Is Prayer a Numbers Game?

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When an urgent prayer need comes up we often ask the whole church to pray. Why the whole church? Does getting an answer to our prayer depend upon how many people we get to participate in the prayer? I mean is getting an answer to prayer a numbers game? In teaching his disciples to pray Jesus said but when you pray go into your room. Close the door and pray to your father who is unseen. Jesus encourages private personal prayer, does that mean prayer is better when we’re by ourself? Here’s the scoop. Prayer is powerful when we are by ourselves and when we are together with others but one of the beauties of inviting other people to participate is that it is more powerful for us not necessarily more powerful because it manipulates God to give us an answer. All of our spiritual expression is more powerful for us when we move together toward a common goal. Whether it’s scripture study or it’s worship or it’s prayer. Jesus said in Matthew 18 for where two or three are gathered in my name there I am with them. Wait a second does that mean when we’re all by ourself and lonely and in our greatest need Jesus is nowhere to be found? No, he is with the lonely and alone person but there is a magnified experience of Jesus in community with other believers and that is true for prayer so invite many people to pray with you. Not because it’s a numbers game to somehow twist God’s arm but because it is a powerful expression here and now of the community of Christ while together we practice our spirituality and we pray. Now it also does raise the question, if we pray do we need to say “in the name of Jesus” if we want to get an answer? But that’s another question. Hey thanks for spending this time together watching Bruxy’s Bag of Questions. If you want to move right on to the next BBQ just click right here and if you want to see our entire playlist on a variety of other topics then you click right here and if you don’t want to miss an episode then subscribe to our BBQ by clicking right here. Thanks again for hanging out.


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