Icchapyaari Naagin – इच्छाप्यारी नागिन – Ep 91 – 31st Jan, 2017


We must find her.
– Yes. I wonder where she is. Listen. – What?
– I have an idea. I’ll look this way.
– And I’ll look here, okay? Sure. Let’s go. Sir.. Have you seen Ichha?
– Ichha who? Our Ichha.
– Is she a celebrity that I would remember? She doesn’t look any less
than a celebrity. She looks like an actress. And her gait is phenomenal. And when she talks,
it sounds so melodious. Are you talking about a girl
or a film? No, sir. I haven’t seen
any such girl. Sir.. Her name is Ichha.
She must be around 22 years old. She is a very nice girl.
She even loves Babbal. She loves him a lot. But to be honest,
Babbal is very naive. He didn’t understand
her love earlier and now that she’s gone,
he’s after her. Have you seen such a guy? Are you looking for the guy
or that girl? It’s a girl.
It’s Ichha. I’m sorry, sir,
but I haven’t seen her. This is the limit. It’s been so long.
Ichha should have come by now. Something doesn’t seem right.
– I feel so too. She was already halfway here,
yet.. I should talk to the master. He’s the only one who can
find out where Ichha is through his meditation. Master! Master.. Pardon me, Master for interrupting
your meditation but.. Master,
Ichha hasn’t come home yet. I’m very concerned.
– I have also been trying to communicate with Ichha,
but in vain. What do you mean?
– She is in trouble. Her life is in danger. Hail Mahakaal! Hail Mahakaal! The arrangements
for the veneration are done. The only thing missing
is the holy flute. We cannot commence
the veneration without that. I will bring
the holy flute now. You must stay cautious
till then. There shouldn’t be any problem
until I come back. All right, Sage.
– Come on. Come on.
Hail Mahakaal! Ichha, no matter
how hard you try you cannot walk out
of the mystical cage without opening its door. Your death is inevitable. Babbal.. ‘You are Ichha, aren’t you?’ ‘No.’ ‘The Ichha I knew
wouldn’t give up that easy.’ ‘She struggles and strives
to get over problems’ ‘and then she wins.’ You’re right, Babbal.
But I.. ‘These ifs and buts
make us weak, Ichha.’ ‘This is what you had said
to me. But forget about it.’ ‘And try to get out of here.’ ‘For us
and for our love, ‘you must get out of here.’ ‘You are my life.’ ‘If something bad
happens to you’ ‘I won’t survive either.’ ‘Our love will remain
incomplete.’ ‘Is that
acceptable to you?’ Babbal,
I’m not sure about the love but I won’t put
your life at risk. Not at any cost! I lost courage for a while but you helped me
recover from that. Once again, you made me realise
that despite the distance we’re so close. I will fight now. I will protect my love at any costs. Why do you make such attempts that always fail? It’s impossible to get
out of the trap laid by me. Ichha, you cannot escape. Your death is certain. And I will get my revenge
only when you die. My age-long wish
will come true. I want the power
of shape-shifting. I will do it today and become much more powerful. Sage, it is good
that you caught her. I knew she wouldn’t be
able to deceive you. How did she deceive you? How did she escape
the cage? Pardon me, Sage,
but she.. ‘Listen..’ ‘Look at her.’ ‘She’s trying
to hide something.’ ‘Sage will deal with her later.’ ‘He surely will.
But we should check too.’ ‘She is a
shape-shifting serpent.’ ‘What if she’s hiding
some crystal?’ ‘Let it be.
Let sage deal with her.’ ‘You fool! Do you understand’ ‘how precious
a serpent crystal is?’ ‘It is very powerful!’ ‘It can
change your form in no time.’ ‘What if we get
our hands on that crystal?’ ‘We won’t have to be
anybody’s servant.’ ‘We will rule the world.
– That sounds dangerous.’ ‘It is not. She is
such a petite serpent.’ ‘What can she
possibly do to us?’ ‘Let us check.’ ‘Hey!’ ‘What are you hiding?
Show us.’ ‘I.. I’m not hiding anything.’ ‘Is it?
Let us see.’ ‘Shiva, don’t be stupid!
Don’t open the cage.’ ‘Quiet!’ ‘What were you hiding?’ ‘I said,
I don’t have anything.’ ‘Give me the serpent crystal
that you’re hiding.’ ‘Give it!’ ‘Why just the crystal?’ ‘Why don’t you
take me as well?’ ‘Where did she go?
– She escaped.’ ‘Didn’t I tell you,
this is dangerous?’ ‘But you still..’ ‘Sage will be very upset..
– I’ll follow her.’ I was deceived by her, Sage. Forgive me for this mistake. I can forgive mistakes but not crimes. Iccha now it’s your turn. You are yet to be punished. Come on. People are strange. No one has seen Iccha. Are people blind? Brother, maybe Iccha
hasn’t passed by this route. No, Brother. I feel that she
might’ve passed by this area. Someone
might’ve seen her, Brother. Shall we try again? Hey, no, Babbal. Don’t lose hope,
let’s try again. That’s what even Babbal said. Mister, have you seen
any girl passing by? Which girl? How did she look? Describe her appearance. Have you seen such a girl? Yes. Such a girl did pass
by this place. In which direction
did she go? I think in that direction.
She went towards the jungle. Towards the jungle?
– Yes. Jingle. Of course,
we will sing a jingle. Brother,
what’s wrong with you? He is saying jungle and you
are talking about jingle. Hold on.
Hey, Babbal, you.. Mister, forget Iccha,
where did Babbal go? He too went there,
in that direction.. Oh, no! See
what you have done. He went into the jungle now. Appu you still are here. The food has been served
long back. Come on, have some food. No, Mom I am not hungry. Why aren’t you hungry? You haven’t eaten
anything since morning. Come on. Are you missing Iccha? Appu. Mom, I am really missing Iccha. She was my best friend. At least, she should’ve
spoken to me, before going. Perhaps we never
gave her a chance. Why did this happen? Ever since she came
to this house she has always been
our well-wisher. Then why did we
commit a mistake in understanding her? Appu, we haven’t
committed any mistake. And, what’s all this? Grandpa..
Grandpa, that Iccha.. Get this clear, we hadn’t
ousted Iccha from this house. She has left this house,
on her own accord. But, Father-in-law,
the way we treated her because of that..
– Right. Great-grandma had literally
thrown her out of this house. Okay? Everyone remembers that
mom ousted Iccha from this house but no one remembers
that when Iccha requested she had given her permission to stay in this house
for a couple of days. We are not complaining,
Father-in-law, it’s just.. Iccha was aware that she
will be proved innocent when Amrita will be proved
guilty, right? Then why didn’t
she return home after Amrita got exposed? Such bloated ego! Mamta, minor
misunderstandings are common in relationships,
and between loved ones. But it doesn’t mean that
you leave the house and go. If Iccha really
considered this house as hers why didn’t she wait
till this issue got resolved? But, Grandpa, Iccha..
– I admit that Iccha has done
a lot for our sake. But even we don’t think
twice before doing favours. Despite she being
a total stranger we gave her shelter
in this house we gave her clothes,
food and took care of her and made her
feel like family. We have done more
favours to Iccha than she has done to us. In spite of all that,
if she still doesn’t value us then let her go. And that Babbal
has gone crazy. He is not listening to anyone. He has gone in search
of that Iccha. But bear this in mind. I won’t let anyone else
to act like Babbal. If Iccha wants to go,
then let her. She has gone
on her own accord. Look, none of us
are to be blamed for all this. None of you will curse
yourselves. No one. Mamta,
go and feed Appu some food. And even you have it. Yes, Father-in-law. Please forgive me, kids for being strict
with you. I know that you are
not able to eat food because of getting
separated from Iccha. I wonder if Iccha
has had food or not. Holy one, did you come
to know anything? Where is my Iccha?
How is she? She is in trouble. She is facing a life
threatening danger. Holy one,
what are you saying? Has something..
– Nothing has happened to her yet. But her stars
are not in her favour. Anything can happen, anytime. I can clearly see that there is a possibility
of Iccha dying. But where is my Iccha,
Holy one? She is in the captivity of Deva. The powerful shaman, Deva is holding her
captive in a cage. Where is that cage?
We will go there.. We can’t go there. Let alone us,
no one can go there. Because Deva, with
his shaman powers has built a shield
around that place. Because of that,
I am not able to find out that, after all,
where is that cage! But there might be some way
to get to Iccha, Holy one. No. There is no way. Only the grace of
Lord Nagomi can save her now. Iccha has very little time. If we don’t save her now,
then Deva will take away all her powers from her. He is about to perform
an important ritual. And if that ritual becomes
successful, then.. Lord Nagomi,
please protect us. Lord Nagomi, always keep
showering Your grace on Iccha. Send.. Send some angel for
her rescue, Lord Nagomi. Send someone for her help,
Lord Nagomi. Have mercy. Have mercy, Lord Nagomi. Iccha! Iccha, where are you? Iccha. These are Iccha’s bangles. It means that Iccha
is in this forest. What has happened to my Iccha? Iccha! Hail Lord Shiva. Iccha,
do you see these seven pots? All seven of them are
filled with water. But it’s not ordinary water. These pots are filled
with holy water. The moment this
ritual gets completed I will break these
pots, one by one. And when the water
in them falls on you your shrieks,
pleas and suffering will give me great pleasure. Iccha do you see the 7th pot? The moment I break this pot you will shed your skin. And the very next moment all your powers will be mine. Hail Lord Shiva. Where are you Iccha? Where are you? ‘Get up, Babbal.’ ‘You can’t give up.’ ‘Your Iccha needs you.’ ‘Please come soon and see.’ ‘I am being held captive.’ ‘Babbal, until now,
whenever you were in trouble’ ‘I have always
helped you.’ ‘I have always protected
you from all dangers.’ ‘Today, you’ll have to
protect me, Babbal.’ ‘Come and save me.’ I am coming, Iccha. Be brave. No harm will come to
you until I am alive. Iccha neither am I
going to lose now nor will our love. We will win.


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    The show opens in Naagistan, a parallel realm where all the iccha dhaari naags and naagins live. They live, happily & peacefully in their space. As they go about their daily routines, they get the news that the Earthlings have made a show about them! They’re ecstatic! There’s an atmosphere of complete festivity as the Naag log (snake men) get together to watch the show made on them. However, when they watch the show, they’re completely disheartened! They realize that they’re viewed in extremely bad light on Earth! They’re viewed as negative, vengeful creatures who are only out to hurt Earthlings! The Naag log decide that they must come up with way to change the Earthlings perceptions about them. While one group feels that the Earthlings must be punished for portraying the Naag log in such a poor light, another believes that perhaps, there might be a more peaceful to go about this. Perhaps one of them needs to go to Earth and change the perceptions of the Earthlings about the Naag log! But who will this person be?

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