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Hello, there here. We are in Sarasota, Florida and the question that we keep getting this week is How do we open our heart Chakra? Okay, so here it is at your most basic level Everything [in] this universe is energy Before that energy organizes itself into the physical body parts you see it organizes itself into Meridians and Chakras Soccer’s are centers of energy that are organized along the meridians each one holds a very specific vibration and as a specific purpose Each Chakra is a specific expression of prana otherwise known as lifeforce or source energy The Chakras look a bit like funnels of energy or vortices they both absorb and emit energy When a Chakra is out of alignment What that essentially means is it is not receiving or emitting energy properly? What we tend to see is that the Chakra does not allow energy into it? It becomes [very] small it changes in its texture and its patterning the traditional name for the Heart Chakra is on a hot tub in Sanskrit Roughly Translated this means unhurt That’s an interesting thing to keep in mind [because] it gives you some key insight into the heart Chakra The Heart Chakra is your center Chakra. It’s located right in the center [of] your chest Essentially directly over your heart All Chakras in the body are essentially doorways to non-physical consciousness They are doorways [to] the spiritual dimensions however, your heart Chakra is the Center point between Your physical Chakras and your spiritual Chakras So we could see the heart Chakra as the unifier between spirit and body The heart is the first organ to manifest Physically in a fetus for the same reason you can think of the heart Chakra as the central power point generator of love Love is the Central theme of the heart Chakra this is why it is seen as the Chakra most associated with healing because Vibrationally speaking the frequency of love is the highest healing frequency of all It is also the Chakra which is associated with compassion forgiveness emotional safety the absence of Fear Gratitude Hope trust Generosity Joy Altruism kindness and connection Because it is the unifying Chakra. It is the Chakra with the capacity [to] bring you into integration and therefore wholeness our Heart Chakra maintains the truth that we are connected to all that is we can never be alone because we are an integral [part] of the web that connects and makes up the entire universe the [heart] Chakra is associated with the color green and is also associated with the air element if You’re interested to know the aspects of your body that the heart Chakra Governs And it’s the heart the circulatory system emotional regulation the lungs shoulders arms and hands breasts and Lymph system beginning with the thymus gland a Little-Known fact is that our brains are in fact governed by our heart [it] Is our heart which gives messages to the brain and the brain then obeys those messages? This is why the heart of mental illness is in fact emotional hurt Anytime you see an issue with these aspects of the body you can be sure the heart Chakra [is] out of alignment So what is it that causes the heart Chakra to go out of alignment? It is hurt that occurs in conjunction with your connection to other people Relationship hurt this is why I personally find it fascinating but on a [hata] the sanskrit [name] for the heart Chakra Translates to Unhurt Because unhurt invincible is Essentially how we feel when the heart Chakra is fully open, but conversely it is hurt that causes it to close both negative emotional States and Positive emotional states that apply to our relationship with other people are governed by the harsh [water] Around your heart is a membrane We could think of it as a bit of a Sac That also has fluid inside of it and this contains the heart this is called the pericardium [the] best way to Imagine the pericardium is to think of it a bit like a gestational Sac in the womb it Both protects and nurtures your heart it’s an amniotic heart Sac But the emotional energy that you feel especially chronically Affects this pericardium this area are this Sac? especially the fluid within the Sac which takes on the same vibration as the emotions that it is most closely inundated with This is a good thing if the emotional energy you feel is a positive feeling emotion But it presents problems if the emotional energy you feel is a painful emotion This is especially the case with grief The pericardium is an inborn wall that protects your heart But it does so naturally in a way that allows love to come in and also love to flow out However, what do we see when we encounter emotional injury in life. We see the pericardium on a [non-Physical] level the heart wall strengthening So when you encounter somebody and you feel [like] they have an emotional wall. This is in fact what you’re feeling It’s the fact that when somebody’s hurt they decide to armor that wall That is around their heart space and as a result of that armoring love doesn’t come in and it doesn’t go out The painful emotions associated with the hurt you experience become trapped inside the heart wall they strengthen the heart wall and love cannot flow to understand more about this dynamic [watch] my video on YouTube titled building walls to keep pain in if You’d like to look more deeply [into] this concept of Heart Walls [I] Suggest that you look up the work of Dr.. Bradley Nelson as Far as the spiritual field is concerned He’s probably the person that has dedicated the most of his career to the healing and understanding of Heart Walls But [I] have never seen something affect the heart Chakra More so than a heart wall There’s one thing that we need to get out of the way completely Before I show you or tell [you] how to open your heart Chakra it’s this idea of balancing your Chakras It’s not going to work See a lot of people in the spiritual field and the self-help field they approach Spirituality from this concept of we need to find balance to do that We need to limit aspects of our life and then exaggerate other aspects of our life to find some kind of equilibrium this is the attempt to find equilibrium through control an adjunct to this idea of controlling Balance through finding equilibrium or creating it somehow Super abstract concept is the idea that it’s possible for a chakra to be too closed or to open This could not be farther from the truth You will hear [all] kinds of theories going around relative to the heart Chakra that if the heart Chakra is too open [you] will experience weak boundaries and co-dependent relationships Though it may seem logical Couldn’t be farther from the truth When all of your chakras are completely open you experience natural equilibrium because non-physical spiritual energy the [energy] of your higher self is flowing fully into the physical dimension as It applies to co-dependent relationships and weak boundaries those are in fact Imbalances which apply much more to your sacral Chakra into your solar Plexus Chakra But both are the result of closed Chakras not open ones Co-dependent relationships are not relationships that occur between people with open heart Chakras the opposite is in fact true the codependent relationship on both the behalf of the narcissist and the Codependent [is] in fact the result of closed Heart Chakras, it’s a transactional relationship which has to do with meeting needs in ways that are Dysfunctional they don’t benefit the people. They’re a detriment to both people It’s about meeting needs Therefore it has nothing to do with love to the untrained eye a codependent relationship looks like a relationship between an abuser and a victim of Course this is our Tendency as a social species to see somebody as a victim and is the underdog unless the good guy What we don’t understand is that the codependent is in fact getting something out of the relationship? Which is why they can’t leave? In other words. I don’t want to make it sound super evil, but there are more sinister motives at hand for the Codependent and So there’s a tendency in Conjunction with this need to see the codependent [as] the victim and is innocent and good therefore There’s a tendency to assign this kind of idea that they are [too] loving And that’s why we think that they have to open heart Chakras when it is not the case Just like the perpetrator the victim also has a closed center of love So what does all this mean it means contrary to all the warnings you may receive don’t have any fear about opening your Chakras So now that you know [all] this how do you bring your heart Chakra into alignment and allow it to fully open Step [one] we have to become aware of what is preventing our heart Chakras from opening. What’s in the way? Intuitively what emotions do you think you’re struggling with that are keeping your heart closed. Have you been hurt in the past or recently? What emotional memories are in healed? What do you feel in response to the word relationship [a]? While back I created a video on YouTube. [I] called it connecting with and healing your heart [I] Encourage you to pause this video where we are and go look at that video following the steps there? Before you progress [onto] [the] rest of this video Also, [I’ll] give you a little bit of a hint Nothing affects the heart Chakra quite like grief grief is in fact the cardinal emotional Bondage that we are dealing with when we are working with a closed heart Chakra So be [sure] [to] look into what is still causing [you] grief? When we are in a situation where we’re dealing with Grief we have perceived ourselves losing love in This situation. We say we’re heartbroken So if you’re dealing with heartbreak I encourage you to watch my video on [YouTube] titled how to survive a breakup and or heartbreak Step 2 be open with your emotions Repression of emotion is the undoing of the heart Chakra what we have to do is to become aware of our feelings? To express our feelings and then to allow them to [go] instead of clinging to them [I] Suggest [that] you watch the video on YouTube that I did titled how to express emotion this may help you if you’re a person who finds it difficult to do, so [3] the Heart Chakra as we know is the Chakra Which is thrown out of alignment most especially because of our painful relationship to people? but who are we in our primary relationship with our self an Often overlooked fact is that lack of self-love? affects our heart Chakra immensely and causes it [to] close down if You’re struggling with self hate what’s essentially happening Is that you are putting your heart in a kind of prison where the jail keeper? Which is you beats it up every day for this reason I Want to suggest the [iDea] that you take a look at my book? titled Shadows before Dawn fine light of love in your darkest times I Was a major self hater my heart driver was super closed because of this fact and it really Irritated me when people kept saying things like you just got to love yourself Which frankly is like somebody telling you you just got to speak French When you’ve never learned French before so this book is a practical how-to Toolkit for self-love for many dimensions outside this particular reality Do not have a time-space aspect to them what that means is thought? instantaneously manifests it means if you think Heart Chakra open Heart Chakra opens the Chakra system Influences the physical but is a multi-dimensional Aspect of you, which [is] why they are invisible to most people It means if you think of your heart Chakra opening and visualize [it] opening it opens The visualization that I see working the best with people is when people put their hands over their heart area and they imagine while breathing in and breathing out of this area [that] [there] is a kind of vortex of emerald energy and If they take their hands and move them clockwise imagining that by doing so they’re opening their hearts rocker to about a foot wide with the help of their hands then Letting the hands fall completely open in the chest towards the sky Imagining this heart space both sucking in energy from the world and also giving [energy] to the world five become intimate with your heart wall and see if you can talk it into coming down [I] Want you to imagine your heart wall if it was made of something What would it be made of the answer could be granted or glass or wood for example? Feel into the reason that this heart wall is there and see if you can intuitively feel what caused it to be there? Then ask your heart what it needs in order to be able to let go of that heart wall Now this is imperative Don’t try to tear down a heart wall if you approach a heart wall with an attitude of I’m going to get into you of Course the reaction of the heart wall is going to be to strengthen harder. Why because it’s going to perceive you as a threat It’s there to protect you you remember So what I want you to do is to try to convince the heart wall that there is no longer a need [for] it [to] be there if You manage to get to the point where the heart Chakra is willing to release this heart wall Imagine the heart while being lovingly dissolved or release in whatever way feels best to you My next tip is to stimulate the heart Chakra with sounds You can find binaural beats specifically designed for the heart track or online you can listen to the sound of singing bowls That are specifically designed for the heart Chakra or conversely you can take the traditional approach and simply make your own sounds Traditionally the sounds that are associated with the heart Chakra and let’s stimulate it the most are two sounds the first is lamb The second is [yum] You can try both and see which one helps you the most Which one resonates with your heart the most it should feel like it’s causing it to buzz also, make sure that you play with the tonality of those two sounds because some people need a higher note and some people need a Lower note Traditionally the b. Note is the one that resonates with the heart my next tip Surround yourself with the colored green where this color Surround yourself in this color decorate stuff with it eat things that are that color Speaking of which that’s my next tip eat green leafy vegetables These are the foods that vibrate the most closely with the heart Chakra and thus cause it to come the most alignment So that means eat things like kale spinach lettuce Dandelion Greens cabbage charred broccoli and [car] [lured] Greens also, include green tea basil sage thyme Cilantro and Parsley Tip 9 You can use [essential] oils to help stimulate and thus open your heart Chakra I’ve got some close personal favorites and here. They are Rose Melissa Neroli marjoram Chamomile yarrow and eucalyptus I find that using these oils in Conjunction with placing something warm over your heart area like a warm water bottle works the best Tip 10 Bring certain mineral spirits into your environment, so that you can experience the influence of them yet again I’m pretty partial to some the ones that I notice having the most effect on the heart Chakra are Tourmaline Especially Green Tourmaline watermelon Tourmaline and pink tourmaline Green Kyanite Chrysoprase [rhodonite] Rose quartz Malachite emerald and Jade Tip 11 Move your body in ways that open the chest up to the world and to [the] universe at large and to [other] people The traditions of yoga can suggest many poses to do Which are set out to accomplish this thing I? Also, want you to think really seriously about doing these kinds of movements in an outdoor setting like the kind of place [that] we [are] in today because in Nature especially places with breeze coming through it are especially Nourishing to the heart Chakra my next tip is practice living from the heart and also speaking from the heart to learn how to do this watch my video on YouTube titled how to live from the heart criticism closes off your heart Chakra so fast That a really good idea is to be aware of the aspect of you That feels negative towards the world and Thus Negatively appraises the world [I] want you to imagine loving or caressing or holding this aspect of you as opposed to trying to condemn it and Force yourself not to be critical and When you speak I want you to imagine speaking from the heart So when we think of thought I thought that we’re about to say we can feel it generate around the head area That’s why when you ask people about what they’re thinking they naturally look up I want you to imagine bringing these thoughts down through your throat To the heart space and then when you’re about to talk them imagine bringing those same words up your throat and out your mouth So that even though they are coming out your mouth. They are [in] fact generated or filtered through your heart space my next tip Deliberately think thoughts say things take actions and seek out experiences That cause you to feel any of the emotional states that are associated with heart Chakra for example Think thoughts take actions and seek out experiences that cause you to feel [love] compassion emotional safety the absence of Fear Gratitude Hope trust forgiveness Generosity Joy Altruism kindness and Connection any Experience that causes you to feel these emotional states will bring your heart Chakra into alignment So for example start a gratitude journal Take some action that shows somebody else in your life that you love them do random acts of kindness Initiate a gathering with like hearted people I especially think it’s critical when you’re trying to open the heart Chakra to begin connecting with other people [if] We have experienced trauma in conjunction with relationships. How are we going to heal that trauma? In conjunction with relationships we have to have a different experience instead of a traumatic experience with connection We have to have a positive experience with connection for this reason I want you to watch my video in Youtube titled how to connect with someone and if you want to take it a step further than that Feel free to watch my video on YouTube titled how to receive and for my last tip my suggestion is to practice metta Either once a week or every day depending on how brave you feel to practice metta you begin like you would with any meditation and You imagine that your breath is coming and going [from] your heart after a while you see whether there are any Intentions or words that are generated from the Heart space towards yourself? things like May I experience peace May I experience a feeling of joy of wanting [to] be here for example? You feel that and keep experiencing those generated beliefs or those generated intentions or thoughts of kindness and well-being Towards yourself For as long as it takes for you [to] feel a bit of relief, and then you extend it a bit further Perhaps you extend it to somebody in your life like your son or daughter I Hope that they feel well-being may they feel peace may they feel connectedness and when you have done that you extend it a bit further maybe to an Aspect of the Human race or maybe to the world at large you just keep expanding it and expanding it so you can imagine yourself as the center [of] a ripple in the Lake almost like when you drop a [stone] you see those concentric circles Eventually going out until they take over the totality of the body of water that you’re in It is an option not to just do this with people You can also do this with anything in existence. [you] [could] do it with animals you could do it with plant life you could do it with all that is the point is is that you are making yourself the epicenter of the generation of love The bottom Line is your heart Chakra is [the] center of love anything you do that causes you to feel love towards yourself Towards other people is going to cause your heart Chakra to open By intentionally doing things which will cause your heart chakra to come into alignment and thus open to become a channel From non-physical consciousness into physical embodiment you will be setting yourself up to Live a life in harmony with the rest of the world all relationships that you have or will ever have will benefit by you doing so But the relationship that will benefit the most is your relationship with yourself Have a good week


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  40. 名誉 ために日本人天の祖先天

    October 12, 2019 8:11 pm

    Loving kindness for people in Washington DC, may they exist in freedom and happiness without impeding the freedom/happiness of others. May they see beauty around them every day from places all over the world in a intercultural capital. Loving-kindness especially for Democrats, may good fortune be with them and may they find it easier to support good karma and wholesome business and people etc, rather than ones that may be linked to exploitative or covert activities.

    Loving kindness for the blossoming of American Government philosophy whereby the people govern themselves and successfully and nonviolently eject insincere leaders who go against the intentions of the majority and also of the Constitution. May the buddha eye see that no permanent harm was done and that justice will be served completely.

    Loving kindness for Washington DC, may it be known as and truly be a clean and green (ecofriendly) capital city, loving kindness for its forest parks and natural water features preserved by time.

    Gratitude and lovingkindness for the high vibration souls in Washington DC, who are diminishing bad energies there and continuously pointing us towards not only physical freedom but freedom of consciousness as well. May they be able to do what they do fashionably and gracefully, may they recieve the fruits of their karma, may good fortune increase the effectiveness of their efforts.

    Loving kindness for all heritages in Washington D.C., may we remember the best of them and better connect them in unity not illusionary separation.

    Loving kindness for the United States Constitution documents and for Native Americans in Washington DC.

    Loving-kindness, may politicians in D.C. be placed under scrutiny so that the corrupt can be weeded out, may the laws of the country continue to evolve for the better of all, not for the sake of protection of large businesses.

    Loving kindness, may there be good fortune in Washington D.C. that people can truly be relaxed and yet still have everything function well, and yet in the true spirit of America, not an overly uptight fascist state.

    Loving kindness, may there be a widespread awakening of Svadisthana in the Washington DC area, may the people have nice and ecofriendly houses, and always enough recycling bins.

    Loving kindness for citizens writing in to officials requesting more recycling bins in public areas around Washington DC

  41. 名誉 ために日本人天の祖先天

    November 1, 2019 11:08 pm

    Good fortune [ajnachakra]~ thank you!

    Fashionable, sage

    spirit of health
    You are a unique svadisthana chakra, this is nonconformity,
    Divine love


    Is it only wholistic
    Japanese herbal medicine?


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