How to Quiet Your Thoughts – The Golden Envelope Technique (Meditation or Sleep)

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Thanks for watching. in this video I
just wanted to touch on a new technique that I have found helps with meditation
or even sleeping, maybe I’ll talk a little bit about another one as well but
the main one here as per the title of this video or what I intend to title it
is the golden envelope technique and basically it’s very simple but while
you’re trying to go to sleep or while you’re meditating we sometimes keep
thinking thoughts and the thoughts don’t stop sometimes so even just the other
day someone was like how do I quiet my monkey mind? So this is one of those
techniques that may work for you and basically it’s about when you’re in
meditation or you’re falling asleep and you’re in that just kind of relaxed
state of mind and thoughts keep coming up, you’ll notice that certain thoughts
but you can compartmentalize you know like whether it’s thoughts about your
own flaws or thoughts about your past or thoughts about other people or you know
like so there’s all these different things where thoughts can be grouped
into these categories. so basically it’s about feeling the thought and the
thought category that you’re thinking about, and recognizing the essence of it,
what it is, and then, in your mind, kind of gathering together the feeling of that
whole category of thoughts. So let’s say it’s a thought about feeling bad about
yourself for a flaw that you don’t like okay? So like let’s say pimples! Okay, so
you’re really annoyed about acne and pimples and it’s just something that’s
maybe come up in your life a lot and it’s really annoying and you know it and
yeah you might think oh it’s so superficial but you know some things
really bugged people for a reason, so don’t be hard on yourself for that, but
just recognize, okay so the pimple issue but maybe that might also leak
into other image issues you have so we’re talking about categorizing right?
And I know it sounds more scientific or more complex, but this is really simple
when you’re actually doing it you’re just you’re you’re laying there and the
thought of your pimples come up and you’re like acne okay so I want to stop
thinking about these thoughts. So then, just gather the essence of those
thoughts, that whole category… maybe you’re unhappy about your weight maybe
you’re unhappy about I don’t know maybe you have like bad chronic breath you
know what I mean just like things about yourself that is like physically you you
know and you maybe don’t like. So it’s a category right? So gather all the
essence of that category in your mind however that feels to you, whatever that
means to you, to gather the essence of the category of thought that you’re
thinking. And you’re gathering in your mind, and so as as you feel it
gathering, imagine a golden envelope glowing a golden light coming down to
you from whatever you consider to be up there – the universe, source, heaven, God,
Angels, whatever it is to you, whatever it is to you is right, at least for this
moment, it’s right. So imagine this golden envelope coming right to your your your
mind’s door, and filtering the essence – that whole category – the essence that’s
in the category that you’ve been gathering, about the the physical images
that you don’t like, the flaws that are bothering you, that are plaguing your
mind, that are coming up in thoughts, and putting the whole essence of that
category into the envelope, however it means to do that for you, okay? Because
this can look different to everybody. It can look like… like, for example, you might visualize like brown gunk being poured into an envelope or you might visualize
a letter that contains all of the category, all of the thoughts in the
category, being folded up and put into this envelope, you see? So you can
visualize it any way that comes naturally to you but you shouldn’t force
it you you shouldn’t be like racking your your
brain to think of a way to put it in the envelope, it should be very natural. So
you’re putting the essence of this category of thought into the golden
envelope that’s glowing with this beautiful golden light from the universe
from heaven wherever it’s coming from, and once you feel that all or 99% of
that essence is in that envelope, seal it up, visually seal it, up and then send it
away, send it back up, and you can do it a couple ways – you can literally just like
visualize it floating flying soaring – however fast or slow – sending it
back up. Just make sure it’s a steady pace and that you’re not forcing it, or
you can even have your guide or an angel carry it up for you so you like
kind of know, depending on how you feel about that entity, you know that it’s
being carried away from you, you know what I mean? Whatever it is, you want this
envelope- you want to put the- So, the steps are: 1) You gather the category of
thought, 2) You bring the envelope to you you, 3) You put the the essence and category
of thought into the envelope, seal it up, and send it on its way. And then what you
want to do is, the next type of thought that comes up, let’s say it’s like… I
don’t know, like a friend that’s pissing you off or something. okay. So now it’s
about other people pissing you off or other people that disappoint you or
whatever it is – do the same thing… bring the envelope down as you’re gathering
the essence of the thought category of other people disappointing you or other
people bothering you. Those thoughts. Then dump that essence into the
golden envelope and send it on its way and when you’re sending it up, just know
that it’s kind of like when you hear the the saying “Give it to God”, that’s kind of
what you’re doing, you’re giving it to God, you’re letting it go, you’re sending
it up, and they’ll do what they do with it up there. They’ll tuck it away,
burn it, they’ll do whatever they want to get rid of those thoughts for you. It’s
kind of also the same concept of releasing negative toxins or
energy into the earth when you visualize releasing everything down through your
legs through your feet, rooting, grounding sending the negative feelings you
have into the earth, the earth accepts it gladly. It’s not you hurting the
earth, it knows how to transmute that energy just like when you send this
golden envelope up, they’ll know what to do. It, the universe, will transmute the
energy, for lack of better terms. So that’s basically the golden envelope
technique and it’s something that’s been useful to me and I’ve told other people
about it and it’s funny because these kind of things that I talk about, these
techniques or whatever it is, they usually come in that state of mind right
before you go to sleep and they say that that’s that’s when you get really good
ideas, that’s when you get your downloads. So, I’m saying that kind of to let you
know also to pay attention that yeah there might be annoying thoughts coming
at you, or to you, when you’re in that state where you’re about to fall asleep,
but also if you get good ideas for any kind of creative endeavor or business
idea or whatever it is while you’re in that state of mind, don’t go to sleep,
it’s way too easy. Just get up, write it down, and then try to go back to sleep.
Because that’s a really good state of mind and place to be in to receive
really good information for your life, like for what you might want to do or
create, or things like that. So, I think that’s about it.
There’s a lot of new stuff coming up and I am creating a guided meditation like
I said I would, coming out soon, but there’s also other stuff and I wanted to
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and all that good stuff, and I love you lots, and I’ll be back soon with more
good stuff. ‘Kay, all right, bye! XOXO


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