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Hello! Welcome back to my channel my name
is Areege. If you’re new its Areege, if you’re old. And I am making a video about
meditation because I’ve actually gotten quite a few messages over the past
couple of months of people asking me about my meditation practice, and how I got
started, If I had any tips to help them get started, if things like that so
thought I’d just make a video and I’m filming outside for the entirety of this
video so I apologize for any bug sounds, any airplane sounds, any bird sounds, it’s
all good. So this video might get a bit long just because I have so much talk
about, about this topic and so I have sectioned it off the first section is
going to be about my background in meditation how I got started things like
that, number two is the noticeable positive effects that meditation has had
on my life and then number three is how to meditate. So yeah let’s get started.
The first time I meditated intentionally was probably a couple of years ago or
something or around the time where I was building up my yoga practice because I
feel like when you start doing yoga regularly the natural progression is to
start meditating because it goes so well together and I don’t know, I don’t know I
just I was also consuming a lot of like “spiritual content” and everyone kept
mentioning meditation like “you should try meditation to help your success” like I
just kept hearing about it everywhere so I thought I’d give it a try and the
first type of meditation I ever tried was a guided meditation with the
headspace app and I didn’t like it at all. I didn’t like that someone was
talking to me in my ear and it was like cringy I don’t know, I just couldn’t focus and
I kept getting distracted by the person’s voice, and it just wasn’t for me
so I kind of just gave up on meditation for a while after
because I was like “ehh I don’t really like that” and then I don’t know what or how I
don’t exactly remember but I do remember trying silent meditation a couple months
after that and I liked that one a lot better.
I just related to it a lot more I was able to really sink in but even then
like even when I did the silent meditation and I liked it I never got
really consistent with it. I remember just doing it every now and
again like every couple of weeks so I would just turn it on do it and go about
my day but I didn’t really get regular with meditation until this past December.
I just finished my first semester of my last ever year of school of University
and I was stressed because I was like okay first semester is over Areege you really got
to start thinking about what the heck is happening when you graduate like are you
getting a job? like so much to think about and it’s scary because I had never,
I don’t ever remember not being a student I’ve always been a student, so
the thought of trying to figure out what my life was going to look like after
university ended very scary and very uncertain so because of this uncertainty
about the future I was in a very anxious state of mind and this anxiety made me
into a very aggravated person I was just angry a lot of the time, like I would
react very negatively to things I didn’t even require that much of a reaction. A lot of the times, poor Garrett because he was around me when I was in
these moods like I would take it out on him by like snapping at him or like
yelling what I didn’t even need to be yelling and it quickly became a cycle of
me being rude to him, and snapping at him
unnecessarily without even realizing what I was doing until after I’d done it
like it completely seemed out of my control and it just kept happening where
I would do it and then I would immediately regret it immediately
feel bad say sorry and just like hate myself for even doing it but I couldn’t
stop it yeah no matter how much I was like I’m really gonna stop doing that I
just couldn’t I, I don’t know but one day it all blew up it was so dumb like we
had just come home from class and Garret was turning the key on our apartment
door and like he was gonna open it but for some reason I got really impatient
and I didn’t think that he was opening and quick enough so I just like grat I
like pushed him out of the way grab the door just like pushed it really
aggressively it was just really rude and just really mean and obviously Garrett
got upset because he didn’t deserve to he didn’t deserve that.
And I immediately regretted it as soon as I did it and I was like “oh my god
that was so bad” like I said sorry to him but I knew that I didn’t even deserve
the forgiveness so I just went straight into the bathroom and like cried for a
couple hours because I felt so bad and I just like so much self-hatred and
it was quite a low, and I remember when I calmed down I remember saying to
Garrett that I was gonna fix this like I didn’t know what was happening I didn’t
know how I was gonna fix it because it felt so out of my control because I
didn’t even I wasn’t even aware of what I was doing until after I had done it
it so it’s hard for me to prevent it in the moment but I don’t know what or who
or I don’t know but it just struck me that I should try meditation and so
that’s when I downloaded insight timer which is a app with a meditation timer
and I started a daily meditation practice and it worked
let me just say like after a week those outbursts were gone, they just it was
like they never happened it was insane out of no extra effort on
my own part literally just meditating every day it completely made me a more
calm person. I became a lot less reactionary to
things like if something didn’t go the way I had planned in the past it would
really get me upset but now it was like it didn’t even affect me like I didn’t
even think twice about it I just moved on to how I could go around whatever
happened you know and that was only one of the many positive effects that I
noticed in my life after I started meditation. Another one is and it’s
probably the reason why I can keep up this practice so regularly is because
I’m like less reactionary to things it’s easier for me to accept what is, rather
than wishing for what I hoped something would be and because of that my days go
by so much smoother and they’re so there’s a lot less discomfort in my days
if that makes sense so it’s like I meditate in the morning I just feel like
the day’s easier to live through I am less resistant to what is going on
around me and therefore I suffer less throughout the day because I’m not so
worried about what’s happening and I’m more just like okay I accept this and I
deal with it as it comes. I didn’t actually have to make a
conscious effort to do these things it just became how I am and like I think
this is because when I’m meditating I feel like I’m giving my brain a
distinguished space in time to kind of process whatever it needs to process
like you know those intrusive thoughts that keep coming to you over and over through
your head? like stuff that you’re worried about it’s like it’ll keep hitting you
like different times of the day it’s like oh yeah I remember this like you’re
worried about that, and like those kind of recurring thoughts, when I sat
down to meditate they were able to run their course. I acknowledged them
one by one they did their thing and then they were gone and they didn’t bother me
the rest of the day so that’s why say like it feels like my
day went smoother because it was less full of resistant thoughts. Another thing my mental focus has improved
significantly, because when you’re meditating you have like an
object of focus it’s like what you’re focusing on, what you’re consciously
trying to focus on, and then anytime you have a distracting thought you return to
your object of focus and because you’re practicing going from distraction back
to focus, distraction back to focus you can apply this skill to your regular
daily life. So like when I’m sitting down to work I can just be like k for the
next 30 minutes I’m only gonna focus on this thing that I’m working on and
that’s it. I don’t have to do anything else
like I just am able to not get distracted anymore I just sit there for
30 minutes, I do it and that’s it. I don’t feel the need to check my phone
like I don’t feel like nothing else comes to me I reach like a state of flow
way easier, its great anytime I have a negative thought enter my head, first
of all I can notice it a lot quicker and I can notice it for what it is which is
just a negative thought and secondly I can divert it and I stop it from
leading me down a path of feeling sorry for myself, feeling bad about my
abilities like hating stuff but like I just don’t even get to that place
anymore because I can notice that I’m heading there so I can stop it right
away, and that’s because of meditation. Okay but the best part about meditation
is this feeling of complete inner peace and contentment that you increasingly
start to feel because of your meditation practice. It took me a couple weeks to
achieve this but after like a couple minutes into my meditation I start to
feel like I’ve connected with something and with every breath from then on I
grow calmer. If you study spirituality or any of the traditions that incorporate
meditation into their practice such as Buddhism, Hinduism etc… A lot of time they
mention meditation as connecting to your best
self or your highest form of yourself, which they believe is already in you,
like the best version of yourself is already in you you just need to connect
with it and you can connect with it through meditation and that’s what I
feel like that feeling is, is like when I connect to my high self my intuition etc…
I just feel so at peace and so fearless of the future and all my anxieties are
gone and it’s just great and like the more that I’m meditating the more that
this feeling is seeping into my regular life. I haven’t studied this stuff enough
to be able to talk about it in a knowledgeable way like there’s a lot of
other YouTube channels where you can go for that I might get into that stuff
later but it’s kind of hard because with spirituality you can go into a direction
that’s like completely off science and then you become kind of like hard to
listen to, like it’s hard to find the balance between like scientific and
mystical, like I don’t want to seem like one of those spiritual people that just
disregard science completely and think that science is like some sort of fake
construct oh that’s a good way to explain I don’t want to seem like a
conspiracy theorist you know what I mean? but I do believe that there are a lot of
things going on in this reality that we can’t explain through science and
meditation has really kind of put me more in tune with that aspect of things.
But anyways I’m going off track but that’s the end of the second section.
Third section starts here, how to meditate? What are my tips on meditation?
This is probably the section that you came here for and before I go into the
actual like procedure of meditation, I just want you to let go of the
assumptions and the image of meditation that you already have in your mind
like when you think of meditation you probably just think of someone sitting
with perfect posture with their legs crossed and eyes closed just sitting
there not moving for a long period of time meditating, and this is like kind of
a thing that’s stopped me the most from being able to meditate regularly because
I thought that there was a very specific way to do it and if I didn’t do it that
way it wouldn’t count or wouldn’t be beneficial, but like as I gained more and
more experience with meditation I’ve learned that that’s not true like the
number one thing is that you don’t want meditation to be a chore. You don’t
really want it to be just another thing that you added to your two lists that
you can you check off every day like you want it to be a refuge, you want it to be
a process that you can go to in any moment of distress, a positive thing that
you want to return to over and over again and the number one way to achieve
this is to make sure that you’re comfortable, especially at the beginning
when you don’t have that much practice focus on comfort if you can’t sit
straight on the floor with your legs crossed for more than like two minutes.
Then sit against a wall like make sure you have a backrest. Some days I’m
feeling really really tired and I can’t even sit on the floor at all so I’ll
just prop myself up in bed and I’ll meditate there, like it’s not it doesn’t
have to be so difficult. Secondly timing, a lot of people also assume that you
have to meditate for like a specific amount of time, usually a longer period
of time for it to do you any good and that’s also not true like I said it’s
going to be difficult for you to get used to meditation when you start so
it’s better to just start easy like when I started, I started with just five
minutes because that was all I could do if I tried to sit for longer than that
I would get too distracted it would just be super unproductive so I started with
five minutes and I did that for a couple weeks until one day I just naturally
felt the urge to bump it up to ten minutes and then I did ten minutes for
another couple weeks and then one day I was like oooo let me try thirty minutes, and I
did thirty minutes and I got through it but I didn’t think that
it was I still felt like it was a bit too long for myself at the time so I
bumped it down to 20 minutes and that’s where I am today. I meditate every day
for 20 minutes but I didn’t start like that you know so just start slow because
you want to build up the practice you can’t just go from zero to 100. So generally
there are two different ways that you can meditate, there is a guided
meditation which is when you play a recording of someone talking you through
the meditation so talking you through visualizations breathing techniques etc
and for a lot of beginners this is the easier path because it’s guided, and a
lot of the meditation apps and things out there right now do focus on this
type of meditation for example headspace or even this app that I have called
Insight timer they have free guided meditation you can find some on YouTube
etc… so if you’re looking for an easier path into meditation, I suggest you look
into that but for me personally I tried it out and I didn’t like it I didn’t
relate to it so I prefer the second way of meditation which is just a silent
meditation. You pick a meditation technique and there are so many of these
out there like you can literally go into Google type in “types of meditation
techniques” and you’ll find a bunch the one that I do is called mindful
breathing so my object of focus is my breath. When I meditate I am continuously
focusing on my breathing so in my head it sounds like inhale, exhale, inhale,
exhale and anytime I have an intrusive thought as soon as I notice it I return
back to the breathing, and I just keep doing this for however long I’ve set to
meditate for. Another meditation technique is called body scanning so
this is where you sit for a set number of minutes and you kind of just focus on
each different part of your body trying to notice places of tension, and then
once you notice that tension you try to really sit through breathing or whatever,
but yeah like I said there’s so many different silent meditation techniques
that you can do. You can do the mindful breathing one because it’s super straightforward
and yeah but one thing to remember is that when you are meditating you don’t
necessarily want to remove your thoughts completely, okay? The purpose of
meditation is to not think, you know? The purpose of meditation is to be aware
of the thoughts and to be and therefore be able to control them better. So I read
this blog post which really helped me visualize this and basically it tells
you to visualize your meditation as a sequence of moments. Each moment being a
second so each second is a circle and for
example if you meditate for a minute you have 60 circles all in sequence okay so
now when you start meditation each of these circles can be colored three
different ways they can be green if you spend that second on your object of
focus so for me it would be breathing and then they can be colored red if you
spend that second focusing on something on an intrusive thought, and then they
can be gray if you’re not thinking about anything in that second. You’re not
thinking about the object of focus you’re not thinking about the intrusive
thought your mind is just blank. So the goal of your meditation session is to
get as many green circles as you can not gray not red, green and to get green you
need to be on the object of focus there gonna be days where most of your circles
are going to be red but that’s okay and that doesn’t mean that your meditation
didn’t work okay? just the fact that you sat there and did and
tried to do it for however long you tried to that means something and the
important thing is just just to come back to it the next day and try again
like it doesn’t matter don’t beat yourself up over not being able to stay
on your object of focus because it’s hard okay? and that’s the whole reason
why you’re meditating is because our thoughts are all over the place all the
time and this exercise is to wrangle it in you
know? and it’s obviously gonna be hard at first but you’re gonna get better at it
and you’re gonna feel better as you go. So yeah that’s it that’s my video thank
you so much for watching I hope it benefited you I hope it answered your
questions if not leave them below or DM me on Instagram and I will get back to
you as soon as I can but yeah thanks again for watching and goodbye I will
see you next week. love you!


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