How to Silence the Mind – Self Inquiry for Spiritual Awakening


good day you lovely lightworkers love
you very much Chad rising from the shadows I think
this is going to be my last video in this thing because of when you
manifestation I’m going to move so you guys all know about it or watch my other videos. I thank you so very much I’ve got so many new subscribers here on
my channel it’s so great to hear that lots of comment I haven’t replied to all
of them yet I got so much work to do for you but thank you thank you lovely this
video that I’m presenting to you today is another way or another thing how to
figure how to silence the mind okay a lot of people when they’re on the
spiritual path day they’re they’re trying to silence the line or whatever
why do you want to do that you don’t want to shut down your brain your brain
is an important tool you have to use it so in reality it’s not about shutting
down the brain it’s about learning how to use it when you want to use
not let the brain take you on a trip somewhere you know it’s not about that
it’s about you being the master of your own thoughts so by reducing the chatter that the constant chaotic chatter in your head you’re able to take take mastering within
control of your thoughts so anyways I hope you enjoyed this video and I love
you so very much thank you for watching please subscribe how are you today good you know
we touched a bit the subject like how to silence the mind. Yes Chad, we did touched a few there is that
technique from Eckhart Tollel that was particularly efficient although
momentarily the questioning on what plans the mind has for us next shuts it
right down yeah well why don’t like we show you can help Emma like why don’t we show how might it be how high do it late it works for me and might work for other people sorry to disappoint you my friend but
that technique doesn’t come from you what you do Chad is a path that has been
carved by many beings long before you among those we remember the votes there
is the Buddhist path of self-inquiry but that subject shows up all the way
before the aquatic odds which are not really dated precisely some estimates
will place the ancient vedic scriptures as far as 4000 years ago
okay let’s try to demonstrate self-enquiry demands honesty with
oneself and courage it’s like when you’re doing too much on your computer
and it just shuts down it all starts with one question
Who am I all right let’s do this all right Who am I There’s me There’s me This is me if you mean your body you just have to
witness your own self to be able to feel your senses where everything comes from
pointing at the body for being responsible for all of life’s
experiences seems incomplete so you are more than your body look deeper Chad So I’m yeah it’ not my body So I see taste touche I smell I can speech That’s who I am my senses again Chad not deep enough your senses
only captures the information and then sends it to the brain your eyes are like
a camera they can’t process the images to make them into something
understandable your five senses send all the material information that you
perceive from outside your body to your brain for whatever I I live in reality
it’s generated from the brain and it’s the brain that does that So I have heh Yah th’at’s it my me is in the brain and my body is a
machine that the brain function yes science has thought it’s that for
hundreds of years and at some level it’s true it is easy to figure out that on
the opposite of other body parts without the brain the rest of the body could not
survive yes I agree but you haven’t thought of zombies
you know like brain dead ha ha funny let’s continue now here’s the question
how can the brain be aware of itself well that leaves us with two possibilities
there is the ideal of the ‘I’ or consciousness is situated somewhere in
the brain so the brain is aware of itself then there is the ideal than
something outside of the brain is witnessing and sending what it observes
so the brain is like a radio receiver on top of regulating all in unvoluntary body
functions it receives the sense of itself is true the view of having the ideal of having a soul or spirit higher self or a spirit is as valid as
the sciences view which says that there is no soul or no spirit scientists are
still looking for the area in the brain where the conscience is situated but
that doesn’t matter either which both are false they’re just stories the
problem is during your meditation sitting the inner voice will always say
I am me it’s me that is the moment of magic where you ask yourself who is
perceiving that answer that is called going META so the fact of always
answering the same answer which is who is perceiving that answer will bring you
in the eternal cycle of the voice speaking to itself but how do I connect because
the perceiver of all those inner voices cannot be found all that is left is the
real sense of you so it creates like an emptiness a void it’s a pressure right here yes
a regular meditation practice will contribute to the cleansing of the
pineal gland but that is a subject for another video
salutations everyone thank you for watching remember to always be ready to
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be rising from the shadows hope to see you soon


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