How to COMPRESS Time & Manifest FASTER! POWERFUL Law Of Attraction Technique!


How to Compress Time & Manifest Faster! Powerful Law Of Attraction Technique! The Secret Your Youniverse Video human consciousness is what creates our
lives and it’s our consciousness that determines what time frame will be
encountered for manifestation time implies movement in a specific direction
it refers to past present and future meaning we must cover a distance to
achieve an end result but the past is not time it’s an accumulation of
knowledge that the consciousness has to work with and the future is also not
time it’s hope that promises greater freedom to envision or hold an ideal or
observe something new with your mind is now you observe it you know it you’re
aware of it the observation does not need time we only move away from that
thing when we place it either in the past or in the future but the thought is
now it’s only the action of the idea that involves time and this place is
conflict between the idea and what may be perceived as needed to acquire that
idea so there are actually two images of what’s happening what is wanted and what
is current our minds pursue this constant desire for pleasure and this
pursuit puts it off this is the conflict within the mind when we find pleasure
now and make the decision to not put it off until some other moment we resolve
that conflict it must be now to create it as so so how do we resolve this
conflict so the manifestation comes to be by taking away the attachment to the
image that represents a pursuit or in other words by compressing time the
conflicting image of the pursuit must become less important than the image
that is wished for it’s only the thought process that creates this pursuit and
therefore time but you are the gap between your thoughts not the thoughts
themselves and when you find and focus on that gap and merge
with it you connect with the real you that is timeless in this way you enter a
timeless dimension of space where you can introduce the thought of what you
wish to create and in that moment the conflict is reduced or even completely
eliminated making manifestation a much faster process the best techniques I
have found to transcend time come from dr. Pillai who has taken them from
advanced Yogi’s don’t put too much thought into the theory behind how these
techniques work just focus on the process and the images as you do them I
have placed a link in the description of this video to my original source for
these techniques and here’s the first one close your eyes and take a few deep
breaths to relax place your attention on your heart chakra in the middle of your
chest once you have your attention focused begin to visualize a very bright
Sun within your heart chakra see it glowing and radiating now next to that
Sun begin to visualize a bright full moon “How to Compress Time” & “Manifest Faster”! “Powerful” “Law Of Attraction” Technique! “The Secret” “Your Youniverse” Video see also how it glows and radiates and
then visualize this full moon moving closer and closer towards the Sun and
watch as they completely merge with one another once you have this image of them
completely merged introduce the image of your manifestation in this space visualize this for a few moments and
then let it go the moon represents your mind in time
and the Sun represents infinite Ness and timelessness when you practice this
technique you release the conflict image of time that is attached to the thing
you are creating and I recommend doing this for a few moments each day the
other technique that’s just a bit more advanced works in the same way as with
the previous technique close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax and
then place your attention on your heart chakra in the middle of your chest once
you’ve done this visualize a small tube of white light going upwards from your
heart chakra moving through your third-eye chakra and up and out of your
crown chakra see this light moving in this way all the way up above the top of
your head and out about 12 inches above it this is the movement of prana or life
giving force and it governs the reception of all things once you have
this image in place visualize a point just outside your chest where there is
another tube of white light and see that light begin to move in through your
nostrils and then down into your heart chakra this is the movement of apana which
governs the outflow of energy from the body and helps keep the mind free of
conflict both prana and apana originate at the heart center but never meet keep
visualizing each of these points of light flowing in this way if you keep
doing this you will soon feel a sense of timelessness once this happens introduce
the image of your desire and hold that for just a few moments and then let it
go as with the last technique you can
practice this for a few moments each day these two processes are very powerful
ways to transcend the illusion of time manifestation can take place much more
easily and effortlessly when you step out of time and go into an empty space
that isn’t governed by physical constraints in this way you collapse the
conflicting image that says you must cover a distance of time to achieve your
result making your manifestation and the pleasure of that something that is
occurring now How to Compress Time & Manifest Faster! Powerful Law Of Attraction Technique! The Secret Your Youniverse Video


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  1. Your Youniverse

    September 15, 2019 3:12 pm

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  2. Guerlyne Bel

    September 16, 2019 6:13 pm

    Wow watching this videos and doing the visualization of the manifest.
    I opened my eyes the time is 2:11 synchronicity.. saturday my room number was 211 also wow..🤗Thank you universe🌠☀️⭐⭐

  3. Bibi

    September 17, 2019 12:10 am

    When LOA users say that you can manifest ANYTHING, are they being serious? Can I manifest a different hair color or even a new identity? Cause I don't really care about money or any of the usual things people talk about manifesting, I just feel like I'm living in the wrong body and want to correct it.


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