I AM Affirmations for Letting Go – Guided Meditation | Ethereal Meditations

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I am ready to let go of anything that no
longer serves me my well-being or my highest good I am patient and kind with myself during
this process I surrender to any feelings and
sensations that arise during this time it is okay to still love someone and let
them go when it is the best for my own health well-being and happiness I am proud of myself and recognize the
courage and strength that it takes to let go what is meant for me and my highest good will always find a way I am open to what comes my way and I
will keep opening new doors and exploring new opportunities I give myself permission to let go
because it provides me with a feeling of peace and contentment navigating difficult emotions and
overcoming hardship allows me to grow and transform this gives me strength and
wisdom that stays with me forever everything is happening in divine timing letting go sends a message out to the
universe that I want to invest my time and energy and to the things and people
that are in my highest good this attracts abundance flow and people and
experiences that are in alignment with who I am thank you for listening to this guided
meditation we hope that it’s helped assist you on your process of letting go
and moving forward if you are interested in listening to other meditations please
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