How To Improve Your Mental Health Tips and Tricks | Self-Care Action Plan


Hi guys and welcome to my two minute topic
series. In todays episode, we are going to be talking
about mental health. Tips that you can do in two. minutes. The first tip is to talk about your feelings. Instead of building them up and up and up
and trying to deal with it yourself. So anything that you have got on your mind,
just talk to someone about it and just have an open conversation because then you’ll end
up feeling so much better about yourself and that person will feel better because they’ve
helped you with it. The second on is to look after your body. Fitness and having a good diet. Now with fitness, it doesn’t have to be
anything strenuous, yo u could just go for a quick walk. Because that will release endorphins which
is the happy hormone and it will boost your energy levels and again with diet, if you
are getting the essential minerals and vitamins, that you need every single day to
function. The third one is to do something that you
enjoy doing. Whether that being an activity like art or
dancing, everyday you shouldn’t just be going to work, come home and go to bed and watch
some tv because that isn’t good for the mental health. you need to find something that you really
enjoy doing because when you do something that you enjoy, it releases stress from your
body and your whole body and your mind will just end up being happier. So find something that you enjoy doing and
make it a part of your daily or weekly routine. Now the next one is nature, so go for a walk
in nature. Go to the forest, look at the scenery, take
in the smells, take in some deep breaths, and just feel the wind on your face. So next time you are feeling down, and you
don’t know what to do, find the nearest bit of nature that you have got around your house,
sit on the grass or on a bench and just take in the world from where you are seeing it. Next one is relaxation, whether you could
do it in the morning or at night time, a good tip is to just listen to some meditation every
single day because then that will retrain your mind into a more relaxed and productive
one. You could start doing yoga because that’s
really good for the body and it does really relax you because you are taking in deep breaths. You’re inhaling and exhaling at the correct
time aswel as doing some poses. But if you just want to sit there and just
relax, then listen to some guided meditation because that will just help you to relax your
and your body. The last one is have good quality sleep. Sleep is so important. Go to bed early, make sure that you turn all
of your screens off. Your phone, your laptop, your tv, so getting
at least 8 hours sleep every single day is really important for your body and mind to
function properly every single day. So I hope that you enjoyed my first episode
of two minute topics. So if you enjoyed the video hit the like and
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  1. Cherylife

    October 13, 2019 2:26 pm

    Hello My friends. I hope you enjoy the first video of my "Two Minute Topic" series. Will you implement any of my tips? 👇🏻

  2. skijumpnose

    October 13, 2019 3:07 pm

    Always so inspirational Cheryl, i have known people with mental health issues that took their own lives, i am glad there is so much more help and awareness for everyone now


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