Just “BE IT” and watch how your life transforms (here’s how to do it)


this video I’m gonna be showing you the
beam frequency which is the key to me creating the life that I’m living now
it’s the key to I see so many people transforming their lives and I’m gonna
show you how to apply it which will change everything
welcome back to another video my name is Erin and I hope people expand their
consciousness now this video I’m gonna be sharing with you what is called the
beam frequency this has to do with understanding something about reality
that changes everything when you really begin to apply this I look at my own
life right now and not to brag or anything but I live a life that I
absolutely love I get to make videos every day I get to share my ideas every
day this is where I currently living I am living for the next month I am in
Tulum Mexico and after this I’d be going to Costa not a big guy and then after
that I’ll do what I want I don’t know what I’m gonna go out to that I might go
back to the States for a little bit I might do some other stuff but I’m I’m
actually gonna be doing live events and part of this as well is like I’m using
this process in my life one thing that I’m doing is I’m using the beam
frequency I’m identifying the version of me that is travelling the world giving
seminars doing what I love in the more interactive personal way versus just on
YouTube which I think YouTube is cool but I’m realizing now
that there’s a another level that I deafness of uncertainty I want to jump
into and what I mean by that is I want to do things that are a little bit
outside the comfort zone and speaking in front of a lot of people is the next
level versus just doing YouTube videos words or its mean the camera so the beam
frequency is what I used to go full-time on YouTube the beam frequency is what I
use to change my self-image the way that I saw myself with believing that I
wasn’t worthy or believing that I had ADHD the being frequency is available to
anybody and any version of you is available once you begin to tap into it
once you begin to identify it now the beam frequency is even more powerful
than that of the beliefs we might have or the beam frequency is more powerful
than acting as if because it has to do with understanding the identity and the
first part of the thing I want to share with you is that the reason this changes
everything is because when you start to tap into it you start to also tap into a
higher vibrational data stream in a way imagine the highest version of you and
the more you embody that version of you the higher vibration you feel which that
means that your thoughts are going to have more magnetic power and the things
that you say and intent for are going to happen much easier because your
vibration is higher this is one of the reasons I’ve shared this before but in
the book autobiography of a yogi’ Paramahansa Yogananda in that book he
was around other enlightened gurus who could do magical things things we would
consider to be magic and one of the reasons they could do that is because
they were in such a high frequency they understood that everything is no
illusion everything is just a reflection so what
they would do is they had the ability to change their reality at will they had
such and the things that they were doing and change reality we’re not really very
high vibrational things things I had a positive impact so that’s something that
they would do with some divine attention now in the same way the more that leads
happen to our natural beingness which is a high vibrational energy the more magic
we create in our life now first off the beam frequency has to do with having a
sense of flow a flow state the reason I make videos every single day on YouTube
is not just because it’s good for getting the videos out there in the
youtube algorithm the reason for making the daily videos on YouTube is because
it puts me into a state every morning when I get up of that frequency of me
doing what I’m passionate about I could very easily make five or six seven
videos and in one day and be done the rest of the week because I make videos
day I could do it that way but I know that tapping into that beam frequency
every single day isn’t is very important for me to create the life that I want
now here’s the thing as well that’s exactly what I did to go full-time on
YouTube I identified the version of me this is the thing the beam frequency the
frequency of the version of you that you would love to be already exists
imagine the best version of you right now imagine what you would be doing
imagine what you’d be thinking imagine the kind of emotions you would feel
imagine the kind of physiology that you have the way that you carry yourself
imagine all of these different aspects of that version of you and realize that
version of you already exists you don’t have to create it all you have to do is
mere that versions of use Physiol off physiology mere that person’s uh viewed
behaviors mere that versions of using actions near that versions of you level
of identity you see that is the beam frequency you can be that
you know that’s exactly what I did I was maybe repeat a story like a hundred
times because I know I did a live video stuff to talk about the same story it’s
oh my goodness and what I did is I walked my house and
I said you know what I think I literally I felt like a future version of me told
me make videos every single day that’s how it felt
I said if you make videos every single day for a year your life will transform
that was the message I got so I said every single day no matter what I’m
gonna make a video every day and I was working a full-time job that I didn’t
like forty hours a week so I was very busy however that eventually led to me
being in that frequency that reality became my dominant frequency here’s the
thing that other job that I had I was still working forty hours a week so I
was still putting energy into it but what I would do is I just simply put
more energy into what I was the being frequency the beam of that reality so I
was a full-time su sales person at my nine-to-five job and I was a full-time
youtuber at the same time you say well how do I quit this and then do this do
both just make one your dominant intention and your dominant and your
dominant choice that that’s who you are third of times I got home from work at
about midnight or 1:00 in the morning because when I worked at on the strip
and it’d be open late so once or twice a week at have to work to like midnight or
11 o’clock one pot over a couple times I got home at like midnight or 1:00 I
would film a video edit the video upload the video make the thumbnail schedule to
go out get to bed by like 3 or 4 in the morning and then do it all over again
why because it’s who I chose to be a – I am and I recognize that and I gave
myself that choice that this is what I’m gonna do every single day no matter what
so when we talk about the bee frequency that version of you already
exists you don’t have to create it all you have to do is mere that versions of
you physiology behaviors actions choices
habits books they’re reading daily things they do and by doing so you begin
to mirror that version of you you will become that version of you but you see
this is a thing the mind gets in there says it can’t be that easy how can it be
that easy I had so much time of my life when I was in limiting beliefs it can’t
be that easy I need to make it more more challenging that’s what I did – I get it
but us believing that has to be hard will make it hard us knowing and
believing we can just simply decide this is who we are that’s what changes
everything just the choice this is who I am now
no into answer plus I will do everything you can
this will be my dominant frequency when I if you if you let yourself get that
verted than you will after two weeks in on YouTube those not they’re really
happening I was making more videos but I wasn’t growing than that much quicker
but then the third or fourth weekend is when a video started to go viral back in
February 2017 and then my channel would for 3,000 subscribers 225 thousand subs
and like a day or in in about a month I was like whoa but I had to stay focused
on that reality and that frequency that version of me it was natural for that
version of me when I recognized that I said okay this is awesome this is who I
am this is who I am now and then as you go through it there will be certain
things that happen that wire in that frequency think about this – there have
been many people so we have to choose to be in this frequency frequency how you
think acts feel that’s your vibration the beam frequency the highest
vibrational version of you that also is in a flow
has to be connected to your passion because if it’s not it won’t last
you won’t there’ll be something little that happens and you’ll give up couple
weeks into it I could have said oh this isn’t working and I would have given up
if it weren’t really what I was passionate about if I wasn’t doing it in
an end of itself that’s the other thing about the beam frequency you do it not
because it gets you anywhere you’re doing it because it’s who you are you do
it this is who you are and me doing the videos who I am don’t have to really
think too hard about it how do I do it how do I do videos episode deaf us three
years it’s just who I am we look at people that are painting why
are they painting well it’s who they are they’re an artist so I they see
themselves a part of the identity it’s part of them and them they’re they’re
connected to passion a flow State time won’t even appear to be like time
just goes like this cuz you’re so in the moment and when you’re in the moment you
don’t age as much I’m 75 years old but I probably look like about 25 you don’t
age okay now the key to this I’m obviously joking
about that I’m not 75 however and just say in a flow state you don’t actually
age as much because you don’t create as much time you know focused on time
you’re the moment so flow is a part of the beam frequency but here’s the thing
with the beam frequency you have to choose to be that version of youth that
you can imagine there are many times you will notice this this is something that
you will notice if you look around different family dynamics for example
imagine that there is somebody that is maybe 17 years old maybe this person
hasn’t really grown up yet then what happens is maybe they go suit through
some type of hard situation maybe their mom or dad passes away and then they
have to be the leader of the family and they have two or three brothers and
sisters in the moment they may have risen to the occasion decided I have to
pull through for my family and what they end then end up doing is they decide
that this is you know that they out of circumstance
have to choose to be this higher version of themselves they have to go and make
in and support the family that will shift to their identity that happens a
lot it’s called a rite of passage a rite of passage and going through a rite of
passage is something that matures you my rite of passage was probably being you
know there was a time when I went through my spiritual awakening where I
got very unbounded and I actually lived in like a very kind of what you
considered to be there’s like a week to week a day to day or week to week place
here in Vegas like a budget suites have you ever heard of that and I was living
on the floor with my mom and her sit and my sister were inside the the bedroom is
like a one bedroom thing and I was sleeping on the floor as I was going to
after I went to my spiritual awakening I was resistant to getting some type of 3d
job so I was meditating all day but I was in this ghetto place and and it was
like it was something that I did for a while but eventually I decided no more
of this I’m gonna do something I’m gonna I’m gonna give back and do the 3d job of
selling woman shoes again and I integrated back into that and then I had
the rite of passage and it helped develop my character in a way but I
decided that this isn’t what I want to experience you make a choice and then I
made the choice for the YouTube and to go daily on that and that changed my
identity but it was also tied to my passion so if you’re passionate about
making art then make art every single day get into the flow state get into the
beam frequency and decide that this is who you are now and make that frequency
your dominant frequency you make it your dominant frequency by having a vision
of some reality working towards that vision every single day knowing that
that’s who you are now and then realizing that over time that will
change everything but the frequency of the reality you want to experience it
already exists look at that version of you and miR that
versions of used behaviors thoughts actions habits and simply choose that
this is that version of you all you’ve been doing up into this point is telling
yourself a story about who you are the kind of relationships that you get into
the kind of people that you’re around you’ve been telling yourself a story
about the the way your past was and how your future maybe you’ve been telling
yourself a story and what I’m telling you right now is you can simply look at
that story and see it for the illusion that it is at a certain point in your
past you decided this is who I am this is the character that I play in the
movie called like what is that character is that character the star of the movie
is that character the hero is that character the villain is that character
the best friends and the best friend of the person is the star is that person
the victim what character are you resonating with what character are you
agreeing that you are and then simply see yourself as you agree to that you
have to take responsibility at a certain point somebody gave you that stripped or
you looked at that script and said yeah yeah I am dead Friday dig does make did
gives me as anyone our guys it took me and then other people in your family
we’re like is that you and you’re 33 I am the person that I protected
this is me I’m the person that doesn’t have power this is me and then you keep
that stick going yeah keep it going and keep it going another people are looking
at you like well that’s it I’m going to respond to him in the ER because this is
the way they’re buried you got this right now I am and when I tell these to
go it says a judge or you didn’t know I am go around and simply choose the way
you prefer to be but choose from awareness check out who you are anymore
you are really choose the beat so deal want to keep that old illusion story you
think it’s not another ignorant I’ve been there try my Hall right that who
you think you are is a habitual eyes set of thought patterns the motions of
habits you are an eternal spiritual being may be playing the part as some
limiting human who had some hard things happen in their life
now that sounds harsh everything I’m saying right now your invalidating my
past I’m trying to break free and help you break free of the past I’m trying to
help you break free of the old character that goes around like didn’t throw out
this is who I am that’s not who you are that is a facade that is something you
will greet you in the past if you this limiting character that everyone
responds to in a certain way oh my goodness no that’s not who you want
that’s the part you’ve been playing the only thing that is authentic is you be
natural chord frequency you say who you really are not having some filters and
say oh I have to mean their siren right I have to make
what happened I about people-pleaser not be yourself it’s just the stereotypical
to shade is here be yourself be yourself I get it it sounds annoying to hear it’s
annoying for me to say but the key to this is to be be beam frequency be
yourself your higher self being that I vibration I’m more free than ever I
could do and say what I want back in the day when I was making videos I was
afraid to share some ideas I was afraid of what people thought then I realize
I’ll keep myself in a little box I realized I was telling myself a little
story that people won’t like these kind of videos because something is a little
edgy some people think that you’ve got a lot of energy
some people take time to talk about star seeds guess what I don’t care
I beat me I’d be myself those that resonate will find me those that don’t
resonate they won’t find me I don’t care see bu bu take away the filters take
away the ego shelf that said digital I got there’s you who I am this is who I
am and then be who you are from the level
of awareness okay this is it beat this is where you are this is where you want
to be but make sure that this is where you want to be is also part of the beam
frequency of flow state you do in what love you love you don’t know what that
is yet set the intention to find out several more attentions your life
transforms suck the attention to find that out what is my purpose then as you
go to that of the Starbucks and get yourself a coffee macchiato latte with
extra cream and sugar then what you do is as you’re getting in line there’s
someone in front of you that’s hey you know about this art museum that
I’ve been going to it’s amazing it’s right over there on the corner of this
tree and that Street and then you say oh my goodness I think I might like that
too and then you say you know what I’m gonna go to a place like that and you
realize that there was some synchronicity involved but the intention
allowed you to tune to a new reality and a new symbol which your higher self may
have helped guide you to you see you pick up on things for a reason then you
find out what that is and here you are usually – are ya this is who I am this
is who I am I agree to this in the past this is my
belief about Who I am this is what happened to me in the past and then you
identify the best version of you live in the life that you want connected to a
flow state and what do you do you simply choose this is the old version of you
was an illusion anyways the old version of you was false agreements that she’s
made about the way reality works they were hand-me-down agreements for your
parents but this is your manly ah and by simply choosing that this is who you are
you will eventually get the reflection in life here’s the thing though
there is a mere delay of reality okay so reality what’s you put out is you put
out a certain energy eventually you get that energy back but where people get
they give up before that actual reflection to come and they’re saying
okay there’s you I am now and then they look at the mirror like do me have my
change maybe this is who I am I’m gonna go back to be in the old way that I was
no trust the mere delay that’s all ray out let a ask okay all reality is is a
reflection but you gotta trust the vision that you are living you gotta
trust in it knowing that it takes a minute but at the mirror to change okay
it’s not like you’re looking at me are you smiling
maybe ask vibrational the planet continues to increase that eventually
happens but for now there’s a little bit of a delay trust the delay stay on that
vision stay on how you prefer to be and know that once that becomes your
dominant frequency your life will begin to change
there’s the meditation that I have that I wonder I used to wonder why is this
meditation so powerful go to the meditation I’ll link it below it’s on
parallel reality shifting and basically you do this meditation and you shift to
the parallel reality the version of you that you prefer to be I was wondering to
myself why is this meditation so powerful the reason I say that is
because it got it has like 800,000 views for meditation that’s quite a bit amount
of views crazy amount of you know people go back to that meditation over and over
again read the comments to see what’s possible people have had the most
transformative things happen since listening to that meditation for 21 days
in a row and I’m like why are people having such profound experiences what
does this meditation do how can I apply this idea to other meditations here’s
what happens you walk into a spoiler on the meditation the meditation is you
should listen for 21 days it’ll change your life
you walk into a parallel reality version of you and you simply decide that to who
you are and then I wired in that there’s no going back so guess what happens you
do that meditation you come out of it and then you’re this new version of you
you simply give yourself permission to be in that frequency and that’s it and
you reached out the thousands of comments read them this is what happened
that people been to amazing transformations from that one meditation
one meditation can change your life you just have to give yourself permission to
be in that frequency of that version of you and that meditation will help you to
do that it’s a parallel it’s like this meditation will shift you to a parallel
reality and it’s in the top subscription box for the store for 21 days it will
transfer like if you do and just remember the
reality of the perfect version of you already exists you know got to create it
you’ve got to try really hard because the tried hard means you’re not there
already instead just be that version of you being that version of you mere that
verses of you physiology mere that versions of you behavior me that
versions of you actions knew that versions of you habits view that use it
that mere that versions of you breeding the kind of boss that you read the way
that you interact with other people how do you carry yourself what is your body
language like be that version of you and then let go of all the part of you that
tells you self default story about the way reality is and see it as something
you agree to own it because once you own it then you can you know want to clone
it but once you own it you can then change it okay could you be a favorite
if you like the energy in this video and you want more videos that are kind of
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frequency that’s the key to this whole reality thing that we live in this
little tree bow illusionist oak bud okay anyways I’m gonna go ahead and go now I
got it oh court a podcast episode then I’m
gonna go to the gym there’s a gym here Tulum that I really enjoy with really
nice cold plunge if you have to follow me on Instagram and follow me there you
see I kind of post about it sometimes and then other than that I gotta upload
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I’m saying is I hope you enjoyed this video and like this video if you liked
it hit the like button I don’t know do stuff like that if you feel like it you
know other than that I’m gonna see you in the next video and peace
much love and namaste


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  30. nedim kamil

    November 22, 2019 9:38 am

    I won't comment "this is the best video" anymore under your videos, because when I watch a new one, then it becomes the best. In order not to decrease the meaning of my words, I won't say "this is the best", because all your videos are great.

  31. nedim kamil

    November 22, 2019 9:57 am

    I want more weird. (But I don't define or see it as weird, I see it as joy of life, as enthusiasm, as being happy, being free in your skin.)


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