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oh I want you Hello, everyone today’s episode is going to be about Acne We’re all aware of what acne or pimples are but today I want to take you deeper into the cause of acne and how [to] treat it Acne is a disorder which affects the oil glands which are at the base of your hair follicles? These oil glands are stimulated by hormones that are produced by the adrenal glands They’re male hormones, but don’t let this fool [you] because women also produce these male hormones The peak in these hormone levels is why you would be more likely to get an outburst of acne around Puberty or for women around [the] time of your menstruation So let’s explore for a minute what causes acne on a physical level Human Skin has pores. Which are basically tiny holes That are connected to these oil glands which are located under the skin These glands are connected to these pores Via follicles. Which are very small canals in your skin? The oily Liquid which these pores produce is called sebum the sebum Carries Dead skin cells through the follicles to the surface of the skin as well as other toxins a Small hair grows through the follicle out of the skin So skin cells sebum and hair can clump together into a plug and this plug prevents the oils of dead skin cells and toxins From escaping through the skin and because of this it easily becomes infected with Bacteria resulting in a sort of swelling a Pimple only starts to form on the surface of the skin when that plug begins to break down like most things in the medical science community No expert really agrees on what causes acne But many experts in the medical field believe that acne is caused by an excess of androgen, which is a hormone Androgen levels rise when a human becomes an adolescent Rising androgen levels makes the oil glands under your skin grow and these enlarged glands produce more oil This oil of course as we’ve said before is called sebum So excessive sebum can break down cellular walls in your pores causing Bacteria to grow This condition also appears to be hereditary On the physical level acne is caused by two things [the] first being the excess in Androgen which causes an excess in sebum which is skin oil? But that can’t cause acne in and of itself if that was the case everyone with oily skin would have acne, but they don’t that’s because Acne is caused by two things in conjunction the first being what we just mentioned [the] oily skin The excess production of sebum which is caused by a hormonal imbalance the second being the fact that that sebum is mixing with toxins in your blood and Lymph liquids This of course causes the perfect breeding ground for Bacteria to grow and flourish Bacteria do not cause acne instead the unhealthy environment in and on your skin invites them This is why for years and years you can try to get rid of acne, but it seems to come back over and over again The host organ which is your skin has remained an unhealthy environment. Which is hospitable of course to Bacteria The difference between someone who has acne and someone who doesn’t is that the person does not have acne has [a] body especially liver Kidneys and Lymph system. Which is clearing the blood of toxins? someone who has acne does not Previous to adolescence your body is not being flooded by Androgen and hormones Once you hit adolescence. It is being flooded by those [a] [neurogenic] hormones And what most people [don’t] know is that the liver is what’s actually filtering out those excess and those unused hormones? But the liver can only filter so much and so when you enter adolescence Your body is getting flooded by the toxins that are created by the excess androgenic Hormones This overload of hormones is also What happens to the body during a woman’s menstrual cycle the liver is not capable because it’s not functioning properly because of our lifestyle and So it’s not able to filter out all of those excessive hormones And so the toxins that are the byproducts of those hormones in our body get flushed to the skin and we break out The three most widely used treatments for acne do no good whatsoever the first being of course oral antibiotics now if you’re taking an antibiotic For something which is ultimately caused by poor filtration within your bodily organs It’s not addressing the root cause of the issue on top of that. It’s very difficult for your body to deal with antibiotics They are a toxin so your body is going to be overloaded So if your liver is [not] adequately filtering things and you add an added Bacteria on top of it which is treated as a toxin you’re adding extra problems to your body for the liver to Handle rather than Lifting that load off the liver which would allow it of course to filter more of these toxins On top of that you’re killing all the positive Bacteria as well, you can’t take an animal yet Which is oriented directly towards one negative bacterial strain instead you’re taking out all [of] the healthy and unhealthy Bacteria But healthy Bacteria actually prevent the unhealthy [Bacteria] from flourishing so you’re wiping out your army by taking these animals on top of that When any bacterial strain is? exposed to an antibacterial for a certain amount of time it develops an immunity it basically mutates So that it can exist in your bodily system in the presence of the anti bacterial which is why so often people take those antimaterial? For something like acne, and it’s begin with they see this period of time where it improves But then the symptoms come right back because the particular Bacteria which they are infected with in the skin pores Has developed a resistance to the antibiotic which they’re taking? Steroids are a synthetic hormone and we’ve already [identified] that the root cause one of two root causes of Acne is the fact that you are producing Too much hormone and your body can’t filter out that hormone and those hormones are treated in the body like a symptom of toxicity and So by taking a steroid you’re actually adding to the hormonal issue. Which is the root cause of acne? accutane Decreases your body’s ability to create sebum But accutane is a flat-out toxin And it is treated Exactly like a toxin it is pushed directly into your liver and the liver as we said before is already not functioning properly This is a recipe for absolute disaster It is a Toxin which is why? While you’re on accutane you have to go in for doctor visits to get your enzyme your liver enzyme levels monitored so you’re pumping a Poison into an organ which already can’t deal [with] the poisons which is the cause of the acne in the first place and that is Not to mention the disastrous side effects that can be seen in conjunction with accutane So as usUal in the medical community we’re dealing with the symptom and [not] the root cause which is why we do not have [a] good cure for [Acne] within the medical science community so now I’m going to explain to you how [to] cure acne on a physical level as Usual we have to go more in depth to the actual cause of acne, which is always thought patterns But first I’m going to address with you. What physical steps you can take? Now of course this is an overview if you wanted to reorient your life So that you could get rid of acne, and that was your one goal. There are about a million more things You could be doing but I’m going to hit the sort of play-By-play Most important points which will help you to get rid of your acne Eat an alkaline diet that stabilizes your blood sugar unstable blood sugar wreaks Havoc under insulin levels, and that wreaks Havoc in turn with your androgen levels Do not eat simple order find sugar simple starches alcohol, or simple carbohydrates You can easily find lists online of what simple sugar simple carbohydrates And simple starches are don’t eat those foods as far as the body is concerned alcohol is a simple sugar The human body is not designed to eat simple or refined sugars simple starches or simple carbohydrates The very worst things for Acne are white sugar white flour white rice soda alcohol high-fructose corn syrup and fruit juice and if you want to stay alive [long] term Don’t even touch artificial sweeteners such as aspartame nutrasweet equal or splenda stimulants also affect acne in a big way so no caffeine and no stimulants They cause serious blood sugar imbalance they kick your adrenaline levels into high gear that messes big time with your hormone levels stress also affects acne in a serious way stress causes hormonal imbalance it wreaks Havoc on your body in all kinds of ways, so we must must reduce stress levels and Express that stress instead of suppress it and press forward in our lives if we are ever to solve our acne Second to that eat a diet that is supportive to your body especially supportive to your liver in your organs of elimination Anything that processes toxins in your body needs to be given a fighting chance and they can’t do that if [you’re] overwhelming your body with toxicity So the more toxic and more processed your foods are the more difficult time your body is going to have Eliminating those toxins and the more likely it is that those toxins will manifest themselves by coming through your skin I? Am of the opinion that meat is not compatible with the human body It is [especially] important to at least understand that red meats are not good for your liver neither is dairy So if you want to get rid [of] acne do not eat dairy and do not eat red meat If you can’t give up dairy completely drink goat milk and eat goat cheeses. That are unpasteurized instead if You want to eat meat still make sure you find grass-fed organic meats? Thanks to our current food industry the hormones and toxins and meat fish dairy and eggs are pretty much unparalleled So be very deliberate about your sources when you get these things use coconut oil in place of other oils Take an omega-3 supplement my favorite of course is flaxseed oil, and take primrose oil You also want to take apple Cider vinegar every day brag apple Cider Vinegar is the absolute best [you] do not want pasteurized Apple Cider vinegar You Want raw Apple Cider vinegar The next step is to clean your liver kidney and bowels this means go get colonics every so often Colonics are amazing at cleaning out the gunk that is accumulated in your colon It is true. They’re not quite pleasant, but you can get used to them and it’s amazing What kind of symptoms they can cure just by getting rid of the toxicity that is built up in your colon? Also increase the level of non-gluten non fractionated fiber that you’re getting in your diet This will help to clean out your intestines and clean out your colon as well So on top of your colonic regime. This is how to do the [cleanup]? So you don’t even have to get colonics if you don’t want to My next suggestion is to commit to a liver flushing regime Now liver flushes are a very controversial subject within the healing community Some people are adamantly against them some people are adamantly for them but in this video I’m going to be giving you the opinion of me a medical intuitive and in my opinion liver flushes are incredible I’ve seen them heal chronic disease. I’ve seen them heal cancer, and I’ve especially seen them heal acne My personal favorite is a program that’s offered by Andreas Moretz Now don’t worry Andreas Moretz as death had nothing to do with the liver flushes which he is so famous for pushing around the world Many people worldwide were completely healed from Chronic disorders based on using this liver flushing program I think it is the very best so [far] that I’ve seen I Want to give you a warning about liver flushes liver flushes are not for the Faint of heart They’re usually reserved for people who are either desperate or those diehard health freaks the reason is you can’t just do one liver flush Liver flushing is one of those things where you have to keep doing [it] and keep doing it [until] your liver is free of stones Now most people think that gall stones occur just in the gallbladder [but] those are actually [the] calcified stones that have passed from your liver into the gallbladder Your liver is full of inter hepatic stones accumulated cholesterol and Those stones prevent your liver from flushing itself of toxins When bile can’t pass through the ducts because it’s blocked by stones your body cannot filter toxins like it could if it was clear of stones and When you flush your liver the stones that are at the rear of your liver are? flushed forward in between flush to flush so you could experience a brief period of time where you are free of your symptoms and Everything feels great And then it gets even worse and the reason is because the bigger stones which were at the hind end of your liver have now Moved forward through the ducts and are blocking the main ducts of your liver So you have to keep going and [keep] going and keep going until you get absolutely no stones as a result of your liver flush So it’s not for the Faint of Heart like I said before But it is an amazing [thing] if you can really commit [to] it Take time to cleanse your kidneys. This is easily done by taking some herbs on occasion for example Zhanka, [Pedra] Dandelion root ginger and [Oversee] Again, there’s lots of information out there about how to cleanse the kidneys The next thing you want [to] do is drink tons and tons of water The easiest way to go about doing this is get in the habit of carrying with you a non plastic Container that’s filled with water and sipping on it throughout the day You want to make sure that you’re not drinking tap water or distilled water? So you want to look for artesian? Well water spring water or filtered water Because you don’t want to be adding more toxins to your body if the purpose of drinking that water of course is flush toxins Water enables all of your filter organs to filter those toxins easier, so water is incredibly beneficial to your liver it’s incredibly beneficial to your kidneys especially and all other organs in between and So if you’re flushing those toxins those toxins aren’t going to be pushed to your skin Nothing will be trying to get out that way and it’s not going to mix those toxins will not mix with the sebum which causes Acne So of course you all [know] me by now. I can’t stop there because there’s a deeper level to acne we call it the root of the root cause of Acne and [we] have to address that [of] course if we’re ever to solve our problem with acne for once and for all So let’s address those two things now The first is suppress denied or undealt with [an] unexpressed emotions especially Anger and guilt Think of negative emotions like waste that needs to be released When that waste is not released when it’s bottled up and denied from coming into your awareness it is a form of toxicity that is kept inside [the] body The second is disliking or rejecting yourself Which is a negative thought turned inwards towards yourself that energy then collects in the body and is not released Both of these thought patterns are what causes the body to become clogged? The emotion is suppressed that suppressed emotion and that negative [motion] which is turned inwards doesn’t have anywhere to go because it’s not being expressed and so on a metaphysical level it clogs the system and that Metaphysical clog is what then leads to the physical clog which we are looking at and calling a pimple The pores become clogged because the largest filter organ is the skin So if you think about this if we’re not filtering through by expressing our emotions that manifests as our organs not filtering through and getting rid of those toxins and Thus we see things like the liver decreasing and function and pimples so you could consider clogged organs like the liver a primary manifestation of the suppressed and clogged emotions and You could consider the pimple a secondary manifestation. Which is the result of that original pattern of suppressing denying? Your negative emotions so if you want to get rid of acne for good The real key is to first learn how to love yourself [you] [don’t] have to panic and worry about me saying that because I teach a lot about that subject I’ve also written a book about it. Which is in the process of publication the [second] thing you got to do is learn how to face Identify and Express the negative emotions within you that you are currently suppressing that you’re currently consciously unaware of I Have a video called Shadow work which introduces you to two processes You can use in order to [identify] the deeper issues which are present within your body which you are currently suppressing But next week, I [will] be doing a video on how to express emotion So for those of you that aren’t really familiar with expressing your emotion Next week’s video will really help you So those are the points that are really important to address relative to acne. Go give it a try and have a good week you you


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    Yeah i agree Teal. Most people eat alot of processed foods and meats thats stopping up the liver and lymph throwing off the adrenals and raising the bodies acidity. Thats gonna stop the bodies ability to hold off bad bacterias and viruses with alkalinity. And boooooyah you have infections and diseases

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  51. Nestor Liberty

    October 24, 2019 10:58 am

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