How to Control Your Senses? | Mind and Sense Control | Swami Mukundananda

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you be there is a timid ulti of belief
amongst of people that if you see the jump on the Djibouti of the month of
Babu Krishna box then your name will get
painted how it when it’s needed it has to do with the same Authority leave of
Shri Krishna garden nevertheless if you be people have this belief that you
should not see the Pablo Krishna box kaput I can’t move otherwise people
would even look at the chant when you get out of the house at night you just
head straight to the destination if the moon comes in front you look at it look
at it but supposing you get out of the house thinking today is the duty of the
Krishna Buckshot the month of Allah I should not seen among you or I should
not see the moon why not sing about definitely because you’re not trying to
R so instead of that thy word the mind that is clicked to do it we wish to
control control the body control the mind control the senses shri krishna
says in the dita original it will not work fish are very hot Haris kaviraja
camera so yes Twala well tepee you try to control the senses the most dominant
of the senses is the tongue so if you start fasting that all the senses will
become weak but once you start eating the sensors will start dominating so
you got Rudy senses he says but Bhishma give your senses taste of devotion to
God once the senses have experienced the higher death they will automatically
withdraw from the Lord easy as Ramakrishna Paramahamsa devotion is love
for the highest and lowest shall fall of myself


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