Inner Strength Meditation

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Hi, I’m Dr. Shilagh Mirgain, a Health Psychologist at UW Health. I’ll be leading you through a meditation that I call finding your inner strength. As we begin, get into a comfortable position and just take this time for yourself or you’ll be undisturbed might settle in and get comfortable as you allow your breath to begin to deepen and lengthen might have a soft and lower gaze or even close your eyes if that feels useful allow that breath don’t must be like an ocean wave as you breathe in breathing in some relaxation and on the out-breath just releasing tension if you feel that gentle rise and fall of your breath just scan the body from the top of the head down to the tips of the toes and as you breathe in just breathe in some relaxation and call me into any area in your body that needs it and on the out-breath just release tension or let go of anything you don’t need to hold on to on your next in-breath i invite you to travel to a place inside of you that is calm and peaceful a place that’s been with you since the beginning this is a place I call your inner strength that part that has allowed you to face many challenges and obstacles throughout your lifetime it’s been there since day one it’s allowed you to persevere it’s allowed you to try this allows you to problem-solve and achieve many things and you access this part see how it reveals itself to you may be certain spots for an image or sound your even physical sensations you could greet it almost like a long and that you haven’t seen in a while see if you can sense it and know it and even show some appreciation for it for all that it’s done for you just take a moment to just be with this wonderful amazing part of you this inner resource that you have your inner strength in the weeks and months ahead you can call on this part when you need it maybe you’re facing a challenge or difficulty or even needing some extra courage to go after a dream all you need to know to do is to just access this part by going inward and bringing to mind the thoughts or feelings or sounds or physical sensations that you noticed here in this practice and within an instant it can be there with you you might even did you go throughout the weeks ahead and you’re struggling ask yourself how would my inner strength approach this what would my inner strength do here or not to and know that this inner resource is just a heartbeat away but accessing is bringing it into situations can allow you to have more courage uncertainty and capability knowing you have everything that you need to go forth and accomplish those hopes and dreams and goals so thank you your inner strength taking a few more breaths and when you’re ready you could wiggle fingers and toes and open up your eyes if they’re closed and get ready to go forth and have an amazing day. Thank you for doing this practice with me.


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