How to Manifest Anything You Want! Law of Attraction Success Story


How to Manifest Anything You Want Law of Attraction Success Story so around this time last year actually
around September last year I entered my doctorate in Chinese medicine so I
jumped right from working a full time job or at that time I’d gone into my
business full time and now into full time medical school while running a
business and the reason for me continuing to do both is because I
already had a business and I wanted to graduate as close to debt-free as
possible so I came in gung-ho guns blazing saying that I was gonna pay up
all my debt and the very first year managed to burn myself out and have a
lot of health issues from overwork and bitches from stress and so this 100-day
manifestation experiment was to see if I could bring back that excitement that I
used to have as well as still get even better results so I talked to a friend
around this time when I was trying to figure out you know what do I do next
I started a business do I just kind of run the current one kind of half half
not really got excited and what she said to me was just for a hundred days try
only doing the things that excited you now I want to focus on the four things I
did and the four things I asked for that ended up happening so that you can get
started with your own experiment on how your thoughts create your reality and
you can decide for yourself because for me I was very skeptical I mean I’m open
to this kind of stuff but the thing is like what got me to where I am in my
life today was work like I know how to work I published already four books I
wrote my my last school length book while I was in medical school here and
then published it in the summer like I know how to work but just because you
not at work and you get results doesn’t mean you enjoy it or that you’re happy
or that you can feel like you can do that forever and I want to be working
for the next 70 years so I started with four themes so the very first thing was
I would ask for whatever it is I wanted asking for me was a formal I wrote it
down on paper please help me with this find this do this I did it in the
morning and I did it in the evening the second thing was I kept a little journal
to keep track of my intuitions and the way I knew something was intuition was
number one I felt like decided by it and number two
I felt it kinda in my stomach like oh it’s a good idea not like up here like
yeah I should do that should you got it was he just popped into my head and I
was like oh that would be cool that’s the way I knew that if something
was intuition and I tracked these little intuitions because they were very easy
to miss and I put them into a little journal the one I’ve shared in the
previous video and I just retract use all the intuitions these are the things
I need tax the third thing I did was I surrendered any negative emotion stress
fear anxiety comparison issues with self-worth I surrendered meaning I would
say in my head I surrender I have that go I’m I’m so agitated because I’m gonna
fail this exam okay maybe I will that’s it surrender let go I don’t know
what’s gonna happen what if my business fails cuz I can’t
perform a medical school and in my business okay good I surrender let it go
what if this girl says that that person says that surrender let it go that was
the third thing I did so internally I was clear clear clear clear of any
negative emotions day to day and then the last thing was that I only did the
things in my business and as best I could in my life that excited me that’s
it the way you determine excitement was in
my body that’s how I determined if it was exciting not I should do this it was
yeah let’s do it alright everyone knows the feeling of
excitement now I wanted to do this not only to feel better to feel more excited
about my life but also I wanted to see if I could get better results of my
business and feel excited so I wrote down four goals four things that I was
working on coming true the first thing was that I wanted to make an extra
thousand a month in my business to really provide more financial security
and to pay off my medical debt I wanted to start on Instagram even though I was
really resistant and didn’t really like it
I wanted a strategy that did not take a lot of time that I enjoyed that was
basically not me doing more work I wanted to get set up to do a TED talk
and I wanted to come out with a master the day journal alright so the first
thing was that as a business owner the first thing I
have to focus on is money I don’t like that fact I don’t want to focus on the
only things I make money I just want to write books and shoot videos but the
reality is those things don’t make money by themselves I have to study business
and so I thought every night every morning I would say please help me make
this without doing extra work without working twice as hard without doing
something I hated I wanted to be easy and fun and exciting so one of the
things I was pondering was with my content in YouTube here you know most
like top content is personal development but my brand modern health muncom is
about really about fitness and weight loss that’s one of my courses are
related to in my coaching so it felt like a mismatch but what excited me the
most is the person filming company so I said you know what find me I’m just
gonna create the content I like that you guys like the personal development stuff
for a hundred days and see what happens well the very first video I shot was
super off-brand and it was all about how the journal to be more successful right
the journaling exercise that can change your life now would you believe that
very first video I shot off brand whatever excited me that video went
viral and it pulled up so many other videos and I want you to look at my
Adsense check here for the month and when it’s been for several months now
and isn’t that interesting but the very first thing I asked for was an extra
1000 a month in income that’s kind of crazy right and that’s kind of humbling
and it made me just think how look how I don’t I don’t really know I asked I
listened and then I did and that’s what I think you’re gonna learn that I
learned is the key thing when you ask an answer comes the listening is the little
intuition that’s very easy to ignore but you have to do it so the second thing is
that I’ve been wanting to start using Instagram and the reason why I haven’t
been using it my business is I hate social media I hate what it does to
people I hate when you start uploading it changes the way and the kind of
content you upload and so I was afraid that would happen to me but I was kind
of struck at the fact that I got these really meaningful messages these really
interesting direct messages and instead from you guys and I thought that was
really rewarding and really humbling and so I wanted to figure out a way where I
could turn uploaded content and build that platform over the next years but
without doing extra work because I wrecked my health the first-year medical
school from overwork and stress and so I asked what I should do and around that
time someone just mentioned to me you know what if you just hit like personal
brandy type pictures or little design cards so I put out this ad on Craigslist
looking for a photographer and I mentioned that I was looking for people
to do a shoot or potentially do some kind of long-term deal where I can give
them exposure what happened was a bunch of people responded but the last person
I responded just so happened I put a Craigslist ad room remember that it just
so happened to be a girl at my school who is now working with me to produce a
lot of photography a lot of the videos and a lot of this other stuff and that
came out of nowhere like when you think about the chances of finding someone in
a school of what less than a thousand people and you put a random Craigslist
ad it’s kind of crazy and so sure enough we found a strategy that could work for
uploading daily pains to Graham that doesn’t take a lot of time on my end and
can still be impactful and still help a lot of people the third thing I asked
for is just some help on getting this master the day journal created the thing
is like I have to go through China to get a supplier and then get a
distributor and have them do all this stuff and this the potential do with a
lot of money that I don’t have to create a print journal and I know journals are
really popular now and the one I want to create is very different in a very
simple way and so I’ve been working on creating it because I’ve used these
exercises in my own life and I know it’ll help many of you but I was getting
caught up in all the barriers up I need to put money up front I need to deal
with the Chinese I need to go through Alibaba calm I need to deal it’s very
complicated and it’s a long process it’s like one to two years from idea to
inception and one day when I was asking for an easier way a faster way to figure
out how to do this I got an email from Alibaba comm which is a Chinese it helps
you connect with manufacturers and they must have signed up and forgotten
because I got this email you know and it said to me here are all our best-selling
hardcover journals and I click that and I set up a quote pretty effortlessly
inside their system so I went from being like alright how do I do this journal do
I create a journal so the question was do I create a journal that very first
video on journaling would viral that was a yes and then it was how can I do this
faster in my inbox comes the Alibaba email and the last thing was I want to
give a TED talk I’m not really super concerned with the time whether it’s now
or in two years or five years but one of the most common comments I get from you
is when are you given a TED talk and you know part of it is what’s massively on
my plate right now but it’s also like when is it when to
coordinate I have to coordinate in three six months to prepare and so I mentioned
it to that photographer that I mentioned and she said oh you mentioned Ted right
well they’re actually here next week in Portland taking their applications so
Ted was actually locally in Portland doing their drop boxes people to apply
to speak and so I was like okay okay it’s kind of short notice
next week is my finals week I don’t have two weeks to do a talk that’s gonna be
on Ted possibly and also my finals not enough time the next day I’m working in
a coffee shop I come home I’m driving on my regular route to home there’s a
humongous billboard it says like come speak at Ted April whatever and I just
started laughing because I’ve been here already and I haven’t I’ve been here for
almost two years I haven’t seen that I didn’t see that last year and so it’s
interesting when you ask you begin to see things aligned with whatever it is
you’re trying to have come to reality so I think there’s one final lesson here
and the final lesson is that doing this experiment and doing especially that
quote spiritual exercise of not resisting accepting everything
especially the things I don’t like and then still acting on improving them has
produced so much calm so little stress that I’ve never had anything
I certainly know not not in the last seven years for sure
so there’s anything I would recommend it would be to do those four things I
mentioned at the intuitive journal to follow your excitement
don’t resist but really don’t resist because if you’re not at your goals end
is gonna be frustration in pain and discomfort and if you do those things
that are exciting you it won’t matter when you arrive because you’re already
having so much fun in the process he it won’t even matter it won’t even matter
and that was a huge revelation listen the intuition will be small it’ll be a
little thing that’s easy to ignore and then you have to act on whatever is
exciting you and then don’t resist if it hasn’t happened the ad or you’re just
wondering if it’s gonna happen just let it happen so I hope that was you guys
that was kind of an interesting 100 day experiment I did that I hoped would
serve me for the rest of my life and thus far it certainly has so I’m making
sure to do a lot of interesting documentation what I did what I would do
differently and how it impacted my life now before you go I want you to leave a
comment down below let me know for you what would be the coolest thing you can
manifest and be unrealistic and I’m not saying like Oh a billion dollars unless
you think that’s what you really want but like what do you really want tell me
there below


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