How to forgive | Learn four secrets of forgiveness | Swami Mukundananda

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another so my question is how can it
forgive others who have harmed us how can we forgive others who have
harmed us this is an essential crowning virtue on the spiritual part until you
have mastered this virtue of learning how to forgive you have not really
entered the spiritual realm because every little thing will pull you down we
are living in a world of imperfect people we can never expect that nobody
will harm us we can never expect that nobody will do things wrong to us this
is going to happen again and again supposing I ask you has anybody ever
wronged you everybody will put up their hands yes
poverty it was my relatives might so and so my boss my subordinate then it
happens to everybody now supposing you don’t forgive what is
the consequence the consequence is that your mind gets filled overcome with
resentment resentment is such a terrible thing
it’s like pouring and toxic waste into your mind you will not allow anybody to
come and throw garbage in your drawing-room but by harboring resentment
we are doing it to ourselves one lady came to me and said Swamiji this person
that this justice look what he did to me and she
went on and on about it for 20-30 minutes so I said look what you are
doing to yourself what that person that is a different matter it is said to be
wronged as nothing unless you keep remembering it that is why the religions
of the world have emphasized that you need forgive though how do you forgive the first thing is that understand where
people are coming from we are in the material realm and everybody here is a
materially conditioned soul if you were to go into the hospital and say why do I
find sick people out here the doctor would say you are mentally sick in a
hospital you will find sick people what else do you expect if you go to a prison
house you will find prisoners there similarly we I am the material realm
every soul out here is one who has been bereft of God consciousness since
endless lifetimes so such people if they are selfish if they make mistakes if
they act in ways that hurt you what is so astonishing about it bring this
knowledge of the nature of the world the you will not have such amazing
expectations where our expectations are that you know I am so
good and everybody should be good to me that is like saying I am a vegetarian
and this woodland front should not hit me because I have not eaten any cows the
bull doesn’t care similarly the world doesn’t care whether
you are good or bad people are acting out of selfishness and they will do all
kinds of things to you so then you have this perspective your
expectations are not high and that is why the disappointments are also not
there when I preach as my duty I am prepared that the person whom I am
trying to help me tomorrow turn around and try and hurt me if that happens I
will not be surprised that’s the way the world is now after understanding the
nature of the world the second is to remember that you forgive not as a favor
to the other you forgive as a favor to yourself like I always say that to
harbor resentment is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies
if we are not forgiving we are harming ourselves we are poisoning our blood
fear hurting our body and most importantly we are be spoiling our mind
that is why the Saints around the world said
if you wish to make progress you will have to master this one virtue of
forgiving those who have wronged you you will have to do it again and again and
again and when you move ahead you will find
that God will also have to be forgiving you are divine beloved for he will
behave unjustly with you he will behave in hurtful ways with you why will he do
that to help you move to the next stage because every time you overcome a hurt
you are overcoming your little self what makes it so difficult to forgive is that
self seeking nature that self-centered nature of ours and to accomplish the
spiritual goal we have to engage in a complete transformation one st. used to
say what is divine love divine love means eternal forgiveness that is if you
see the love between Radha and Krishna Krishna is always behaving wrongly with
rather and she has to keep forgiving him it isn’t that forgiving that she’s
exercising her love so spiritual love is exercised in these divine virtues of
sacrifice of self application of forgiveness not in self fulfillment self
aggrandizement of enjoyment that is worldly love so
this virtue of forgiving it’s essential to be mastered if we wish to seriously
progress and that is why we need to ponder deeply over it and try our best
to never allow resentment to live in our heart grip allottee maharaj says who suffered he says even by mistake even in
your dreams don’t permit resentment or a grudge to take hold of your heart and
mind that is how much of priority the Saints have accorded to the need for
being able to forgive and make it a priority practice it again and again and
slowly you will find it becomes easier and easier and easier until it becomes a
second nature you


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