How to Compress Time for Manifestation – Part 2: Sun Moon Meditation & Prana Meditation

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Now, I am going to give you the techniques
to transcend or step out of time so that you can manifest. Manifestation takes place when
you transcend or step out of time and go into this empty space. The first technique is from
Vasistha, one of the greatest yogis of India. Close your eyes. Put your attention on your
heart chakra in the middle of your chest, visualize the sun. He is very bright and brilliant,
close to the sun within your own heart chakra, visualize the moon. They are both in your
heart chakra in the middle of the chest. It’s a full moon. The moon is moving towards the
sun, getting closer and closer and closer. Now the moon enters the sun
and merges with the sun, the moon represents
your mind and time, the sun; God and timelessness. Don’t worry about the theory; just only
be absorbed in visualizing the sun, the moon has gone inside and merged with the sun. Now,
think of a thought that you want to manifest. Visualize it, let go of it. Now, I am going
to give you the other meditation. It’s by another great Rishi by name Kagabujunda. Now
again go to your heart chakra, keep your eyes closed, visualize a tube of light, a small
tube of light going upwards from the heart chakra piercing through the 3rd eye, crown
chakra, getting out of the skull, 12 inches above the skull the light terminates. It is
the movement of prana. Now visualize outside your chest a point and from that point a light
goes inside your nostrils and the light from the nostrils goes down into the heart chakra.
Now go back to the prana that starts from the heart chakra and goes out of the head,
at 12 inches above the skull terminates. Now visualize a point outside the chest, the light
goes inside the nostrils that ends up in the heart. This is called the movement of apana,
both prana and apana originate at the heart centre but never meet. If you keep on doing
this technique you will soon feel emptiness, a space of timelessness, at that time introduce
a thought and visualize it and that thought will manifest. These are very powerful techniques
that are helpful to transcend or step out of time.


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