Increase your Vibrational Energy, Guided Meditation, Greater Intuition, Empath Meditation, Part 3b

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Increase Your Vibrational Energy Guided Meditation. Welcome to Becoming a Better You by Skeed.
Welcome this guided meditation in this series of Building Your Intuition and
Empath Skills. We’ve already gone through the first meditation of building your
energy of connecting to the beauty of the world. You’ve gone through the
meditation of building and awakening your Kundalini. Hopefully you’ve gone
through the meditation of creating protective shields and rules for when
people are stealing your energy. You may find the consciousness awareness
series playlist very helpful too, as well. Now this third meditation in this series
is going to be a very powerful one… to help you connect with your intuition…
with the synchronicity of the energy of the universe and the
planet and everything around. This can be a very powerful meditation
and if you have some visions, premonitions, precognitions… After practicing this guided meditation
don’t be shocked… you
may have some negative premonitions, precognitions… That’s not a bad thing
they’re just warnings. Go with them. Let’s get started… I hope you are comfortable,
wearing comfortable clothes, lying down, sitting comfortably with your
spine straight or standing with your feet slightly apart, your spine straight and
your hands in front of you, by your sides or behind you. Close your eyes… Focus your attention to
your breath. Become aware that your breathing is becoming fuller and relaxed
to your nose in and gently and laterally bring your
attention to your body you notice any points any stress any pains any aches
and as you breathe concentrate on them and as you exhale release the pain the
strains distress you where your minds the stresses the strains of your mind and good your energy levels if the hello then
imagine and energy coming in through your crown chakra on the top of your
head it is flowing in and filling you up once you fool we’re going to start going into this
meditation now we’re relaxed so bring your
concentration to your feet feel your feet soothe and relaxed new angles warm soothe the roller our legs on your knees your upper legs you pelvis
in your buttocks your internal organs your chest your
lungs your heart your shoulders new upper arms warms who
then relaxed your elbows your forearms your hands and your fingers bring your
attention to your neck warm soothed and relaxed until your head your
jaw your tongue the roof of your mouth your cheeks your nose your eyeball the muscles around your eyes your
temples your ears your forehead you brain in your scalp won’t see them leave your body behind withdraw your
senses focus on your conscious no too far because before the meditation
we want to do the energy exercise concentration exercise as we’ve done
before in the guided meditation focus your attention do your feet feel a
magnetic energy a whole concentrated expanded global powerful magnetic energy
coming in real feet the backs of your legs your buttocks and into your coccyx bring your attention front of your head the top of your head a whole global powerful all-encompassing electrical energy coming in through the
top of your head down your face through your throat through you ha
down to your solar plexus down to your navel and into your coccyx where these two full powerful energies
combined into an electromagnetically energy now we’re going to take this
energy not just about Kundalini we’re going to
take this in our Kundalini and up our entire backs going to go up all the way up your back reaches your shoulders and it comes out
your shoulders the top of your shoulders start flowing freely out the top of your
shoulders it also goes into your head through your neck
starts flowing up the back of your head and now the top of your head out through
your crown chakra feel this electromagnetic energy flowing
up your back out your shoulders now the top of your head you know this is here you as much as you can oh throughout your
day every day you – exercise with the exercises in the
consciousness awakening series now we’re going to go into our meditation with
this energy still having free and subconsciously through going to count from five down to one
fairly quickly we’re very used to doing this now and with every number your
deepness your relaxation your softness the depths of where you’re going in
green Oh three to down relax passive concentration um
where we withdrawn of assets oh we am there it’s a meditation miny
hey my voice it would be time to finish but until then enjoy see how you can
become in how by this time you and now
it’s time to finish the meditation and come back empowered I’m going to count from 1 to 5, come back
to where we were. 1 2 3 4 5 Come back to where we were before come
back and notice the magnetic and the electrical energy is still flowing into
our boxes combining into a lecturer magnetical
energy flowing up our back and our Kundalini
out her shoulders and now hook round check out the top of
our head and this can keep flowing
pretty long as we want to helping us become more empowered in every moment we
do it bring your attention back to your body
with all your toes wiggle your fingers maybe move your head slightly open your
mouth with your tongue open your eye please remember to like share comment on
your experiences down below and subscribe to the channel namaste


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