**Hug the Universe** OM Meditation Technique, A beginners guide on How to Meditate to AUM

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The four phases of the OM sound as
used in the AUM mantra meditation first we have the “a” pronounced AH as in father
then we have the ooh pronounced as who with a silent H, then we have the M sound
which is made by the vibration of your throat when your lips are together and
you pronounce them all in sequence so you get ah Oh hmm when it’s all together
it’s AAAAAOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM the fourth phase of the OM sound is
called the Anaharta Nada this is the sound behind the sound the
silence after the AUM Chants, a few seconds of listening to the sound of the silent
universe that pervades behind all things so now that you know how to pronounce
each sound within your OM meditation try this short standing AUM meditation
for yourself, so first of all stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, breathe
deeply and naturally. As you relax see the manifestation of your OM chant
before you say anything, as you start your “AH” sound raise your arms as if to
hug the universe, as you transition to the “OW” sound bring your hands closer
together as if cupping or holding a divine ball of energy, as you transition
to the mmmmm sound in your AUM meditation bring your hands towards and finally
rest them on your heart… wait a couple of seconds to just be…. Listen to your own
stillness and silence then you can start again with your hands and arms by your
side breathing deeply, breathing in the good energy and breathing out all of the
bad energy and negative thought toxins so again start with the AR and bring
your arms up to hug the universe transition to the OW sound and hold
your ball of universe energy, now on to the Mmm sound and take that ball of energy
and put it in your heart… take some time to absorb the energy bestowed upon you
from the universe and listen to your own stillness and the universe of silence.
That is the four phases of the ohm sound used in the ohm meditation, so try it and
see it’s amazingly grounding for you AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMM


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