How To Meditate CORRECTLY For Beginners In Easy Steps! | Meditation Tips & Tricks || Guide

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do you want to start meditating but
don’t know how or do you already meditate but want your sessions to last
for a longer duration of time in this video I will share my best tips to do this
meditation is the best way to calm your mind and process your thoughts but there
are a lot of different forms of meditation so you might not know where
to start that’s why I’m going to explain the
basics and how it’s most commonly practiced together with some tips to
extend your sessions you can meditate at any time of the day
just pick a moment you like and make a habit of it for example when you are
always tired after work or school do a standard meditation session after you
got home to recharge yourself the first thing to do is go to the toilet because
you don’t want to stop your session because you have to pee next go to a
quiet spot like your bedroom I prefer to make the room dark to relax better but
you could also leave the lights on sit or lay down for example on your bed or
couch in a comfortable position you don’t necessarily need to sit in the
typical meditation position you can meditate in any position the most
important thing is that it’s comfortable if you fall asleep easy and want to
avoid that it’s better to sit instead of laying down you can meditate in silence
but also with meditation music this can help you to focus deeper and makes your
mind kamar just search for meditation music on YouTube and pick one you like
music that gets me in a very deep trance is called didgeridoo most people prefer
to meditate with eyes closed but you can even do this with eyes open and then
just watch your breath it is best to breathe in and out through your nose
into your stomach don’t breathe into your chest don’t
think too much but make your mind calm another trick to avoid your mind
drifting off is using a mantra this is a sort of chant from a few words that you
keep repeating in your head this could be anything for example stay calm focus
stay calm focus you could pick a standard duration you want to meditate
but I prefer to not do this but just keep meditating for as long as you can
you will feel it automatically when your mind has processed enough sometimes this
is very quick like after 10 or 15 minutes and sometimes it can take longer
like an hour but even short sessions of 10 minutes a day are very effective if
it’s very hard for you to calm down you could even use a supplement to get into
a deeper meditation state like l-theanine or CBD oil when you are in a
deep state of meditation and your body starts to calm down it’s possible to
experience certain things very common things are movements like with your eyes
or head and muscle twitches these things are good because they are signs that
you’re releasing tension or even clearing energy blockages when you never
meditate your body and mind can never calm down fully not even when asleep
meditation brings you in a deeper resting state because you are
consciousness that’s why you can experience these signs of tension
release which you never feel normally another problem you can come across
while meditating is you start remembering things you forgot to do for
example paying a bill or buying something in the supermarket the best
thing to do in this case from my experience is note that task down quick
like in your cell phone and then restart your meditation session because if you
think about it all the time being afraid to forget it again you can’t fully calm
down your mind needs to be quiet after your
meditation session you can feel a bit weird like you have to wake up again
but when you’re recovered after a few minutes your mind will feel calmer and
you will have more energy these were the basics and my best advice for meditating
if you got any questions comment below I will always respond don’t forget to give
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videos like this coming soon good luck with meditating


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    For people that meditate against anxiety: there's a video on my channel with more ways to do reduce anxiety! ("how I cured Depersonalization"), together with more video's (like video's for Highly Sensitive People (HSP), CBD oil, etc.!)


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