How the Ahh Meditation Works: Create What You Want With Ease

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In two videos, I want to talk about the AHH
meditation that I gave to Wayne Dyer many years ago. The first part will carry just
the introduction and dynamics of how it works. The meditation came from heaven; I was in
California and a divine being called Nandi with the bull head and a human body gave this
to me while I was on my way to give a workshop on manifestation. He said human beings are
ignorant, they don’t know how to manifest. The easy way to manifest is to use the creative
energy that God has given to them. The creative energy that God has given to them is nothing
but the creative juices, the seminal fluid, that’s localized at the sex chakra and that
is being used to create a baby and most of the time wasted and if you make that creative
energy that you use to create a baby, you can also create whatever you want to create:
a business, home, boat, car whatever it is. All that you need to know is to how to do
it and that is by making the energy to move from the lowest chakra, the sex chakra and
the one chakra below and make it move to the 3rd eye chakra which is in-between the two
eyes. The chakras are wheels of energy and there you visualize whatever you want to create
and you use the sound AHH while you are doing this practice. Why AHH? Because AHH is the
primordial sound. It is the sound of creation, whether you procreate or God creates the world,
the sound AHH is invariably used. The sound AHH creates. So along with the movement of
this creative energy at the bottom of the spine, you use the sound AHH and it goes to
the 3rd eye and at the 3rd eye, you visualize what you want to manifest along with the sound
AHH and then you are able to manifest. The Siddha who gave me this technique said this
is how people manifest in heaven, they get into an ecstasy and in this ecstasy or joy
they are able to manifest. It’s a matter of managing your energy; it’s not just about
a theory, it is what is happening in your own biology and in your own psychology. You
are able to create at two centers; one is at the sex chakra and one is at the 3rd eye
chakra, if you understand this secret then manifestation becomes easy.


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