Kether, Guided Meditation Tree of Life, Kabbalah Meditation

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Kether, with music, guided meditation intuition and higher self. Tree of life. Welcome to becoming a better you by skeed
welcome to this guided meditation on the tree of life and the 10 attributes or
the 10 Sephiroth this is a meditation that will help you
indirectly increase your intuition increased synchronicity raise your
vibrations as you get in contact with different parts of your consciousness ready comfortable free from distraction
standing sitting or lying down then let us begin this is the 10 of 10 guided
meditations working on the Tree of Life so now bring your attention to your
breath and know with every exhale you will relax further let the stresses and
strains of your day your week the release with every exhale notice the
strains and stresses of the mine and of the body and with every exhale just
release them as you do this become aware though an ultraviolet light the crown of
your head and as it enters the crown of your head this ultraviolet light becomes
a violet and it starts filling the top of your hair you forehead your scalp and
as it moves down to your third eye the violet turns to purple feeling you
head the eyes you know your ears the roof of your mouth your tongue your jaw
it will relax down debuggers the life down your net and as it reaches your
throat the light changes to blue down deep your shoulders filling the top of
your chest starting to go down your ah and as it reaches your heart the light
becomes green down your arms down your chest to your diaphragm and your solar
plexus where the light becomes yellow down past your stomach your intestines
the orange light down towards your Cox’s new hands where the light becomes a red
cost your hips and down your legs the red becomes deeper deep deeper red down
past your knees your shins to your feet new toe by the light leaves your toes as
infrared down deeper still notice your toes and your feet disappear your angles
disappear your shins and knees disappear your thighs disappear your fingers and
hands and wrists disappear you cock sis you stammer your internal
organs and your for all they disappear your diaphragm your solar plexus your
elbows they disappear chest and your upper arms and your
shoulders disappear your neck disappear you do your tongue
move your mouth your cheeks disappear you lose your eyes your ears they
disappear new forehead in your scalp disappear we are here bringing the attention to
the mine connect the mind the subconscious mind the conscious mind to
your consciousness for here we are going to meditate to
contemplate on several words to see the deep meaning for today you may wish to focus on just
one of the words I say and come back tomorrow to focus on the legs we may
wish to focus on the one thought that encompasses all the words and then when
I finished saying the word just contemplate the meditate on these words
until you hear my voice again Kathir is the supreme source pure potential when nothing is created this
purity it is divinity it is the crown you and now after contemplating meditating
on the word or the words for today it is time to come back to the present being
mindful for everything you have discovered you have realized today and
take it with you in your life to grow and when you notice more intuitions and
synchronicities happening in your life remember to follow them and the more you
follow the more you will have so now notice your breathing yeah filling with the electromagnetic horses air water element the fire element as
you inhale and as you exhale the earth element bring your attention to your head you
eyes you jewel the tongue in your cheeks in your ears new neck your shoulders
your arms and your hands new fingers no chest no abdomen new hips your buttocks
up we come bring your attention to your legs to your feet and your toes when you
are ready wiggle your toes wiggle your fingers
take a deep breath in deep breath held open your eyes I hope you enjoyed this
session today please remember to subscribe like the video and share this
with anyone may benefit


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