How To Meditate Properly: Julien Blanc’s Meditation Advice For Beginners


– This is Julien. I’m here in Times Square in New York City, and what I want to talk
about in this video here is the difference between
pursuing presence, and attracting presence. You see most meditational
practices promoted today are designed to pursue presence. Concentrate on the now. Concentrate on this mantra. Concentrate on this spot on
the wall and pursue presence. This is great, it does allow
you to let things slow down. You build a stronger sense of focus. You can maintain your attention somewhere for a longer period of time, but it doesn’t truly get
to the cause, does it? Because as soon as you don’t
concentrate on that thing you’re back in the muck of it all. What about focusing on the
muck of it all instead, releasing it and realizing presence, which is permanent, enjoy. (upbeat music) When you think about meditation there are two main ways to meditate. I’m sure the one that’s popping up right
now in your head is, well, meditation is where I sit down, and I just be present, right? Sit down for 10, 20
minutes and be present. Who here does that? Yeah, decent amount, not bad. I mean, that’s the traditional
mainstream type meditation. Sit down and just focus
on a spot on the wall. Focus on my breath. Focus on the right here, right now, and just be present and just meditate, and that’s what we think it is. That is one type of meditation. There are a lot of benefits from it. It’s called concentration
based meditation, okay? You focus on the now. You focus on a spot on the wall. You focus on a mantra, and you just keep
focusing on it long enough that everything else
just fades away, okay? And you’re present. This is the mainstream way of meditating. It will allow you to hold your
awareness at a certain place for a long period of time, however, it’s not my favorite type of meditation because it’s still an escape, and this is called pursuing presence. It’s better than nothing, but
it’s not the end goal, why? Because as soon as you stop
focusing on that one thing, what happens? You’re back in the shit, and your problems are still there, and the shit you’re running
away from is still there. It’s better than nothing,
but it’s not permanent because you’re dealing with all the shit. You’re like, oh, fuck I feel
stressed, I don’t feel good. Presence, presence, presence fades away. It’s like a little vacation in presence, and then, okay, blah,
back in the shit, okay? So that is pursuing presence. The other type of meditation is called mindfulness based meditation. That’s where instead of focusing
on one thing long enough that everything else fades away you focus directly on what it is you’re trying to run away from. You focus on the shit
that’s inside of you. By focusing on this shit, and we have a lot of
resistance to doing this, experiencing it, processing
it, letting it go, now there’s no longer
anything to run away from, and then you realize presence. Being present isn’t
something you should do. It should just be. The way you become present
and embody presence more often is by releasing all that
shit you have inside. That’s something you have to dive into, your inner demons let’s just say. The thing you’ve crafted
your life to always avoid, you know, you go home
immediately you’re like I’m left with myself and my demons, distraction, music, TV, porn, fap, okay? Here, it’s instead of that
like we discussed earlier, diving and confronting those demons. You can just try this as a challenge. After this event you go home just sit with yourself 10 minutes. Even just 10 minutes, it will
be close to impossible to do. Sitting with yourself and
doing nothing for 10 minutes. It sounds easy. It’s probably one of the hardest
challenges I can give you. By yourself, no distractions, nothing, you just sit there with yourself, and you’re gonna start
feeling that shit bubbling up. Not real shit, okay, but it’s like bubble up, but it’s gonna start bubbling up, and then the little voice
associated that shit is gonna start bubbling up
it’s gonna be like, hey. What’s your name? – [Christian] My name is Christian. – Yeah, Christian, it’s like, hey, Christian you’re a piece of shit. You’re like, I’m doing the 10 minutes. Christian, you’re not gonna
be able to do the 10 minutes. Remember what you did when you were five. You’re like, no. Hey, Christian, remember
when you were out today, people were judging you,
laughing at your face. Like, shit. Christian, I don’t think
your mother loves you. (laughter) Christian, I don’t think
anyone ever loved you. That’s gonna happen,
like literally that voice is gonna say the worse shit ever, okay? And it’s not just when
you’re at home with yourself that’s when it will be louder, but it’s still going on in the background. It’s crazy, we all have this enemy inside. You’re out in public and it’s
like this annoying friend. You’re just trying to chill and it’s like, Christian, Christian, that
chick there’s judging you. Hey, Christian, you look like shit today. It’s like nonstop, so
that’s gonna bubble up. And, again, when it bubbles up, traditional meditation, ignore the voice, presence, presence, presence. Escaping the voice. Here, see if you can embrace the voice. Dive into it, feel those sensations that aren’t necessarily comfortable. Allow yourself to experience
them and stay with them. Be mindful of them and face your demons, and what you’ll realize
is that when you stop running away from them you allow yourself to
experience them they dissipate, and there’s no longer
anything to run away from. Now a big blockage you may have to this is the whole law of attraction, if you know what this is the LOA, yes? – [Audience] Yeah. – Yeah, you attract what you think, so think positive thoughts, right? If you focus on that shit what are you gonna attract, more shit, no? But here’s what you have to
understand, and this is huge. There are two worlds inside of you. (laughter) Are they still there, what? So two worlds. This is what you’re aware of. This is what you’re not aware of. Right now you’re aware of my voice. What I’m saying, you’re here, oh, Julien, fuckin’ robe and shit, yeah. Here’s something where
you’re not aware of. Just ’cause you’re not aware
of it, never forget this, just ’cause you’re not aware of it doesn’t mean it isn’t active. In the background here, for example, if you feel guilty over
something you did or didn’t do that’s going around. You’re a piece of shit, Christian. You know what you did, you
know what you didn’t do. You’re a piece of shit. You’re like, no, but Julien, the robe. Piece of shit, piece of shit,
piece of shit on repeat. Then we’re surprised we’re like, what I’m trying to focus positively. Why am I not manifesting positive things? Because this is going on whether
you’re aware of it or not it’s going on and it’s
attracting more of that, so guess what? You got to dive into this,
process it, release it, in order to by default
focus on positive things, you can’t otherwise, okay? It’s like someone who
says to you, it’s like, don’t focus on the past,
focus on the future. Well, guess what? If you don’t focus on the past that stuff you’re hanging onto you’re just gonna keep
creating that in the future. It’s gonna keep affecting your future. It is a necessary step. You must dive into those demons, and free yourself from those demons, or you’re gonna keep attracting
and repeating that shit. That’s mindfulness based meditation sitting down with yourself. Sinking into some of those fears. Letting the different sensations come up. Here’s some common fears. The fear of not being good enough. What if that’s true? What if as harsh as it sounds
you aren’t good enough? How do you feel just
hearing that right now? Just take a moment and
feel the sensations. What if you aren’t good enough? What if there is something wrong with you? I’m sure you’ve had that doubt. You look around like, fuck, everyone else life is so easy for them. They get shit so easy. Why is it so hard for me? What if there is some
kind of defect in you? What if you are different? What if there’s something
fucked up in you? And that’s why you just keep beating your head against
the wall staying stuck. Do you ever look at everyone
else just have it so easy, but for some reason it’s hard for you, what if that’s true? What if you’re destined to stay stuck? What if no matter what you do, how many events you attend, you can never just break the cycle, and as the years go by
you just stay stuck. You can never truly express yourself, truly put yourself out there. Never live up to that
potential, and that’s your life. What if this is as good
as it fuckin’ gets? What if you’re destined to be alone? Do you ever have that fear? That’s a big one, I used
to have that all the time. What if I never am able
to put myself out there, and connect with someone at all, and I just drift through life alone? No one ever gets to truly
see me, and think about this. Who here actually saw you? Not the front you hide
behind, but the real you? Has anyone truly seen who you are? Were you ever able to
truly drop this front, and let someone see you, and truly connect with someone? Or are you just drifting
through life alone? You might even be surrounded by people, but never truly connecting with them, and, if so, what kind of life is that? Never sharing who you are, sharing different
experiences authentically with someone else, just drifting through life alone, seeing other people get together, get into relationships, but not you. You might get some little
flings here and there, but it’s all surface level, and all eventually ends and you die alone. Harsh, I know we all
feel it, we’re like fuck. That shit runs us, and that’s what we dive into. We don’t try to cover that shit up. I poke at it like I just did here, but much more intensely, and like let all that shit surface. All those intense
sensations that fear like, oh, fuck, fuck, fuck,
I poke at those demons, and then when you learn
how to release them they no longer run you, and you’ll be surprised how this shit occupies so much energy in
the background, drains us, not just fears, but
different things like stress. All this worry like the need
for validation and approval that shit runs us like crazy,
or the need to control, huge. Think about it, like what are all the
different things you do for validation, approval,
acceptance, recognition? Dressing a certain way. (laughter) Acting a certain way,
talking a certain way, living your life a certain way to be accepted, for approval, recognition. Acceptance from my family. My parents will they approve of this? Will my friends approve of this? Will I be ostracized? Or all the different ways
you try to control life. Control different outcomes. Control different people
how they perceive you, what they think about you. Control yourself, how
you feel, what you say. The tenseness, the heaviness
that comes from that, or all the worries that
go on in the background. Financial worry, how
will I have enough money? What about money? What about this, what if that happens? What if this happens? Nonstop, that shit occupies a ton of mental and emotional RAM. It’s very hard to crush
if that’s going on inside. That stuff you have to face, and what we do is we create in our lives trying to avoid it or compensate for it. You got to face this head on, you know. I’m sure you’ve seen me
also draw this little graph in some events before
where yeah, the circle. I only got a few, it’s
like this one and this one. Where if you say like this
is how you feel at a core, this is your personality,
this is your life situation, we all feel like shit inside because that stuff is going on in repeat, and we try to tweak our life situation hoping it will fix it, but it doesn’t, and we try to tweak our
personality, but it doesn’t. There’s that famous saying, wherever you go there you are, no? At what point are you gonna stop running away from this shit and attack it? Like you’re literally living this life running away from shit compensating, trying to be good enough, trying to have more
money to be good enough. Have more success to be good enough. Trying to justify your
existence that’s our lives. When will I be good enough, God? Universe, when will I be good enough, no? Are you living or are you trying
to justify your existence? That is a deep fucking
question you should reflect on. Because that’s what you do as a kid you’re conditioned that way, you’re born, and your parents are gonna teach you the different rules and
traditions, and they’re like, hey, if you do this, good, Christian. If you do this, bad boy, so by default you think that, man, like the way you interpret it
is I’m loved, I’m not loved. I’m loved, I’m not loved. So I’m not good enough,
there’s something wrong with me because I’m not always loved. From our perspective as children none of us receive unconditional love. It’s only conditional, when we’re the acceptable good little boy. So we think, shit, there’s
something wrong with me. There’s this whole part
of me that’s wrong. I’m not good enough, and then you just keep trying to chase the different conditions that give you approval from your parents that gave you that love hoping that at one point you
will have achieved so much you will receive unconditional love, and this continues into your
adult life and here you are. Did I do good enough yet, daddy, mommy? Did I do good enough, no? Do I need more validation? Do I need more women? God, do I need more women, more money? What else do you need? It’s crazy, that’s how we live, you know, and nothing changes that. Confront those fucking demons. So, if you resonate with this, and you’d like to learn more about how to release all those things that are blocking you
from realizing presence I’d love for you to be a
part of my new long-term, interactive digital program Transformation Mastery Academy. This is the program of my real teachings. The YouTube videos here, they’re
fun, they open your eyes, but this is where the work truly begins. It’s extremely practical, it’s structured. You’re held accountable. You will know exactly what to do. So if you’re ready to
begin this journey with me click the link here below, click it now, and I’ll see you on the inside. We live in an uncertain world. Just turn on the news what do you see? Chaos, terror, suffering. Things are changing so fast
that your head is spinning. You know the feeling being
pulled in different directions by your friends, your
family, mainstream media. Not knowing what to do or who to believe. Did you ever stop and ask yourself how did your life get this way? – I felt so much shame
when it came to being me, and now I don’t feel that shame anymore. – I had no way of being
able to deal with that pain, and for the first time in my life I finally feel an inner stillness
and peace inside myself. – I didn’t even know what was happening, like my hands were just shaking, and it was just like me
being my authentic self. – Most of us live lives of escapism. Anything to cope with this
feeling beating us up inside. Distracting ourselves
with dumb things on TV, numbing ourselves with junk food, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Is this the way life was meant to be, or is there perhaps another way? – It’s been the first
time in over 10 years since my dad died that I
actually feel like I did before. – I’ve decided to take a
stance for good, for love, for authenticity, and I’ve created a movement of people dedicated to raising the vibe. A movement dedicated to
doing something about this, and it’s called Transformation
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each and every one of you out of the bottom of my
heart, thank you, guys. – Now I’m not some fake guru promising you overnight results. What I promise you here
is a tribe of people to help support you and
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and join the movement.


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