How Much Money Do You Want? Ask & Receive | Guided Meditation

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Before we begin, lie down and get into a comfortable
position. Your environment should be somewhere quiet
where you will not be disturbed. Allow for your body to relax. Quiet your mind. Put aside any lingering thoughts or worries
from the day. Take notice of your breathing and start to
slow it down. Deeply breathe into your abdomen. Exhale slowly. With each breath, allow your awareness to
increase. Become more and more present in this moment. Allow the oxygen to consciously fill your
entire body. Feel your vibration rising. With each breath, your mind is becoming clearer. Breathe in and become aware that you’re breathing
in Breathe out and become aware that you’re breathing
out Feel your mind and body being rejuvenated. Feel your consciousness expand. Continue breathing as you relax your body,
starting at the crown of your head. Release any tension as you exhale. Now relax your forehead. Your eyelids. Soften your entire face. Take a bigger, deeper breath as you relax
the neck and shoulders. Take note of how your body is now feeling. Notice where any tension needs to be released. Continue breathing as you release any tension
from your back. Relax your elbows and hands. Your fingers. Take a few more breaths until your entire
body feels almost like it has melted. Let us begin with expressing gratitude for
all that we have. Think of your successes. Think of your victories. No matter how big or how small. Feel your appreciation for all of them. Visualize all the money you have now. No matter the amount. See it right in front of you. Touch it. Feel the appreciation for this money Once you start to deeply feel gratitude, see
it as a beam of light illuminating from your heart space. Send this light of gratitude to the Universe
with thanks. Now, we are going to release any negative
thoughts or beliefs associated with money. You are replacing them with positive thoughts
at the highest level. Take a moment to gather any feelings of stress
or worry about financial situations. Releasing them will align you with the path
of attracting money. When you are ready to fully release, take
in a deep, slow breath. As you exhale, you are releasing lower, stuck
energies. In your mind’s eye, watch them floating away. Watch as they completely disappear into the
air. Repeat each affirmation out loud and with
confidence: I release resistance to wealth. Money comes to me naturally. Abundance and prosperity are my birthrights. The money I want is coming. I am positive about money. I spend money with happiness. Now visualize a moment of pure happiness. A moment of feeling wonderful. Full of joy. It can be any moment you want it to be. Continue visualizing this moment until you
deeply feel true happiness in your heart space. Your entire body is now emitting vibrations
of a high frequency. In your mind’s eye, notice what these vibrations
look like. Watch as they soar out into the Universe. The Universe is waiting for your request. It is time t ASK the Universe for money. How much money do you want? There are no limitations to the amount. Take a moment and think of the exact amount
that you desire. Say the amount out loud using the words ‘I
AM ATTRACTING ….. This, or something better. It is done. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now your entire being is vibrating in harmony
with what you desire. Know that the Universe will deliver it into
your hands. The manifestation cycle has now begun. You must BELIEVE that you are getting it. Have faith. Have trust. Know that the Universe has heard you. You are supported. You are loved. You are nourished. Believe that the money you desire is manifesting
physically. Your dreams of wealth are manifesting into
reality. Visualize yourself with this amount of money. Doing this is allowing you to attract and
receive money easily. Do not worry about how it will come. The Universe is bringing it to you in many
ways. Embrace your happiness about receiving this
money. Feel excitement. Feel a powerful desire for this money. Visualize any 1 reason why you desire this
money right now. You are consciously deciding to attract the
money you want. What are you doing with this money? Visualize this in your mind’s eye. Be very detailed in this moment. Feel the freedom and exhilaration. Feel your wealth. Feeling these emotions is the most important
process of manifestation. The Universe is delivering what You. Are. Visualizing. Elevate your confidence. Now elevate it even higher. Take the time you need to visualize and to
feel. Hold this feeling confidently and powerfully
for the next 7 seconds. Repeat the following affirmations out loud
with confidence The Universe is conspiring to make me wealthy. The Law of Attraction is working for me right
now. I am a powerful magnet for money. I create money and abundance through joy and
self-care. I am excited about money. Money comes to me freely with ease. You must now allow yourself to RECEIVE. Know that your desires are being provided. Your only task is to receive. See the steps you are taking to create your
wealth. Working. Saving. Giving. Welcoming new opportunities. You are giving more power to the manifestation
as you do this. See yourself spending freely with confidence. Acknowledge the source of your wealth. Acknowledge your Creator with gratitude. The more you give, the more you receive. This is helping you attract more money. Repeat these last affirmations out loud with
confidence I am receiving money-making ideas each day. I am freely receiving checks in the mail. My intentions to receive money are a reality. I am open to new ways of earning income. I am the creator of my success. I am attracting more money freely from multiple
sources. I am living in an abundant universe. There is enough for everyone. It is done. And so, it is. Beginning with a deep inhale and exhale, take
your time and slowly begin to bring energy and vitality into your body through movement. Begin by moving your toes slightly. Continue with other small movements in your
feet and your legs. Do what feels most comfortable for your body. Allow your small movements to grow into larger
movements. Slowly open your eyes when you feel ready. Once you feel fully energized and revitalized,
take as much time to enjoy the feeling of the prosperity that is on its way to you.


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