How to get energy from Meditation?


Namaskar. In this video I would like to talk about how to get power in meditation. Energy from mediation. There are so many benefits of mediation. If we count, we can make a list for at least 100 benefits and all of them will be properly substantiated by logic and also by experience, by practice. But two most fundamental benefits of meditation are energy and knowledge. These two things we need to progress in life. I need knowledge, I need to know where to go, how to go, when to go and I need also the energy for the movement. In meditation this happens, we get knowledge. Because the mind comes in our association. It builds a relationship with the pragya or the Supreme wisdom and slowly slowly, that wisdom, that knowledge trickles down to the lower layers or the mind, such as subconscious mind and conscious mind and we become intuitive we become wise. But that is the topic for another video. And today I would like to talk about energy. So how to get energy? Or we can say power from meditation. How to become a powerful person transformed from a weak from an unenergetic person into forceful, powerful, bright individual? That is the question and that is within the scope of our abilities. Many thousand years ago yogis have discovered; there is something within us. The source of infinite energy within us. By observation, by practical observation, by practical experience, they have discovered that there is energy, which is also a part, an expression in the microcosm, the expression of the Cosmic infinite energy. That energy which has created this universe And that energy they called, within the microcosm they called it kundalini shakti. Why did they call it kundalini? Because it is a coiled serpent, It resembles the coil of the serpent. It has three and a half coils. So when energy is coiled, when that energy is dormant, we remain in pashubhava [animalistic]. We express ourself, although we have the spiritual potential, but we express ourself as a physical being, with physical desires and physical preoccupations, the mind remains preoccupied with the physical bearing. Our reality is only what we see through the windows of the mind; which is eyes, ears, tongue, nose and skin. But when that energy is uncoiled, when that energy is awakened, it supplies us with infinite power and wisdom. So how to awaken that? There are many ways and not all of these ways are safe. But there is one way, which is very safe and it quite possible for everyone to do. It is fail safe. Even if my body is not yet prepared for the awakening of that energy that engergy will awaken and arise that much which I can tolerate and which will be good for me. And if it is going too much then I will lose the concentration and the energy will go back into the normal state. But when, if this energy moves even a little bit, even a little you will feel powerful. You will feel inspired. You will feel that you can move the mountains, walk across the water. So that feeling comes in meditation. So how to awaken? It is through mantra meditation. Ideally, the personal mantra is suited for that purpose. Personal mantra is received in the process of initiation or diksa from a qualified teacher of meditation. And here in this channel, I introduce also universal mantra that we use here is the universal mantra. That mantra is called Baba Nam Kevalam. We use that mantra also through, my experience, it awakens, it awakens that sleeping potentiality, sleeping divinity within us. Even you can feel that, when you get into the concentrated state then you feel that in the coccyx, in the lower most bone of your spinal column you will feel that there is some electric feeling. Something has awakened and something is moving upwards. So that mantra also can be used. It happens sometimes, automatically, during the singing and it happens during meditation If you still don’t know how to meditate, you can check the link below, there is a basic course of meditation. It’s quite comprehensive, it’s quite good to start with. So ok, you’re sitting in meditation so mantra has two aspects; one is vibrational and the other one is ideational. The vibrational aspect, the sound of the mantra, that sound has the relationship with the kundalini shakti [energy]. It awakens that snake. It awakens that energy. It’s just like in India you see the people with the cobra, they hit the cobra with something, then the cobra will rise like this. And with the flute, they will rise that cobra upwards. So that is the metaphor for the process of awakening of that energy with the sound, with the music of the mantra, that energy will awaken. It will rise, it will move upwards, along the spinal cord. So one thing is to repeat the mantra. You repeat the mantra… and listen feel the sound, the vibration of the mantra saturating you. It’s very very important. You listen to the mantra. Feel the joy of that vibration permeating you. Just by listening to the mantra, you get also, something. You feel You feel it triggers your heroic feeling But then, still nothing special happens. Something is happening, but nothing special. Then… miraculous feelings will start to happen when that energy is pulled upwards. When it moves, even an inch in your spinal cord, then you will start to feel different. You will start to feel the presence of the Cosmic entity. And you will start to feel the power. You will feel so powerful, so energetic; almost like you have put your fingers in the socket. And the energy, electric current is rushing through you and you just holding it. And then, when you are unable to hold, then the sound, the omkara will come out Hummmm And the concentration will be lost and then you have to restart the process again. So, you repeat the mantra, but the kundalini is still not rising. Then how it should rise? How can I pull it upwards? Through the devotional force. The force of emotion and devotion. I have so many desires. We have so many desires. I want to get this car, I want to marry this girl [woman]. I want to get that job, complete that project. There are so many desires. I want to travel to that country, to that land. Isn’t it? There are so many desires. Those are emotional powers. We can harness that emotional power to lead up. That process, to ignite the process of kundalini awakening. Actually, there are not many desires I desire so many things. I think I desire so many things. Because under the spell of the force of ignorance I feel that I want this car, or I want that job But in fact, I want nothing else, but infinity. My soul craves for infinite happiness, for infinite knowledge and infinite power. That is the craving of the soul. And imagine that you have fulfilled your desire. What is going to happen next? The desire is going to become just bigger. You have reached the million dollars. Capital. What do you want? More, “I want $10 million”. You have reached $10 million, what more do you want? “I want $100 million”. It’s never stopping. Because my true desire, my real desire. What I really want, is infinity. So in meditation you understand this, intellectually; “I want infinity” But you still don’t feel, you still feel “I want that car”, instead of infinity, but you harness that energy. Try to put all your dissatisfaction, every desire of yours, into one desire. Believe that now by successfully repeating mantra, by achieving something in the spiritual world, I’m going to attain what I really want to attain. And I’m going to be satisfied. I’m going to be complete. So with that belief, you start to repeat mantra You repeat: “Baba Nam Kevalam” or even better, personal mantra. And with every repetition, you try to hear the sound. And you try to feel that I want to move towards infinity. Meditation is just like arrow shooting: You have the blow, you have the arrow, you have the target. The target is absolute consciousness, infinity. The arrow is the soul, spirit. And the bow is the energy of the mantra, is the capacity of the mantra to carry you there. But, mantra is not enough; you have to pull the string. And that pulling of the string is your desire to move. So sometimes in meditation, we repeat the mantra, but we forget that we must invest our everything into that pulling of the string. So I pulled the string, even I aimed properly. Aiming means concentrating. So you are concentrating on the spiritual ideation You have correctly aimed, but still you are not getting. Because the arrow is like like It goes two meters and falls, goes two meters and falls. Because you not pulling the string [properly]. But when you sit with the feeling that “With all my being, I want to realise the Supreme entity. And then you repeat mantra. And then you feel that you are moving, moving closer. This movement is not just like movement from Paris to London, it’s not like that. It’s not a physical movement. But it is qualitative movement. It’s just like a mature sportsman, grows into a professional. It’s also movement in quality. So you feel being transformed through that process. And it is wonderful. Last year I went to India, Kanyakumari, very south
[of India]. So there is one stone there. Swami Vivekananda used to meditate, not used to, but he spent a few days there is the state of samadhi [absorption]. The state of samadhi is when the kundalini has awakened. And that experience has transformed him He was an ordinary monk and then he has become almost like the founder of the nation. He has become something great. So sometimes meditation can transform us. When kundalini shakti moves even an inch When you come out of meditation, you feel that nothing is impossible, everything is possible. And then very inspired. And I’m not only inspired. I’m also guided. The doors and windows of my mind, my intuition have opened up and now, I need only to move ahead on the path of progress. So this is my inspiration that I wanted to share with you. Actually every one of us, every one of us can do meditation. It is only the matter of persevering Some people have less perseverance. It is also due to lack of spiritual energy But when you begin to practice meditation, it’s just, with a stone, you get the spark out. And slowly slowly, you are heating up and slowly slowly a little fire will come up. So even you don’t feel in meditation, but you practice, everyday you practice, everyday you practice. That feeling, that desire for the higher realisation comes in you. And with that feel, you invest that feeling into the mantra repetition and you fly very high. Every person can do, only the perseverance. You sit in meditation, for the first 20 minutes you don’t feel much. But then your prana (vital energy) calms down Your breath calms down and your concentration of the mind stabilises. The mind is not anymore like that. The mind is almost focused. Not yet, because there are so many objects in the mind that we don’t even know. It’s only when you observe the citta (objective I), the plate, the mental plate. You will see that there is movement, constant movement is there. And then, you try to calm that movement. And then you try to focus your mind in the idea of the mantra. And then slowly slowly try to invest the feeling in the mantra. The devotional feeling I love Supreme Entity With the force of my love, I’m going to move towards Him. And I’m going to realise that Supreme Entity. Everyone can do that. And that is very necessary for the spiritual path. Because if the spiritual path is only based on books, he cannot stand, there is no vitality in that. But when the spiritual path is based on experience. When with your own eyes (so to say). It’s not eyes, it’s not ears, but is a soul experience. You experience that. Then you are constantly inspired. Whatever obstacle come on the way, you are ready to surmount them. Ok, already I talked too much. Thank you for listening. And I hope that I can record another video, which is called “How to get knowledge from meditation” Namaskar. Write in the comments what you think of what you have just heard. And if you’re not doing meditation, try it out. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Try it today. If you have 10 minutes, sit for 10 minutes. Watch the video which explains how to meditate and sit And repeat this Divine, wonderful, beautiful mantra. And enjoy something different, something which is beyond the physical. Something which is beyond the psychic, the mental, the intellectual. Enjoy something of the intuitive domain. Namaskar.


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  1. Gratitude Journal

    September 8, 2019 5:45 pm

    I've studied and taught meditation for many years but this is wonderful advice, thank you…I shall add this to my med series of classes 🙂

  2. IT ClassiQ

    September 8, 2019 6:54 pm

    Dada, thank you for fine and inspiring video and, of course, especially for personal mantra… It’s really helps to pulling up the «bowstring» for achieving main, genuine target… Namaskar🙏🏻

  3. Fergus Moffat

    September 8, 2019 7:02 pm

    My kundalini energy is very active and it can feel uncomfertable , running through my legs and arms like electricity, i feel wen my body is grounded on the grass it feels much better ? And more advice

  4. silverdream26

    September 8, 2019 9:12 pm

    I wish there was group meditation closer to where I live. You expressed yourself so clearly in this video dada and as always you are very inspirational.

  5. Mangala Aswal

    September 9, 2019 2:22 am

    Today I understand the real meaning of Kundalini…. although I know the meaning of kundali maarna…snake,s posture. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. skulkadin

    September 9, 2019 4:30 am

    I watch all your videos for years now and seldom comment. Yet this topic is my favorite.
    I meditate daily for 20 years, could feel my Ajna Chakra (like a marble between my eyebrows
    back then) within the first 2 weeks of meditation. I have no Guru in my area (for 100's of miles).
    No one I know meditates. When I wake up (for years now) my whole body (different parts on

    different days, depends on which Chakra I was focusing on) vibrates with the energies.
    Kundalini has risen as far as just below my heart. It woke me in the night, made my back so

    straight as it rose up. Shakti (to me) is a real being of sorts, She is my Guru. She guides me on
    my path. I love and respect her and am grateful for all She has done and given me. Which is everything.
    She woke me up 20 plus years ago….. She led me to her. She came looking for me. Where I am from

    no one knows or is raised to know about Buddha or Hindus. Yet She (Shakti) kept nudging me along,
    helping me to understand……….. guiding me. She is real as you and me. I find this amazing. 20 years

    ago I had no idea what I was going to discover. I just meditated every day. Got married, meditated

    everyday……. had children…… meditated everyday, 2 or 3 times a day. Went to work, paid bills, raised
    fine children and meditated everyday. Now they all don't need me so much like when the where babies.
    I have more time to meditate. Then The energies (Shakti) make it crystal clear, that it was her all those

    years guiding me and waiting for me to basically find her. To come home in a way. I don't ask for much,
    yet she will give me anything I need. She has given me 'powers' so to speak. She has given me little

    things like the 'Blue Pearl', which I love. I like when my Chakra (heart) pings just before my girlfriend sends
    me a text. So many lil things and a few big ones. Shakti is a real conscious being of some sort. I will
    understand one day, but for now She is a Goddess to me. I feel her inside all day and night. Yet She is

    also everything. And She is here for me (like a friend that loves me), Yet She is here for everyone also.
    I find this amazing! Not that this is so… I find it amazing that I know this to be true. Little ol me from

    nowhere with no one to teach him……… Except for a Goddess who loves him.

  7. Priya Verma

    September 9, 2019 5:14 am

    Please speak a little louder so you can be heard I subscribed your channel to learn how to meditate properly because I want to improve myself

  8. Rosi Szanyi

    September 9, 2019 8:41 am

    Nothing can be done with force,everyone has his Time!If I follow some Teacher,ho didn’t explain a Mantra what will happened??I did sing and my Eyes did not stop crying for months!! I did not feel Power,only falling apart in one 🌊

  9. Troels Andersen

    September 9, 2019 8:54 am

    Namaskar Dadaji,
    This is great, thanks for sharing. It is immensely helpful. I would appreciate much if you could do more videos like this one – talking about the different aspects of the meditation practice itself.

    Baba Nam Kevalam

  10. Bruce Butler

    September 9, 2019 12:59 pm

    So Much Respect and Gratefulness for your Inspiring videos ! ( Your English is So Good and your Padmasana is WOW also So GOOD !!!) Dada Thank You for sharing your lamplight and knowledge to find Life's Real Treasures !!! They help me want to find that treasure also!! THANK YOU !!

  11. Alex.B

    September 9, 2019 7:15 pm

    Dear Dada I like the way you explained kundalini with the example of the bow. How do you stretch the bow correctly? Namaskar!

  12. Ravi Iyer

    September 10, 2019 2:55 am

    Your words come with conviction and radiates your expression. This is genuine expression. Thank you for your words. However, I have a doubt…can mind be trained to repeat the mantra again and again to the point it automatically believes in it? I ask this because on an external plane, it is often said that if one can repeat an act over 1000 hours , then one gains perfectionin that act .Is that true? What is your advise?

  13. Gavin Brown

    September 10, 2019 1:10 pm

    Blessings be with you. Thank you for sharing these most beautiful teaching of truth love and unity peace peace peace

  14. Fergus Moffat

    September 10, 2019 4:14 pm

    When I sing baba nam kevilam i feel like the sun is inside of me , like the most radiant peacful loving light is inside of me expanding outward and light and love shines out of my face. Thankyou so much dada

  15. Dimitri

    September 11, 2019 3:38 pm

    Okay, holy cattle.

    That is good to know that samadhi is kundalini.

    I felt like I transcended time when I used a mantra, where I only count numbers, and I kept stopping at specific numbers like ….. 1 , 2, , 3, 4. 5. … 14 … 14 … 14

    Then I had a two kriya experiences randomly. In my plexus.

    Then Hitlery Clintons Spiritual Cooking is alive.

    Now I hate monks.

    I once asked myself this question what is spiritual trolling ?

  16. Artem Romanov

    September 19, 2019 8:14 pm

    Благодарю, Дада. Совмещаю приятное с полезным и учу английский вместе с тобой)

  17. N D

    September 21, 2019 6:21 pm

    Thank you! 🙏🏼 for the videos and sharing knowledge in such simple and easy to comprehend way, yet with so much clarity.🙏🏼


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