How Did The Book Of Mormon Help The Early Saints Understand Spiritual Gifts? (Knowhy #299)


In the fall of 1830, Oliver Cowdery and other
missionaries passed through Kirtland, Ohio. During their brief stay, they taught that
the Lord had restored the gifts of the spirit spoken of in the New Testament. They then departed for Missouri, leaving the
converts with little experience, only a few copies of the Book of Mormon, and none of
Joseph Smith’s other revelations to consult. Influenced by beliefs from their previous
religions, some of the converts began to introduce elements of overly zealous worship, thinking they were the manifestations of the spiritual gifts the missionaries had talked about. Many of these supposed “gifts of the spirit”
mirrored events in the Book of Mormon. For example, one man fell down as if he were
dead and arose again, purporting to teach what the Lord had revealed to him while unconscious,
attempting to mirror Alma the Younger’s and King Lamoni’s conversion experiences. These false miracles could have introduced
many false doctrines and teachings. But in the spring of 1831, Joseph Smith received
revelation, now found in Doctrine and Covenants section 46 that addressed and corrected this problem. In that revelation the Lord gave detailed
information to help the saints avoid misunderstanding or falsely reporting spiritual gifts. Perhaps because misinterpreting the Book of
Mormon was part of the problem, the Lord turned to the Book of Mormon, using teachings from Moroni chapter 10, to help correct the error. Through the Book of Mormon the Lord taught
that for something to truly be a spiritual gift, it must testify of what is good and
true and help bring others to Christ. Through both Joseph Smith and Moroni, the Lord taught that all of his miracles have purpose and order, something that is best seen when they are looked in their overall context. After the Lord had reminded the Saints in
Ohio of the teachings of the Book of Mormon, they were able to go on to experience true
and marvelous manifestations of spiritual gifts. This fact should serve as a reminder that
reading the Book of Mormon in its context, as demonstrated by the Lord can help all to
avoid spiritual deception. And now you know why.


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    Hye, can you answer my question?
    I just read Mark 12:29.
    what means The Lord is One? We know that Jesus and Heavenly Father is saprate beings.


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