How to learn meditation: Is there a need to attend a meditation course?

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When I want to learn meditation, isn’t it good i attend a course like a real offline course in the studio with other people, with the teacher who can tell me what I should be doing? Yes of course, I think that’s the best way to learn meditation from somebody. But if you look at what are the possibilities available today is, either these religious or spiritual organizations where these are structured around a guru or there are new age meditation programs or schools coming up that are run by people or teachers who were doing or teaching yoga, they had learned their yoga also in a year’s time from somebody or now they are claiming that they know how to meditate and they are teaching meditation. So both these ways in my eyes are not the ideal way. If you are willing to dedicate a week, two weeks, three weeks time in a silent retreat that’s one of the best ways to do it. But for most of us we don’t have that kind of time and we would like to learn something at home and exactly to fill that necessity we have created meditation easy where people can learn authentic meditation while being at home or wherever. And probably the silent meditation retreat it’s also not the ideal start right, if you don’t know anything about meditation, can you just go for a 10-day silent retreat? Yeah that’s the point that there is a very popular course around the personal meditation that is run all across the world which is a 10-day silent retreat and that’s supposed to be very very tough for somebody who has no clue what meditation is, who cannot sit even a minute still. So to directly put yourself in that extreme is something I would not recommend. Probably you will never do it again afterwards. Yeah you will but you I think there is a better way to do it , there’s a better approach to learning this and to not immediately putting yourself into extreme environment. Yeah absolutely, probably it’s a good idea to have some basic understanding of it and also know some basic techniques also not that you fall for one technique or one way which you will stick to and which is actually maybe not good for you in the end or too one-sided or really not to learn for the real core and purity of meditation. Yeah that’s another thing that in order to understand what meditation is you need to approach it from many different angles and many different sides. I can tell you from my own experience while I was going through books and listening to people and trying to meditate myself. There were many many phases where I said meditation is this or meditation is that, aha meditation is this and it kept on changing for a very long period of time until I reached to a point where I could not negate what I was assuming meditation to be and suddenly I saw all the perspectives that i took what meditation is, they all summed up for me and I could immediately see the point of it. So having said that it takes time to understand what meditation is and that’s that’s what requires a more structured approach, like for me it took several years and now with Meditation Easy what we have tried is to put our experience in 30 techniques so that people don’t have to spend years to understand what it is, rather they get the essence of all these different perspectives into one single comprehensive program which they can do in 10 weeks. Yes and that also means they don’t fall for the wrong approach which they may be later on are not able to correct because they don’t see anymore. Yeah that’s correct.


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