How to Run Faster Than Ever Before | The Skill of Relaxation


the skill of relaxation is regarded as
the secret to speed and winning relaxation is essential to endurance and
force production nevertheless for most runners, it remains unclear what
relaxation is and how to master it to clarify this we’re going to draw a
parallel between running and striking sports as professional fighters are
among the very few athletes who have mastered the skill of relaxation to
perfection every fighter knows that keeping muscles
tense the entire time when throwing a punch will slow you down and consume a
lot of energy for no benefit a good striker throws a loose whip like punch
squeezing the forearm and the fist just before the point of impact
however the fastest and the most powerful punch in the world means
nothing if it doesn’t land only precisely landed punches change the
course of the fight now similarly a sprinter can apply force and thus
influence the running speed only when his foot is on the ground a world-class
sprinter spends around 40% of the race on the ground his muscles are loose and
relaxed in the air they fire the instant before touchdown so the maximum force
production occurs during the first half of the ground contact in the second
phase of the ground contact tendons release elastic power springing the
athlete forward this significantly reduces the amount of muscle work needed
to maintain speed elastic recoil from tendons is a critical contributor to top
speed for this reason trying to push during the second half of the stance
phase is called over pushing over pushing is the primary factor of
deceleration as it weakens elastic recoil and leads to over tensing of the
whole body which makes the next ride slow and flaccid spending a bicycle
wheel resembles what an elite sprinter does at maximum speed the faster the
wheel is spinning the harder and quicker the slap of the hand should be in order
to transmit more speed to it toward the end you have to make the light quick touches that’s when you start relaxing sometimes it’s like you are not touching the ground. To make a prolonged powerful push you need to slow the wheel
down and reaccelerating again thus fast and relaxed sprinting is a succession of
powerful precisely timed impulse strides similar to boxing punches as opposed to
a prolonged powerful effort in weightlifting


30 Responses

  1. anunchuckfan

    January 22, 2020 7:52 pm

    Very true! The key in boxing/ Thai kicking is to relax before stride. The more you relax before the stride, the more force and speed you gain and output in the strike. Sprinting is literally like striking the ground. 👍

  2. BreuckelensFinest

    January 22, 2020 8:38 pm

    I love your channel but please never call it "striking" in boxing. In boxing we call it punching. Hence why they call us pugilist.

  3. God of All Saiyans

    January 22, 2020 9:38 pm

    Great Video. Could you also do one on why indoor times are so much slower than outdoor times.

  4. Beast Mode

    January 23, 2020 5:03 pm

    I've found that the MORE u sprint the more u learn about this beautiful sport naturally. I kinda learnded it and I'm improvin it by just sprinting at max velocity against cars and buses near my house lol❤🖤

  5. Scuffii

    January 23, 2020 5:11 pm

    Last week I ran 100m at my high school track with my cousin. I ran 100m in 10.20s (she had the timer on her phone, not accurate at all 😉 ) but I wasn't relax doing so. My face was ugly and over doing it like most sprinters. But then I cool down for a couple of minutes then I tried to run the 100m relaxing like FloJo with a smile and i finished the 100m in 11.89 seconds. Relaxing is hard as hell and I don't know how Flojo did it.


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