Hypnosis – Lose Your Voice

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Hello I am Nimja and this is Lose Your Voice After this file you’ll be unable to speak for a while Or make any noise with your voice and this can be a really welcome reprieve from the many things you may need to think about when you speak Indeed When you’ve lost your voice it can feel really calming for your mind It can feel really wonderfully calm not to have to speak And while it may, at first, seem slightly scary to be unable to speak You might find yourself enjoying it greatly So do you think you’re ready? Alright Then we will begin I would like you to relax as you listen to My voice Just take a deep, calming breath and relax And every time you exhale imagine that your voice fades away on your breath That every time you exhale a little bit more of your voice is lost into the air Every breath more relaxing Every breath, your voice fading away a little bit more And while we do this, and while you keep watching your breath I want you to listen to Me as I take you deeper Its very simple to be brought into a wonderful state of trance When you breathe calmly listening to My voice it will happen easily You can feel yourself slowly fading away into a calm deliciously gentle state And with every breath, Every exhale you can feel yourself getting lighter and emptier All the words that normally would try to go just fade away all of it just fades away And while you’re listening I’m going to count down from ten to one and with every count you become a little bit more relaxed your voice a little bit more empty your mind just ever so slightly more relaxed Ten its easy to listen its easy to breathe you do it every day nine and with every breath you relax more and more eight until nothing remains of either your mind or your voice seven just enjoying the calm relaxaton six going deeper and deeper listening to My voice five exhaling, sweet and calm every breath helping to relax four no more need to think you can just relax completely three going deeper and deeper two every exhale letting a little bit more go of your voice and your mind one completely ready to drop deep and as you drop deep for Me as you go deeper and deeper into a warm wonderful trance you’ll find that breathing is easy so easy, in fact that you dont even want to speak all you want to do is just breathe your voice is so heavy, and so difficult to do that it would be much nicer to just not have a voice at all Being unable to speak is so relaxing because when you’re unable to speak you don’t have to think about what you want to say do you understand? good and it already feels like you wouldnt be able to speak if you tried it already feels like I’ve taken control of your voice so that you can relax And its a very nice idea that you dont have to speak you can just breathe and relax deeper and deeper relaxing without voice ten nine eight seven six five four three two one blank completely drop and in a moment, when I wake you you’ll find that your vocal chords dont work Now the effect will only last an hour or two but it will be incredibly relaxing its like your vocal chords dont want to tense in any way for any reason they just want to relax like the rest of you and who knows you might enjoy not having a voice that you just have to listen so try to enjoy try to embrace the fact that without a voice you listen and you relax now in a moment, I will count up from one all the way back up to ten and as I do, you will awaken easily and refreshed and normally you’d love to just say something back maybe a thank you but this time you’re just aware of yourself and how you cannot speak and how good that can feel one, slowly rising two, listening to My voice three, slowly waking up four five six seven, almost awake eight nine and ten wake and try to enjoy it


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