adams so honey Adams had a great
life she raised three kids and for the most part was very happy but she had one
regret and that regret was never pursuing a career outside of the home so
she was a stay-at-home mom and so upon her deathbed she realized you know she
cut she came to the end of her life and she’s contemplating what went well what
didn’t and in that moment she had an epiphany that her life was actually a
great accomplishment and not a failure because she never had a career because
she had something even more important that she had passed on to her children
she had passed on the legacy of love that you know motherhood is the ultimate
sacrifice that anyone can make so the moral of that legend is you know being a
mom is a great accomplishment don’t dismiss or ignore the gifts that you’re
able to bring to humanity so whether you’re you know this great important
business person and you never had kids or you had a whole brood of kids and
never worked doesn’t matter we all have a beautiful footprint that we have the
capacity to leave on this planet before we go and just you know honoring
yourself honoring your contribution to humanity
how are you serving how are you showing up so we are focusing on a couple things
this week serving when we move into serving we
shift out of being too obsessed with our own life with our own self and so if
you’re in a state of depression or maybe anxious or wanting to manifest something
that’s that you you know you’re hitting the wall they always say to help
somebody else help somebody else get what you want help somebody else you
know make their day a little brighter because when you shift your focus to
serving instead of what am I getting it shifts the vibration and oftentimes is
exactly what you need to kickstart that next step of manifesting a self the
other thing that we’re focusing on this week in service is being content so
finding contentment with the life that the beautiful life that you’ve created
you know if we think about honey Adams she had a level of contentment but in
the back of her mind was this thought and you know a lot of times society will
make us feel that way that we need to have a career or that we mean to do this
in order to be feel complete and whole and this week you know Spirit is saying
let that go and just simply be content with where you have and what with where
you are and what you have in your life again that is another main key to
manifesting is to find gratitude and be grateful find the blessings that you
have right now today and find joy in serving how can you serve in your life
it doesn’t have to mean time because you know in the past I was always like I’m
so busy I’m somebody I just don’t have time well for those people you know
making a charity contribution or like I said you know what I do is during my
meditation I pray for people and it’s something simple but quite powerful
and I mean it’s a great perfect theme right because we’re in the month of
November it’s a whole gratitude month right so I love how spirit works and
you’re creating precious memories precious memories with your family
slowing down being there for each other and really examining how you can help in
a different way it doesn’t always have to be money or time and compromise so
this week is also about being open-minded and compromising not not
seeing things straight on just looking at more possibilities in opening up to
different ways in your life alright so our three words to help you heal that
second chakra which is like right below the navel area and open up to service
serving in your life is number one compassion having compassion for
yourself and other people is really important because whenever you serve
whenever you help someone else you also receive that beautiful vibration of
giving and you know what you give returns tenfold and our second word is
loyalty so being loyal to those in your life
whether they’re family members or friends showing up when somebody needs
something instead of saying I’m too busy being that person that people can lean
on or call for when they need help loyalty is really important in healing
that second chakra this week and our third word is strength so thinking about
that affirmation I deserve to be happy you have to stand in your power to claim
that absolutely so strength is another word we’re focusing on this week and
standing in your power let’s go ahead and dive into that quick
meditation again helping you to open up that second chakra so you can be in
total alignment this week when mercury goes direct and that next 11:22 portal
opens on Friday so take a nice deep breath and close your eyes if you’re
able and I want you to find your safe place
it’s a little bit different than your happy place um this is your safe place
where do you feel safest right now in your life in this moment you relax into your safe place honey is
there a legend honey Adams has shown up in your safe
place thank her for coming she’s traveled a long way to get here to be
here with you for this healing take a moment to talk to her it doesn’t matter
what you say you can use simple words and just enjoy her energy it’s so
peaceful so accepting non-judgmental why is this place safe for you tell her and
when you beautiful connection give her a big hug
tell her thank you for stopping by and then watch her walk into a beautiful
apricot light the orange honey colored light what was the last thing you told
her what was the last thing she told to you just open
however pops into your mind and now I want you to take a nice deep breath
open your eyes and come back into the room feeling a relaxed safe and inspired
and now I want you to go ahead and in the comments tell me what are you
inspired to do how do you serve or what was the last thing you said to honey or
she said to you I’d love to learn how your experience was today with this
meditation alright everyone that’s all I have for you here today if you haven’t
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stay tuned for the next video coming up right now make it a great day you
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