How & Where to Find a Spiritual Mentor or Master – Podcast Ep. 2

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[Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Jai Siddhatma, everyone! This is Sadhvi Siddhali Shree, here with my spiritual teacher and guru Acharya Shree Yogeesh
for the second episode of Acharya Shree’s podcast. Acharya Shree is a
respected enlightened one who has helped thousands of souls progress on their spiritual path and transform. Thank you for tuning in. Acharya Shree, how are you today? – I’m always in the bliss. – [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] It’s always kind
of weird to ask you that, but I thought to ask you that. – That’s good you asked. (laughing together) – [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] So Acharya
Shree, in our first episode we talked about the importance
of spiritual mentorship and having a mentor who is actually real. So to continue on this topic, how and where can we find
such a spiritual mentor? – Yeah, it is really a good question because people have a hard time to find the spiritual mentor. Maybe they are here, or
maybe they are not here. And I cannot really tell
you where to find it, but I can give you a few clues. And those clues, after hearing those clues, you can dig it out by yourself. A spiritual mentor, or a spiritual master, will not tell that he or
she is a spiritual master. But if you have a clue, you might get it. One of the first clue is, one of the oldest religion on this earth is Samanic tradition and now, one of branch of the Samanic
tradition is called Jain. In Jain system, there is for the spiritual path and spiritual progress are monks and nuns. In Jain religion, they have almost Among 1,000 Jain monks and nuns, there is a possibility one
can be a spiritual mentor, a spiritual master. – [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Just one? – Just one. It creates almost 12 possibilities, but it is, just hear me very well, it is just possibility, not guarantee. But at least there is a possibility. That is the first clue. Because first of all,
you have to understand these monks and nuns, they are renounced. They have no attachment. They renounced their family, their wealth, and their life is for
just spiritual progress, and for others. Second clue I’m going to give to you, there is one similar religion to Jain is a Buddhist. Buddhist has same system. It is monks and nuns. They are renounced, and they follow the spirituality. Buddhist monks and nuns are
millions around the world. And most of western
Buddhist monks and nuns, they went little too far
from the Buddha’s teachings. In India, still they are close to Buddha’s teaching. But there are millions around the world. So among hundred thousands
of monks and nuns, Buddhist monks and nuns, there create one possibility
can be one master, or one spiritual mentor. So a few possibilities are there. Third religion is a similar. It is called Catholicism, Catholic. Catholic, they have monks and nuns too. They may be not millions,
but they are a lot of monks and nuns. They used to be a lot at one time. Sometimes, because monks and
nuns, they are renounced. And when they are renounced,
they have nothing else to do except spiritual progress. They pray a lot, they meditate a lot, and they want to find themselves a lot. So once in a while, like
Saint Francis, kind of, monk can be a master. It happened in the history, it can happen in the future too. This is the third clue. Fourth clue, fourth clue is one religion, Judaism. They have Hasidic monks, and Hasidic monks are not many. But there is a possibility
there can be one master. Fifth religion is very popular, but unfortunately, they
don’t have monks and nuns. They don’t have that idea at all. They are not renounced. In that religion, they
call themselves swami. It is Hinduism. Hinduism doesn’t have monks
and nun, but they have swamis, and they are millions of around the world. But among hundreds of thousands swamis, there is one possibility
can be one master. Possibility. These are the five clues I give you. There is no sixth clue further. If you want to dig it out, how to find and where to
find a spiritual mentor, you dig it out there. But once you meet the spiritual mentor, or spiritual master, it
will be your luckiest day. Why? Because your life going to be transformed. Even the master, the real master, the spiritual mentor, just look at you, just a few seconds. It can transform your life. But if he or she really looks at you, people think, oh, he just look at me. Maybe his eyes are open. Maybe his eyes were towards me. That is not a look. I’m talking about a look. Means He really, or she really absorbs you. When a master, a mentor, a spiritual mentor absorbs a student, that student is not a student anymore. That student on the way
of to become a spiritual guide or spiritual mentor. It begins to sprout. The hidden possibilities, all hidden possibility will wake up, and… that person can be, not only progressing his or her own path, is going to transform
large of other people. So really the best way to find out the real spiritual mentor,
or spiritual master, is not easy to find, but if you try, if you at least, it is a discovery. And spiritual mentor will not teach you anything. They might share a little bit, but you will have your own self-discovery. And the self-discovery, when it happen, you just think about, you have met a spiritual mentor, or spiritual master. – [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Acharya
Shree, you’re mentioning one out a 1,000 Jain monks and nuns, few out of the thousands to millions of Buddhist monks and nuns,
a few swamis here and there, and so forth, I mean when you Google how to find a spiritual mentor, I mean you’re going to
have millions of results. So are you supposed to
travel ashram to ashram, monastery to monastery,
follow different blogs and YouTube teachings,
or different podcasts, how are we going to find
these few handful of gems that are out there in this world for the real guidance when
you’re just surrounded by thousands to millions
that cannot guide you? – Go to the Google search is a very less, very less possibility. The best thing is you travel. Travel monastery to monastery, ashram to ashram. Or, you suddenly meet on the airplane, or on the train, or on the bus? Are you just walking on the ground? You never know, sometime they are walking around you. You don’t see. – [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Acharya Shree, may
I interrupt? I remember when we were in Nepal with your group of students, and someone from Nepal recognized you walking in the street, and came up to you asking for a blessing,
saying he was watching you on YouTube, and now you’re on his street, you’re in his country. It really is true, the
master can be anywhere. – It can be anywhere, that is sure. Masters are available everywhere. It is just like you have to be, have a sharp eyes or, and discovery kind of eyes that you can discover it. Otherwise, sometimes they are
in front of you and don’t see it. Buddha was walking everywhere. Many people missed him. Mahavira was there. Even his own disciple missed him sometime. And I mentioned last episode, that Buddha’s cousin, he was a monk but he was jealous to him all the time. And he wanted to kill Buddha even. Look at. It is hard to find, or hard to see it, if person is not ready. If person is not ready,
they cannot see it. Sometimes the gems… The real diamond is in your hand, but people think it is
just a piece of stone, if you don’t know it. You have to have knowledge about it. You have to have feelings about it, you have to have some kind
of realization about it. That is the way you will recognize, otherwise, you cannot
recognize a master. It’s difficult. – [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Acharya Shree, in
your feelings and observation, what’s
the percentage of people, of truth seekers, that
actually come across a master, but they are unable to
recognize him or her? – I think 90, over 90%. – [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Wow. – They have, come across to the master, but they never recognize the master. It’s a big number. So, I think, people they don’t have eyes to see. They need to have eyes, real eyes. I think they need to open their third eye. Then they can recognize. – [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] What’s your tip
to help our viewers and our listeners, to open up that third eye
and to have that clarity so that they are able to recognize a real master when they come across one, if they come across one? Isn’t it good karma to
come across a master? – It is a good karma, but not necessary. It is like you will learn this life. Good karma is you have a
little bit taste of it, and it went away. Like a wind comes, it scratches you, touches you, and it is gone. It doesn’t affect anything to you. Yeah, in order to realize
that this is a master, you have to close your eyes. You have to become a blind. When you see through these naked eyes, two eyes, these two eyes not going to recognize the master. Master can be recognized
when they begin to see through the third eye. And third eye is not activated. It needs to be activated, sometime in the presence of the master it can be activated by itself. Even by chance, by mistake
you visited the master, it can be activated. And sometimes people are
living with the master it cannot be activated because
they’re not ready for it. Readiness is the most important thing. – [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Acharya Shree,
you know, you come across a lot of people, both that
are seeking and not seeking. So can you describe
what it’s like for you? What are you doing when you meet a soul? Whether they’re kind of
awakened or not awakened, what are you doing to help them, especially in that first moment? Because it could be, you know,
they could be your student for the rest of their lives, or you might be planting
a seed for a future life. So just curious, can
you describe that moment of what you do and how you help a soul? – I just smile and look at them. Sometime I say that, hey, what you are doing here? Or what you are doing in this world? Just come, have a cup of tea. That’s what I will say. They get it, or they don’t get it. It is them. But I try to wake them up. – [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] That was kind of
too touching. I have no words to say in response because that’s so powerful. Because the master works
in the most simplest ways. But their whole being
and their whole heart is totally there. – Yes, it has to be. – [Sadhvi] On the human
level, this is what you do. You invite them to tea, you smile. On the soul level, an enlightened
soul to this little soul, can you describe that? – I just try to blow a big wind, big storm. Storm of detachment, storm of love, storm of compassion. This kind of storm, when I
blow a little bit towards them, they begin to feel it. And they, even will not be with me this life, but they will be affected, soul level. Their soul will not be lost again. Even they are still into their head. But one day, they might
come down from the head. And it is not a big journey. When master sees you, it
not a big journey left. It’s just head to heart. How long it is? One foot hardly. But that’s what master will do. You know what they will do? The master when they see
the real students suddenly, they will crush their head, first thing. Not literally. And they bring them from head to heart. And that’s when the
spiritual journey begins. Spiritual mentor they
have a lot of job to do. And they are doing it. Wherever they are small numbers, but they do they affect the whole world. Wherever their energy
goes, here and there, to the moon, to the star, to the whole galaxy, it’s very important to
be a spiritual mentor, a spiritual master. And master’s duty is
not to make a student. The master who is trying
to make a big crowd, big students, is not master. Master makes a student master, that’s what master’s duty is. Like a candle, one candle is lighted, you can light another candle. That is master’s duty. The master who is making
a big number of students is not a master at all. A master is the master who makes a person master. That’s what I will do. – [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Acharya Shree, you
mentioned in the last episode there’s many masters but
not enough disciples. But if you look at
today’s world, people are, so many people are calling them spiritual, calling themselves spiritual. So when are the truth
seekers going to come to you? When are the real students
going to come to you? How are they going to find you? – I gave the clue already. So if they don’t discover those clues, and they don’t dig it out, then they’re not going to find any master. They will be roaming
around in the fake masters, among the fake masters, and they’re never going to be awakened. They might momentarily,
they will feel something, because it’s totally different, but after a few months they will find out it is not real for me. Reality is, once you meet the master, your life will begin to transform within, sometimes hour, within few days you are totally different. You transform your life totally. It is up to them how
they going to find it. They have to search. Is it technology these days? It plays a big role. They can hear, they can look at, even they are far away, they can still feel it. There is a way to find it. Or, just close your eyes and just think about it, you hearing a podcast. And you going to find it, right? – [Sadhvi Siddhali Shree] Acharya Shree,
Mathen Vandami. Acharya Shree, and just for our listeners, Mathen Vandami means, I bow by my head at your feet. And this is a Sanskrit saying, so this way the student
is able to crush their ego and pay respects to
their spiritual teacher. So, Mathen Vandami Acharya Shree. And thank you all for listening in and tuning in to Acharya Shree’s podcast. Please… (growling) And that’s Choobi, our little puppy. He’s saying hello. Please be sure to like
and comment on this video and podcast, as well as find us on iTunes, on YouTube, and Facebook, and be sure to follow us there. This way you stay up-to-date on Acharya Shree’s episodes,
and receive the guidance that your heart and
soul are truly seeking. I know what it’s like
from personal experience to be wandering among different teachers, and then suddenly you find the gem. And once you find that gem,
you want to hold on to it, as well as share it with the world. And so I think, Acharya Shree, we’ve been doing YouTube videos for over 10 years now,
and sharing your message with all the truth
seekers around the world. Why? Because when you change and you hear that inspiration and you
see yourself grow in ways you’ve never experienced before, you want others who are seeking,
to experience that as well. So please, please, please take advantage of receiving Acharya Shree’s guidance wherever you are at in the world. Technology is a blessing, and
so continue to stay tuned, and yeah, in couple weeks, you’ll be getting another episode. So thank you very much. Jai Siddhatma!


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