Hreem Mantra Guided Meditation Part 2 – Hreem Mantra For High Self-Esteem


Now I want to give you the practice of Hreem.
Hreem: [spells out:] H R E E M Hreem. Close your eyes. I am going to speak the sound out
aloud so that you get the pronunciation right [Dr. Pillai chants] Hreem, Hreem, Hreem. [Dr. Pillai chants] Hreem, Hreem, Hreem. Now “Hreem” responds at two places: One is The Third Eye The Other is the Tongue. So we will use it on the Third Eye now. [Dr. Pillai chants:] “Hreem Hreem Hreem Now visualize the Sound, Hreem, starting from your Third Eye, in between the two eye-brows and shooting into different parts of the body. It goes into the Brain, it shoots into the
brain and sideways and down into every part of the body. [Dr. Pillai chants:] “Hreem, Hreem, Hreem” Rays of light coming out of the sound recited
within the third eye. It is inside the third eye as a ball of light and then it shoots
out Light, rays of light that surround itself and then it goes in different directions,
going into every cell in the body. [Dr. Pillai chants:] Hreem Hreem Hreem Hreem The sounds also go out of the body in 8 directions. [Dr. Pillai chants:] “Hreem” Hreem Hreem It travels miles and miles around you in 8
different directions. [Dr. Pillai chants:] Hreem Hreem Hreem Because it goes outside of you, it creates a field of energy around you for miles. Closer
the proximity of people around you, the more they will feel your energy. Hreem will replace your low self-esteem with the highest self-esteem. [Dr. Pillai chants:] “Hreem Hreem People whom you thought are inaccessible because of low self-esteem on your part, you
will find them coming to you because of the power of Hreem. [Dr. Pillai chants:] “Hreem Hreem Hreem Now do it mentally. Visualize the third eye
and a ball inside and Hreem emanating from that ball of light and the sound waves going
everywhere. Remember the sound waves have a tremendous amount of power; it can go beyond
time and space. The sounds that I am making here will be heard not only in different countries,
but in different galaxies as well. Our televisions and radio stations use this sound waves and
light waves to broadcast globally and even correspond with people in outer space. Hreem
is going everywhere. The waves are going into the genes and reorganizing your DNA. You are
being transformed. Not through any rational process but through your own innate divinity, made alive by Hreem, Hreem. has made you alive. Now I am going to teach you another spot where Hreem is very powerful and that is the back of your tongue, just below where the tongue originates at the throat
area. Keep your eyes closed. We are going to produce the sound Hreem at the base of
the tongue where it originates at the throat and then while you are doing it, you are going
to look up. Only the sound will come out of the throat, at the base of the tongue, but
your focus is on, is upwards, focusing into the brain. [Dr. Pillai chants:] “Hreem” Don’t focus on the middle of the tongue or the tip of
the tongue, only at the base of the tongue and then up, into the brain. [Dr. Pillai chants:] “Hreem Hreem Hreem Hreem Hreem This will enliven the brain
cells. They will vibrate with the sound Hreem with a tremendous amount of self-worth, divinity
and self-esteem. You will find that through this practice you will create a tremendous
amount of self-worth and self-esteem. Justgo inside the throat, at the base where the
tongue starts without focusing on the middle of the tongue or the tip of tongue, raise
the sound “Hreem” and then look up into the brain. [Dr. Pillai chants:] Hreem Hreem Hreem, Hreem Hreem The Brain will pass this message of Hreem, of infinite
self-esteem and self-worth to the DNA, all over the body. Do this practice mentally. Focus attention on the base of the tongue and looking up, say mentally the sound Hreem 9 times, in sets of three. The brain is transmitting the power
of Hreem both inside and outside, creating an aura around you. Inside, Hreem is changing
every DNA. [Dr. Pillai chants:] “Hreem Hreem Hreem Now End the meditation and relax.


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  1. Theresa Latona Reagan

    March 7, 2015 4:03 am

    thank you is there a mantra to relieve one from the emotional pain from abuse and subsequent emotional pain?

  2. Sandra Barahona

    April 18, 2015 12:17 pm

    Dr.Pillai he llamado por teléfono para comprar 2 productos suyos pero o puedo comunicarme con nadie. Por favor quiero saber quien puede ayudarme en esto!!
    Dr.Pillai have called by phone to buy two own products but either can communicate with anyone. Please let me know who can help me on this !! English not think I can send literature pra translate? please help me.

  3. Nawras Khalil

    June 5, 2015 1:01 am

    Can you do this any day and at any time of the day? I find that any Third Eye activating meditations are more difficult to do during the day time…

  4. royaldarkness iceking

    July 10, 2016 6:34 pm

    i have a question about the pronounciation of the syllables "bha and dha". how should i pronounce them? do you have any video about those? i dont know hot to pronounce "bh and dh".

  5. Ranjani Krishnan

    August 24, 2016 8:06 am

    Ranjani KrishnanHi sir, thank you for this meditation, but is this the same one as RHIM ? I heard elsewhere that RHIM mantra can be used for attracting miracles into our life, so is RHIM and HREEM the same, but spelt differently ?2 seconds ago•

  6. Marie-Louise Vorselaars-Fassaert

    August 26, 2016 3:53 am

    The " Hreem" mantra was a very very intense experience ! Thank you Dr Pillai. Namasté!

  7. palanichidambaram

    October 27, 2016 9:28 pm

    Thank you so much. During the day I'm already chanting Kleem. Can I also chant Hreem in addition to Kleem or is it just that I should stick to only mantra?

  8. Steven Dye

    January 24, 2017 3:03 pm

    A longtime student of Dr. Pillai and work with a number of Mantra's given by Dr. Pillai as a Gift to us all , they are all life changing if you have dedication , faith and Devotion. A friend who had not seen me in over six months saw me yesterday and said you have a Glow , a Halo around you, this effect after only one week working daily with Hreem , Thanks for the Siddhi Blessing you impart to us Baba/ Dr. Pillai. Bless you, the Pillai center staff and every person who commits to the practice.

  9. Abinash Majhi

    March 11, 2017 10:41 am

    In how many days it will be accomplished, how often will I chant the day, what is the method of accomplishing this mantra

  10. Tanvi N

    July 31, 2017 9:45 am

    Can I say this mantra on all days of month? Are there any restrictions just like other mantras? Please reply.

  11. Michael Mallal

    August 25, 2017 2:11 pm

    Namaskar Dr Pillai ji, Can Hreem be combined with Kleem? Giving Hreem-Kleem? I would like a better house too. That would raise my self-esteem. Thank you.


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