How to Raise Kundalini Beyond the 8th Chakra – A Guided Meditation


raising Kundalini into infinity a guided
meditation. breathe deeply and relax whether you are sitting standing or
laying down close your eyes if it is safe to do so breathe deeply and get comfortable
imagine that you are drawing a circle or a spiral on the bottom of your feet. feel
the circular spiral being traced on the bottom of your feet and let the feeling
grow now that your feet have been activated imagine a ball of pure white energy
around each foot. continue tracing circles on the bottom of your feet
faster and faster until the energy balls are spinning like a fan turbine let
these spinning energy turbines push pure white energy up your legs slowly feel
the pure energy moving up past your knees into your hips coming together into your
base chakra near your perineum. now the pure white energy fills your base chakra
causing it to spin. creating a vortex of purifying white energy. spinning energy
coming up from the feet combining with the spinning vortex in your base chakra white energy begins to rise and fill
your body slowly white energy rises to the level of the
naval activating the chakra there. the navel chakra fills with white light and
begins to spin like the others adding to the effect think of the spinning chakra is like a
fan blowing pure white energy up from your feet through the base chakra
through the navel chakra purifying as it moves up to the third chakra at the
solar plexus continue breathing deeply and stay
relaxed as the third chakra fills with white light and spins along with all the
others holding energy from your feet and pushing white light through your body
into your heart chakra your heart chakra then fills with light and spins like
the others filling your shoulders and arms with
purifying white energy the white energy pushes up and up into
the throat chakra filling it with white light and causing it to spin pushing
white energy up further into the sixth chakra also known as the third eye. the
third eye fills with white light and projects this to the crown chakra
filling it with white light and causing it to spin by this time you are a series of
swirling energies pulling light up from your feet all the way to the top of your
head now the white light pushes up out of the top of your head to your 8th
chakra located about an arms reach above your head, sometimes referred to as the
soul chakra. the white light activates your eigth chakra causing it to spin and open
up a white beam of energy shoots out of the
top of the 8th chakra instantly transversing the cosmos into infinity.
you are this beam of light and there is no end to it expand your light into the limitless be
there and breathe enjoy the connection with your higher
self and the flow of energy. you will know when it’s time to come back. until then, thanks for listening see you next time


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