Importance of Daily Guided Yoga Meditation

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Hey, it’s nutritionist Shiku here welcome to my channel nourished mind I I want to share some insights with you about the importance of daily meditation meditation can literally transform Meditation can literally transform you and your life. So if you enjoy this video, please don’t forget to Like and subscribe to my facebook page in my youtube channel so when you think of the term meditation You might get an image of a Buddhist monk Meditating in a Buddhist temple and this is a common stereotype of meditation Although there are a large variety of meditation practices that you can practice at your home I used to think that meditation was just about Relaxing for a short period of time but I realized that it’s so much more than that and I really want you to hear me out here when I say how important it is to do it on a daily basis like Just imagine the calm and positive person that you can become if you did meditation consistently I found out how important meditation was when I discovered that our actions are the results of the decisions we make and these Decisions are basically determined by how we think so what meditation does is calms down. I scattered mind and Helps us function at our optimal best in the tibetan language the word meditate means to become familiar with and In sanskrit, it means to cultivate self So in meditation you’re cultivating yourself by removing old feelings thoughts and actions That are creating the old version of you you’re also removing layers of personal blocks and limitations as well as Old attitudes beliefs and perceptions. They’re sabotaging your efforts Meditation also enhances healing Strengthens the immune system removes toxins and alleviates physical and mental stress meditation allows access into the subconscious mind where your habit and beliefs are So having access to the subconscious mind enables self-destructive habits behaviors beliefs attitudes Emotional reactions and unconscious states of being to be changed in order to work for us in our lives When you’re in the meditative state, the outer world has no control over you you lose sense of time The identity of you is forgotten and you go beyond the feelings of the body So you might be curious as to how to meditate well on my personal meditation journey, I Discovered that the common mindfulness meditation of sitting still and observing your thoughts Without attachment wasn’t working very well for me because I found it so Frustrating to concentrate and not let my life problems Just distract me. So I Discovered this CD called yoga nidra. It’s a guided meditation that I found at my local library and I was so impressed by the simplicity and the effectiveness of this meditation yoga nidra is kind of like Self-administered acupuncture because it helps balance the energy flow of your body In yoga nidra practice you’re lying down and listening to a guided meditation either from a CD or a YouTube video The guided meditation helps put you into a state where your body reigns asleep, but your mind stays awake You can find a yoga nidra guided meditation on YouTube evidence suggests for just one single session of yoga nidra meditation releases dopamine – up to 65% Yoga Nidra is cost effective. There is no need for any complicated equipment and you can do it for up to 10 to 20 minutes Yoga Nidra is easy to do it. You can’t do incorrectly because you’re listening to a guiding voice Also, it puts you into a deep relaxation that other meditation practices aren’t able to do I hope you’re more enlightened about meditation and adding it to your daily routine Really give Yoga Nidra a shot. You will feel a difference after the first session Make sure to LIKE and subscribe so you can get more videos like this in the future leave a comment on whether this information Has helped you become more aware of starting a meditation practice Well, in addition to meditation good nutrition is also important. So if you’re struggling with maintaining a healthy diet Please don’t hesitate to message me on my Facebook page for a customized meal plan Thanks very much for listening share this with your friends and I’ll see you in the next video


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