Invitation to a National Day of Prayer for Canada

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Hello, everyone. I’m Cathay Wagantall,
Member of Parliament for Yorkton-Melville. I also have the incredible privilege of
being the Chair of the National Prayer Breakfast of Canada. Today, I am reaching
out to those of you that have taken part in the National Prayer Breakfast,
including the young people involved in the Youth Summit, and asking you to be
part of a special Day of Prayer for Canada this coming Saturday. This
National Day of Prayer is online, the links are below, and it gives us an
opportunity to – even though we’re separated by so many miles or distance,
with even our family – we can come together. When
Scripture was written and said, ‘where two or three gather,’ at that time, people had no idea that even though we couldn’t be together in groups of more
than two or three at that time, we can now reach out across this entire
nation and pray together. So I’m inviting you because you understand the value of
prayer for our nation, for our leaders, for those who are standing in the gap
for us dealing with the medical field and essential services, for all of
our family members, for those who are ill, who have lost loved ones, we have much to intercede with the Lord for. We also have opportunity to give Him praise and
glory, and intercede on behalf of each other. So, I invite you to take part. Take a look at the link below and please register.
I’m looking forward to being involved in this throughout the day on Saturday. I have
a couple of things I need to do but we can go and come if need be. Again,
thank you for your priority in putting prayer on the front burner in your lives
for this country, and for the passion of reaching out on behalf of our country in
the world. I look forward to spending this time with you and ask you to
continue to take care of yourselves. Take care of those around you. God bless.


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