How to do OM Mantra Meditation? Guided AUM Technique | Dhyanse

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A very welcome to this meditation
session that is happening every Monday from 7 to 8 p.m.
Starting January we have been on a journey. Lots of people are new and lots of
people are coming regularly. Today I see a lot of new faces so I think I would
like to first of all know from a raise of hands how many of you are first time
here? Wow! And you’re coming all from internations or ? Okay very nice and how
many of you are complete beginners to meditation? Only one of you, kind of? I think for
you specifically just enjoy what’s happening don’t worry
about whether you’re a beginner or advanced meditator or an
experienced meditator. What we do here is fairly simple. We have been looking at
what is meditation from different angles, from different perspectives in every
session. So every session is completely different from the previous session. In
the last six months almost we have gone through many many different ways, used
different things like objects: candles, mirrors and I don’t know what not. We
have tried out everything possible to show and to understand, what it means by
meditation and how can we enter this space of meditation from different
angles. Because we are in a way very different from each other, in a way we
are very similar. So there are ways which are resonating to one particular style
of a person. Someone is more good in concentrating so it’s easier and more
natural for that person to use concentration
techniques for meditation. Someone is more imaginative or someone is more
creative, for those kind of people there are other ways. So what we try to do here
is to keep a mix of these different ways, try out each of these different ways
every time and if you ask me what is the style of meditation? It’s no style of
meditation. Which means that we are not promoting any religion we are not
promoting any spiritual cult. I do not belong to either of those or any of
these groups. I learned meditation from my father when I was 5 and since then
I’ve been practicing this almost throughout my life. I’ve put in more than
10,000 hours of silent meditation practice without having any affiliations
to any group or so. So whatever we are doing here is coming out of my own
experience. I did go through Yoga, Tantra, Zen. All these traditions which come
along with growing up in India and having the opportunity to explore what
all these mean. So I explored all these and I took what is essential, what is the
essence of each of those and what we can actually contextualize to the times of
today and the kind of lifestyle we have. We are not the people would now sit in
Himalayas and in a cave for a number of years or go join an ashram
in India, we’re not those kind of people. We are having a very normal lifestyle
and the need of meditation can start from the very relaxation that you want,
something very simple to relax or it could be that you want more
introspection, more spirituality into your life. All that is possible. What we
do in these sessions there is something in it for everyone. Depending upon
how open you are and depending upon how much you take back home and repeat and
practice, it totally depends up to you. But what I can promise is there is
something in it for everyone in today’s session and in every session that we do.
Before we go into today’s theme I want to
ask you a question. When you hear me speaking what are you actually hearing? Anybody? What are you actually hearing
when you hear me speak? Words, information and if you break this down it’s sounds. If
you break down words and just think about it, it doesn’t matter which
language. eventually it’s sounds. It’s a combination of sounds, it’s a pattern of
sounds that when I create those patterns you process them and there is a
communication happening. You’re taking these patterns and processing them
in your mind and understanding or reffering or you can relate to what
I refer with what I’m saying. Essentially all that I’m doing is making some sounds.
All when you speak, all what we mainly use for communications
it’s sounds. Isn’t this a fascinating thing that just some sounds are allowing us to
build such a sophisticated mechanism of communication that we use on a daily basis and as human beings it’s a part of our survival it’s a part of our life.
Isn’t this super fascinating? I want you to just become aware of this fact that
these sounds are so interesting that we are making sounds and these patterns of
these sounds are the basis of all the communication that we do and all
the operations that our minds are doing without even us being aware of it. So
consciously or unconsciously whatever sounds you hear, your mind starts
processing and immediately jumps on it and tries to interpret things that you
know from your own knowledge, you immediately know. When I say Apple, the
sound of Apple, immediately you know what it means so you have an
imagination of what an Apple is. You have an experience of what an Apple is and you can
relate to it. If I create a sound that you have absolutely no imagination of,
you will be stuck your mind will be stuck you will not know what this means,
it’ll park it somewhere in your memory. Another thing, if we go one level
deeper what our sounds? Vibrations, energy vibrations. So if you break down these
sounds on that level and understand this on the level of energy, isn’t it funny
that I’m creating a pattern of energy and you all are in a way processing that
and responding to it. What I’m trying to say here is that when we speak, when we
communicate whatever we say, whatever we say it affects everybody. It
affects us, it affects everything around us, it affects the entire world around us because when you extrapolate
that and you see that whatever we say has is not just something, you’re
creating an energy pattern which is impacting the whole world. So if we
become aware of this and try to discipline our speech we can create a
better world. So there would be just a thing to remember out of
this session that whatever you say has a certain impact on the
entire world’s harmony, on the entire world’s disharmony. Everything that you
say has an impact. Now any musicians here in this room? Which instrument do
you play? You’re a singer, so if you think about what is it that creates harmony in
the sounds, what is it that when sounds are put in a certain combination
it’s called harmonious and sounds when they are put
haphazardly they are disharmonious. It’s regular, there is a certain pattern
and there is a certain.. right. Even if we are not musicians still we can
differentiate between what’s pleasant, what’s harmonious when it comes to sound
patterns and what’s disharmonious. Agreed?
So in this perspective think of your own body, your own mind, your own system also
as an instrument which is producing sounds which is producing vibrations and
the pattern that you produce decides whether you’re experiencing harmony or
you’re experiencing disharmony. Sometimes you know that well I don’t feel
harmonious, sometimes you don’t even know that you are feeling miserable something
is wrong but you don’t know what it is. So there is a correlation of
your energies, your sense of harmony, your sense of disharmony to the sounds
to the energy what you have in your in your system as an instrument. Now just
like when you tune a musical instrument to the right stones which make it
harmonious you use a reference you use a tuner, you use something that is set that
you know is harmonious and you tune yourself according to that. For the human
system we also have few sounds that are set that are standard that we know are
sounds of harmony which are in harmony with nature, which are in harmony with
everyone else in this existence. And if we tune ourselves to those sounds we
naturally fall into this inner peace into this harmony on so many levels
that you can’t even consciously observe all those levels that are set into
harmony as you tune yourself into it. Last question, what are the sounds that a
baby makes? Anybody has kids? small babies.. Yeah, apart from crying. So they’re
making very basic sounds of aaa, uu, mmh. This is something which we will utilize today
into a technique. These fundamental sounds aa,uu,mm which in the Eastern
traditions has been put together as AUM as one word but it’s actually three
sounds. And these are known as the primary sounds or the primordial
sounds. They each have a certain relevance in our human system. I’ll
explain what the relevance is and then we will go into the technique. This technique that we are going to do today has four components. Three
sounds and the fourth silence. The first sound the Aa. The Aa sound when you utter
this Aa sound its reverberating in your lower region of the body. So everything below the chest you become aware of this
region when you utter this sound. This directly impacts your conscious state of
mind, your waking state. When you utter the word or the sound of Uu it’s
vibrating in the middle part in your physical body, so around
your chest region. It’s impacting your dream state when you’re
sleeping this sound is corresponding to that state of
consciousness but we don’t go into that theory at the moment. Just wanted to tell
you that this impacts different layers of your mind. So the sound of
Uu would impact your subconscious layer of the mind and when you utter the sound
of Mm, which is vibrating in your head,
this region. This is related to your deep sleep state
which means when you’re in harmony with the sound you will have a very nice deep
sleep. Not in the session, but afterwards when you are doing this more regularly when your sound of Mm is in harmony in your system to
the universe around, you will feel much more at ease to sleep, you will have much
more calmer sleep and you will see, you’ll be surprised by your own disappearing
issues regarding sleep. And the last component which is the silence. So when
we utter these three sounds Aa, Uu,Mm at the end if we do it in a sequence there is a
silence that is created just like for every music both the sound and the
silence, they both are important. Even the silence that comes after you utter these
three sounds is also equally important. When we will do this sequence, we will
utter the word Aa Uu Mm these three sounds in a sequence and will come silence. How
you will do it is for the first ten minutes or five to ten minutes we will
together utter these three sounds and while we do that when we are
uttering ah then keep your awareness in your lower region. When we are uttering
the sound ooh then keep your awareness in the middle region. If you are uttering
the word mah or the sound of Mm then keep your awareness in the head region. And
the moment we move on to silence just remain aware of yourself, just remain
aware of the silence. So we will do this out loud for five to ten minutes then we
will move into a silence where you will mentally do this for another five
minutes. So you will not do this out loud, you will do this mentally. You will just
mentally repeat this sequence of Aa Uu Mm and then silence in your
mind. After doing this for five minutes then you can sit in complete silence. If
you want to bring your attention somewhere just try to bring your
attention to the silence that is created after the sound of Aa Uu Mm. If not, just sit
in silence for 10 minutes 15 minutes as long as you can. Is the sequence clear?
Any questions? Are you guys ready to try out the sound of AUM? We will do this in
one breath so we will naturally inhale nice long deep breath and then while we
are exhaling we start with Aa then we go Uu and then we go to Mm and then
we take a break. One breath we just observe in silence.
Then another breath AUM, silence. Okay? Let’s try to do this together. The more
we do this in harmony the more we do this together the more powerful it will
be the more harmonious the better it is. So if anybody is falling
out of sync try to bring yourself back into the sync and we do this for
first five to ten minutes. Afterwards I’ll guide you I will tell you when you
do this on your own mentally and when you have to leave even this repetition
of these three sounds and move into silence. Alright, let’s start. Close your
eyes. Take a nice deep breath and release the
breath. Keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed and make sure there is no
tension on your face. Now take a nice deep breath in,
together with me say.. Inhale again. Inhale again. inhale again Inhale again Inhale again Inhale again Bring your full energy into the sound.
Inhale again Inhale again Inhale again Inhale again Become aware of the silence and inhale again. And inhale again Now for the next five minutes just mentally repeat the sequence of the
three sounds in silence. Keep your attention on repeating the
three sounds and the silence. Keep on breathing very naturally and
maintain this repetition of the three sounds and the silence. Now drop the repetition and just remain
aware of the silence. Allow yourself to become more still more
silent. Allow your body to settle as you remain
aware of yourself in this silence. Allow yourself to dissolve in the
silence. Choose to keep your awareness on silence. Stay in this silence. Allow yourself to be here in the silence. Stay absolutely still and silent. Remain in this silence for the next
minutes. Give yourself this moment to remain
absolutely silent. Keep on breathing very gently, softly and
naturally. Just remain aware of yourself. Allow yourself to settle in your own
awareness. Remain aware of yourself. Become aware of the silence that
prevails inside you and outside. When you will open your eyes remember
the silence is taste of inner silence. And if you like you may very slowly and
gently open your eyes or remain in the stillness in this meditative state as
long as you like. Those who have their eyes closed
you may also slowly and gently open your eyes. Last minutes that we spend in these
sessions are typically for your questions, for your experiences what you went
through today if you have something that is on your mind
which you didn’t understand, which you found weird, which you found good.
Anything that is unclear. Now we take a few minutes to go through it. What I
would very much appreciate is that you don’t go out of the room with some
doubts in your head, with some questions in your head which you could not bring
up right now. So is there anything that you want to share from your experience
what you went through? Anybody? Yes yeah How do I set what? First
of all let’s be on the same page when we say subconscious. What do you mean by
subconscious? Yeah you know that iceberg goes even deeper when it comes to
subconscious. So the subconscious part, the way I would put this for myself is the
conscious layer is what you use for your normal waking state. The
subconscious is when you go to sleep and you’re dreaming all the contents of your
dream they are arising out of the subconscious.
The unconscious is which is where you have collected all the impressions
from the day you are born until now all the data think of it as a
hard drive where you have stored all the data but you’re not using them right now.
Neither using them in your conscious state so in your waking state nor you
are using them in your subconscious state. Now your question, can you repeat that please? Sure, this is what we were trying
to do also with the three sounds. When you are uttering these sounds, you can
think of it like all these energies, all these unprocessed thoughts, all these
things that are lingering somewhere in the unconscious or in the subconscious
it does not matter. Somewhere they are lingering in your head and there
are many ways to remove them. One of the ways is what we did today with the
sound vibration. When you are using these three sounds what happens is that you
are really creating that amplification of these energies, these sounds
that those lingering thoughts those impressions that you carry they
start uprooting from your system, that’s one. Second thing is when
you are witnessing, when you’re observing your own thoughts which is a much longer
process as a practice it takes a while that you could settle into the
observation of your own mind and go deeper than just the conscious level.
Right now if I ask you to observe your thoughts,
you’ll be observing what is there in your conscious layer at the moment. But
the more you’re silent, hence all this emphasis on silence, hence the whole
practice or the whole effort that I have here is that you become more silent
first. Because when you’re silent then you can observe your mind
then you can observe many more details about your
self which are otherwise inaccessible. Because everything in you is
it’s trying to catch your attention. So your attention is occupied it cannot
see what is in front of it. When you are silent when you can observe
where this is coming from, the moment you can actually see where this is coming
from, actually see, you are able to even let it go. So that’s the power of
awareness. Awareness about things is not an important just observing factor about
your consciousness it’s something which is very powerful. The more you can bring
your awareness your consciousness to yourself and become more aware about
yourself the more naturally you can, I don’t want to use the word control but
you are then so to say master of yourself oryou’re more in
control to put it very simply. And this would be the second
way and then there are many other methods that we do, that we practice here.
Last time we did a method where we looked into the mirror and as easy as it
sounds it’s a very again a very powerful method and it takes you to all these
different layers of your mind. So there are many many ways if this
doesn’t satisfy your question maybe we can talk offline after the session and I
can tell you maybe something which might be relevant for you personally. The one-word answer is create
a situation for yourself that you can be more silent and in that silence
you will find your own ways to answer this question more easily than others.
Any other question? Yes So the question
is or I think it’s a comment that most of our thoughts are not our thoughts. I
can go on talking about this but I don’t want to because whatever I will say will
sound like a theory will only sound fairytales and it’s better that you find
out it’s in itself a very good introspection to find out what you’re
thinking where is it coming from. Just follow that shaft of thought that chain
of thought back to its source and that’s a meditation in itself.
That’s an entire process in itself. If you forget about all of the techniques and
give yourself 10 minutes every day, sit down and just observe where is this
thought coming from? All that train of things that are coming from, where are
they coming from? Without even assuming that they’re
coming from outside, they’re coming from within, slowly when you observe them you
will make your own interpretation and I think it’s even more relevant when you
find this out yourself without me telling you where it’s coming from. Yeah but theoretically you’re right
99.9999% of the thoughts that we have are not our thoughts, which is crazy
right? Anything else? You guys enjoyed the
session? Alright then I wish you a very nice week. Thank you very much for
sharing your silence with me.


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