How To Manage Hunger & Thirst: Meditation For Weight Control

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I am doing this video practically for everyone.
It’s a video on how you can manage your hunger and thirst. This technique per se is
from Patanjali, not only that common people have problem with hunger but even Rishis,
Yogis and Siddha masters have problem with hunger because hunger is the major distraction
as well as thirst too because as soon as hunger comes or the thirst sets in; your peace of
mind is gone. You cannot do anything, you cannot even think properly. So everybody needs
to control or do something with the hunger and thirst problem. In our contemporary civilization,
they are so important because everybody wants to look slim and healthy and don’t want
to eat or drink too much because that results in gaining weight which is not a good idea
in our civilization so it has both profane as well as sacred purpose to control thirst
and hunger. Patanjali says that there is a particular meditation that you can do to control
thirst and hunger. It is done in a special meditation called samyama wherein you have
gained a total focus on pit or a spot within the throat focusing on the Sanskrit words
that he is using and this pit in the throat is in the subtle body and extends to the stomach
area. I am going to give you the Sanskrit version as given by Patanjali so that you
can use this. The way I want you to use it, just close your eyes focus attention on the
throat and then keep reciting this sutra from Patanjali. Let me say this a few times so
that you can get to know the sounds and you can use them later on in your meditation.
Kanta Kupe Kshut Pipasa Nivritti. Now close your eyes and focus attention on your throat
and people who have been working with this mantra would know that focusing on the throat
itself will do a lot and people who had been working with this mantra “Thiru Neela Kantam”
will know that it also will help remove your karma. So just focus attention on the throat
and identify this spot within the throat, in the middle of the throat. Keep your eyes
closed and then listen to this sound Kanta Kupe Kshut Pipasa Nivritti. “Kanta Kupe”
means the pit in the throat or the tube in the throat. “Kshut Pipasa” is hunger and
thirst. “Nivritti” is dissolution. Kanta Kupe Kshut Pipasa Nivritti. These are all
powerful sounds coming from the Patanjali. Patanjali is one of the very few Siddhas who
was gifted to see the dance of Siva himself. Not many have had the opportunity, you need
to have tremendous amount of consciousness to be blessed with that vision of Dancing


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