Inside the Thai Spiritual Haven Run by an Alleged Sexual Abuser



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  1. Hana Ayo Alemayehu

    June 21, 2019 7:35 pm

    Rapist Heaven! Three months to report rape in Thailand is shocking. So is only 6 likes for this fantastic, informative, respectful short documentary. Peace love and healing to all who suffered.

  2. vadevideo

    August 7, 2019 8:45 pm

    Thanks for this amazing well done documentary. And thanks to those who are infront the cam. Super useful!! Before watching the video I has though go there next week. Now no. Thanks!

  3. Dee Sunshine

    September 26, 2019 12:21 pm

    One of the people in this video was a close friend and fellow student. I can vouch that she would never lie, that until the assault she was a dedicated student and what I would call a "true believer". She invested time, energy and money in Agama, as did we all. And, sadly, many people fell for Tarcau's charisma and the way he spoke with authority. He is a master manipulator and a sexual predator. My friend had absolutely no reason to make up a story about this man… nor did the THIRTY other women who made complaints… and these were just the ones that had the courage to speak out. I have since this scandal errupted, had conversations with several ex-students privately who were manipulated and abused by Tarcau, but who were too ashamed to speak out publicly.

    I believe this man is a sociopath, that he has no shame, no conscience and that he is a pathological liar.

    Agama yoga is still operational, but it has removed the name Agama from all its signage.

    If you go to Koh Phangan, be careful. Talk to other Westerners and make sure that you do not unwittingly end up at classes there.

    Tarcau is a master NLP practitioner and he has the power to move energies in you. He can make you feel like you are having a "spiritual experience" and it can be really convincing. Many women have fallen under his spell… and many women have been hurt.

  4. Buddi Baba

    October 18, 2019 3:46 am

    Over 6 years ago I warned several women ahead of time about the dangers and sex abuse going on at Agama and they went there anyway. Some even got abused . So all I'm saying is they knew ahead of time and they went there anyway. No judgement eather way Just saying…

  5. gregory ariel

    October 18, 2019 8:08 pm

    Video is very accurate. I'm a former student too, and I hate that the school preys on susceptible young people who come in search of healing and truth. Comments below are spot on, I too had discussions with several women who knew and were warned about it, but fell for the charisma and lies. Now those same women are publishing exposes of rape and sexual abuse. They use their power as fake ' gurus/teachers ' to get these women to trust them, and then into bed. Then they find something else and put them to the curb. Sex Hindu cult fake enlightenment Ponzi scheme.

  6. omeander

    November 14, 2019 11:33 pm

    Swami Vivekananda Saraswati is an authentic teacher of tantra and tantra includes sensuality he is open and upfront about this… just like with any steep path up a mountain do not take up mountain climbing as a hobby if you are not looking forward to the challenges or do not like heights… and start with small steps and low gradients or inclines watch yourself, be open and receptive feel if this is for you… because if you slip off the cliff you have chosen to attempt blaming your teacher is not going to help you or cushion your fall…also prepare yourself mentally and physically for it do not go free solo into it first up…because if something goes wrong and you slip it is you who has slipped up… those going free solo are prepared to die and some do… the good thing about spiritual falling and spiritual disintegration is that you can die before you die… with mountain climbing not so … Tantra is a means to an end only that end being moksha or liberation and the means is love… The ancients utilized tantric practices which were always heterodox in themselves to break through the extremely rigid social restraints and taboos of caste and creed that existed for them and caused them bondage to the wheel of birth and death… so the way of Houdini the way to tie yourself down in order to set yourself free comes with certain dangers. Are you strong enough or would you benefit more from a way of love that does not involve struggle, that is more gentle and harmonious. Finally the ancients who truly practiced tantra for unfolding the ultimate spiritual potential that resides dormant within all our souls (i.e. not for black magic or egoic gain) did so with one thing in mind (soul), spirit and body only namely to become more purely loving beings,… beings in touch with their true selves.


    January 3, 2020 6:26 pm

    I met the girl @minute 8:00 personally on Ko Phangan in February 2017. She was doing the Agama Teacher Programm, I was there for a 2 Weeks Silent Retreat, my first time at Ko Phangan. After the retreat we had some conversations. I was perplexed that everyone at this ashram seemed so much centered on sexual topics, it was kind of unreal. I was at another agama school in the himalayas before, and there sexual topics or energies were nearly non-existent. So I was kind of suprised 🙂 What I do remind most well about this girl was her enthusiasm in advertising the healing properties of yoni massages (done by other Agama members). She really was enthusiastic about it. Now she kind of blames this practice. I wonder what happend to her in between. So… she obviously didn´t like the massage she got from the Swami. Sounds like she got good massages from people which had personal affection to her, and that she didn´t like the massage done by someone who wasn´t so much into her personally – but did his job as a "professional male tantric prostitute". This swami did what he was supposed to do in this role. If he believes that his "sexual energy work" – this is what this girl came for – is more powerful with added use of his lingam: than be it so. Hard to tell if he really believes it – or if he was just horny and tried to bang the girl for selfish reasons. How can we judge from the outside? Many people obviously come to this ashram for sexualing healing – through trantic sex. That is what it is famous for on this island. I wonder how can you blame the school for propagating having proper tantric sex with experienced tantrics – in private – outside the class? Yes, it´s sometimes teachers sleeping with students, but how else to teach tantric sexuality in a proper way? The alternative – having sex in class – sounds more weird to me. Anyway, I enjoyed the spiritual aspects of the teachings, ignored the "in your face" sex & attention game going on on the campus site, and had some really nice deep meditation experiences. Also the beginners tantra courses were spectacular, completely non-sexual, very much centered on psychology – and integrating the male & female aspects inside yourself. I for sure feel more healthy after reconnecting with my female energies since then 🙂 Felt very progressive to me, even kind of feministic, and the last thing I felt was disrespect towards femininity or women in general. It was more about balancing and dancing with these two polar energies within and outside yourself. Being Shiva & Shakti at the same time. So I really liked this monastic teachings. The place itself. Well. The ashram felt like being full of young, curious people with maybe small spiritual experience – but having a lot of sexual energy. Being travelling, being in a hot climate, being young, being told that sex can help in spiritual development, doing bodywork for many hours a day. Kind of… freaky. But also understandable. But – it was always quite clear from the beginning, that the end goal is to progress so far in your spiritual development, that sexual interactions become less and less important – and you thus you maybe eventually stop having "real" sex at all. Ah well. Hopefully all this testimonials will lead to better tantric schools in the future!


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